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Scottish Princess

Your typical medieval looking prison. Dark, dank, in a bad state of disrepair(except for the underground areas) and in need of a thorough cleaning. Oh, not to mention the people and creatures that have been there for god only knows how long.


((from Sebastian's House))

Two soldiers threw Ty into a small, dark cell that was mostly underground. There was one tiny window that was right above ground level and it let in barely enough light to see anything. Ty was chained by his ankle to a ring in the middle of the floor and then the soldiers left, bolting the door behind them.

Holding back tears, Ty looked around at his new accommodations. What the hell had happened? How could this have happened? He hadn't done anything at all! He curled up into the fetal position and shut his eyes tight, half hoping that when he opened them, he'd wake up from this evil dream.

9/25/2008 #1

((From Sebastian's House))

Balthazar burst in.

"Who the f*** is in charge 'ere?!" he shouted, hand at the ready to whip out his revolver.

9/25/2008 #2
Scottish Princess

"Whoa! Hold on there, sir!" a portly bespectacled man put his hands up at Balthazar's chest height. "Slow down. Ye can't just come burstin in here like that. What's yer problam?"

9/25/2008 #3

"My problem is, ya got no right comin' in an' pullin' random blokes outta there 'omes and accusing them of moider!" Balthazar said. "What cell are you sods keeping Tydus Satsuka in?!"

9/25/2008 #4
Scottish Princess

The man's eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms over his chest. "Sorry but no one's allowed ter see Mr. Satsuka at the moment. He's being held with reasonable evidence again' him an' he'll be provided with a decent lawyer, so there's no use in bein so uptight. The trial's in three days."

9/25/2008 #5

"For your sake, the evidence betta be sufficient," Balthazar hissed, frming his hand like a gun and popping the man's forehead. "Or else, that'll 'appen wif a bullet. Oh, and if you wanna arrest me for that, go 'ead. I'd love that." With that, he scoffed in the man's face and left.

9/25/2008 #6
Scottish Princess

The man just blinked and shook his head as Balthazar left. "Stupid townsfolk..." he muttered, turning to a desk and plopping down in a chair with sigh to go through some papers.


Ty had moved as far into the darkest corner as he could get, without putting too much strain on his chained ankle. He hated this place, even if it was nice and dark. It freaked him out and he kept imagining seeing his father in every shadow.

9/25/2008 #7

Sebastian kicked a rock. "Fookers!" he cursed. He sighed and headed back to Sebastian's house.

((To Sebastian's House.))

((So, do we timeskip three days, or are you going to RP Ty's lonely solitude?))

9/25/2008 #8
Scottish Princess

((yeah timeskip))

Three Days Later

Ty was dragged unceremoniously from his cell, after being unchained and was then hauled up to the ground level and down several long hallways until they reached the dusty old courtroom. He was chained to a seat there on one side of the judge and he could only watch as the people started to trickle in.

9/25/2008 #9

Sebastian was one of the last people to enter, so he had to sit in the back. But he did all he could so he could get a good look at Ty. He smiled sadly, his face tear-stained after three whole days of crying.

9/25/2008 #10
Scottish Princess

Ty saw Sebastian enter the room and his dark eyes lit up, following Sebastian's every move. As dark and foreboding as three days in an underground cell had been, he was suddenly filled with hope that maybe he could get out of this after all.

The judge came into the room and took his seat, banging his hammer thingy to call everyone to order. Once everyone was seated and silent, he called forth the cheif of police/head soldier who briefly explained that Tydus Satsuka was being tried for the murder of the Duke of Glastonbury that had been committed four nights previous to this hearing. After the explanation, he turned to Ty. "Where were you at ten o'clock at night, four nights ago?"

Ty blinked. "I was performing with my band, the Flaming Wisps, at the Fairy Ring Club here in the city."

((you know... Edward, Ignatius and the others should all be there...))

9/25/2008 #11

((well, they're late, and this will explain why.))

Balthazar kicked the courtroom doors open.

"Sorrz we's late," he said, sitting down besides Sebastian. Janine quietly entered and sat next to Balthazar.

A few minutes later, Edward and Ignatius came in and sat with the others. Ignatius's face was red and Edward was hanging onto him, giggling quietly.

"That's the last time I let you talk me into sex in a court bathroom," Ignatius whispered to Edward, sitting down with Edward in his lap.

9/25/2008 #12

Sebastian mostly ignored the newcomers: he was too focused on Ty.

9/25/2008 #13
Scottish Princess

A few chuckles fluttered about the room at both Ty's reply and Balthazar's entrance.

