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Scottish Princess

((okay, sorry...))

Serai'ah sighed, not letting go of him. "I love you so much, Micah!"

11/12/2008 #61
K.J DarKnight

Micah smiled "I love you too Serai'ah" he said still with a smile as he let his arms drop from around her

11/12/2008 #62
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah stepped back slightly and smiled up at him. "Okay, let's go eat now."

11/12/2008 #63
K.J DarKnight

Micah smiled and nodded "Alright"

11/12/2008 #64
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah took his hand again and kept walking.

((to the streets with them?))

11/12/2008 #65
K.J DarKnight

(( I was thinking we could just skip that unless you really wanted to do all the hunting stuff))

11/12/2008 #66
Scottish Princess

((naw, I'm good. we can skip!))

11/12/2008 #67
K.J DarKnight

((ok XD))

A couple hours later Micah and Serai'ah got back to Ivaanah's house

11/12/2008 #68
Scottish Princess


Jake was still out. Cold. And would be for a while.

Serai'ah peered in on her brother, smiling at seeing him resting peacefully. "Too bad I couldn't have healed him myself." she whispered to no one in particular.

11/12/2008 #69
K.J DarKnight

Natalya was still sleeping as well, but during her sleep she had rolled over and pulled herself against Jake's side being attracted to the heat, her own skin was always cold to the touch

Micah smirked slightly at the two of them "It's the thought that counts" he said softly

11/12/2008 #70
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah giggled quietly when she noticed Natayla. "I think my brother's got a friend." she looked up at Micah. "Yeah, I guess."

11/12/2008 #71
K.J DarKnight

Micah chuckled softly "Looks that way"

11/12/2008 #72
Scottish Princess

Smiling, Serai'ah hid a yawn behind her hand. "I think we should leave them to rest..."

11/12/2008 #73
K.J DarKnight

Micah nodded "You could probably do with rest too"

11/12/2008 #74
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah shook her head. "I'm fi-" another yawn cut her off and she grinned sheepishly.


11/12/2008 #75
K.J DarKnight


Micah held in a soft laugh "mhm, Should I carry you? Or are you planning to walk?" he asked planning to go back to the cottage where they would have a bed. everything here seemed fine

11/12/2008 #76
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah narrowed her eyes. "I can walk very well, thank you!"

11/13/2008 #77
K.J DarKnight

Micah smiled "Good because that's a long way to carry you" he said mostly as a tease

11/13/2008 #78
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah laughed. "You goof, let's go before I really do fall asleep."

11/13/2008 #79
K.J DarKnight

Micah just smiled and nodded before going to the front door and letting Serai'ah out first

11/13/2008 #80
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah smiled at him and left the house.

((to the cottage?))

11/13/2008 #81
K.J DarKnight


11/13/2008 #82
Scottish Princess


11/13/2008 #83
K.J DarKnight

Micah opened the front door and allowed Serai'ah in before he went in.

Natalya was still fast asleep and still up against Jake's side.

Ivaanah wasn't there

11/17/2008 #84
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah enetered the house, looking around. "I don't see Ivaanah." she commented quietly to Micah.

Jake was mostly awake, his arm around Natalya's waist, holding her gently to him.

((where did she go, because with Jake being awake, he might know))

11/18/2008 #85
K.J DarKnight

((she probably just said she was going out for some fresh air, she doesn't like staying in her house for to long))

Micah shruged slightly "well we can't expect her to just stay in one place all day" Micah said simply not to worried about her

11/18/2008 #86
Scottish Princess


Jake sat up slightly when he heard voices and smiled at Serai'ah and Micah.

Serai'ah nodded to Micah, then smiled at her brother, walking up to his side of the bed. "How are you feeling?" she asked him quietly.

"Been worse," he replied with a wink, "I'll survive, I promise."

11/18/2008 #87
K.J DarKnight

Micah stayed closer to the door

Natalya stirred at the sound of voices, at first she didn't remember where she was or why. As she saw Jake and felt his arm around her she abruptly remembered. She pulled away from him slightly as she sat up slowly

11/18/2008 #88
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah smiled at Natalya as she saw the other girl waking up. "Are you feeling alright, Natalya?" she asked.

Jake looked at Natalya, waiting to hear her answer.

11/18/2008 #89
K.J DarKnight

Natalya nodded "I'm feeling alright" she said simply

11/18/2008 #90
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