The judge glared at Balthazar and the others who'd just arrived, but didn't say anything. Instead he just nodded to the soldier to continue asking questions.

The soldier cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Ty. "You said that at ten o'clock in the evening four nights ago you were at the Fairy Ringgers Club? With your band?"

Ty frowned and nodded. "Yes, I was, and it's the Fairy Ring Club. You can ask the owner of the place. My band and I were all there from about five that evening until well into the early hours of the morning."

"So when I say that your fingerprints were found at the scene and someone saw you leaving the Duke's house at precisely ten o'clock, you deny ever being there?"

Ty nodded. "Yes, sir, I do. I've never heard of the Duke before and I would have no logical reason to kill him."

9/25/2008 #14

Balthazar was sitting back, listening to the whole thing, Janine was holding his hand, Ignatius was praying Ty would get through this okay, and Edward was contemplating simply bribing the judge.

Sebastian just stared at Ty, in case this was the last time he ever saw him again.

9/25/2008 #15
Scottish Princess

"You say you have no logical reason to kill the Duke," the soldier went on. "You wouldn't have killed him for money?"

Ty laughed humourlessly. "I'm in a very popular band. I make as much money as I could ever want and more. I don't need to kill for that."

The soldier frowned and turned to a middle aged woman who was sitting on the front row. she was wearing rather shabby clothing and long gloves. "Ma'am, if you could come up to the witness stand..."

The woman nodded and did as instructed.

"You saw Mr. Satsuka leaving the scene of the crime, correct?"

"Yes, sir," the woman answered, "I did. At ten o'clock and he was carrying a knife as well as a bag of loot."

Ty just shook his head, not believing anything.

9/25/2008 #16

"That ole biddy don't know what she sawr!" Balthazar called out.

"Balthazar, shush!" Janine said.

9/25/2008 #17
Scottish Princess

The judge scowled at Balthazar, then looked back at the soldier, who continued on.

"You were the Duke's maid?"

The woman nodded.

"Where were you when you saw the intruder leaving?"

"I was bringing the Duke his medicine." the woman explained. "He'd forgotten to take it after supper."

"And how did you know that the intruder was indeed Mr. Satsuka here?"

The woman looked at Ty, then back at the soldier. "My son is a fan of Mr. Satsuka's band and he took me to a performance. I recognised him from there. There's not really another person like him in this city."

The soldier nodded. "That's enough, I believe. Thank you ma'am."

The woman got down from the stand and took her seat again. The soldier looked at the judge. "I think that's all."

The judge shook his head. "Mr. Satsuka's lawyer has yet to provide his evidence. Take your seat."

The soldier frowned and did as he was told while Ty's appointed lawyer came forward.

9/25/2008 #18

Balthazar scowled back at the judge, resisting the urge to flip him off.

Sebastian was on the edge of his seat, worried about what would happen next.

9/26/2008 #19
Scottish Princess

Ty's lawyer looked around at the crowd. "My client has been arrested and held for no reason. There is no sufficient evidence against him and I will prove it. Will Miss Janine please come forward to the witness stand?"

9/26/2008 #20

Janine sat up, looked around, and noticed she was being called upon. She gracefully swished down the aisle and to the witness stand.

9/26/2008 #21
Scottish Princess

The lawyer looked at her. "Now, miss, you play in Ty's band, right?"

9/26/2008 #22

"Correct," Janine said. "I'm the lead guitarist in the band. And it's our band: We don't like to think any one person headlines the act. We all equally contribute."

9/26/2008 #23
Scottish Princess

The lawyer nodded. "Alright, and you and the rest of the band were performing four nights ago correct?"

9/26/2008 #24

"Yes, we were," Janine said. "We played relatively late into the night, just as Tydus said. And the owner of the club will contend that we indeed were there the whole time, including Ty."

9/26/2008 #25
Scottish Princess

"And how long have you known Tydus?" the lawyer asked her.

9/26/2008 #26

"A little over a year now," Janine answered. "I met him through my friend Sebastian, who is a... close friend of Tydus'. After a short introduction, we inducted him into out band, and we've been very popular ever since."

9/26/2008 #27
Scottish Princess

The lawyer nodded. "Has Tydus ever seemed like the type to just murder for money?"

9/26/2008 #28

"No, never," Janine said. "Tydus would never harm a living thing without just cause. In fact, the only times he has ever hurt anyone was when someone threatened Sebastian in any shape or form. Tydus is very protective of Sebastian."

9/26/2008 #29
Scottish Princess

The lawyer nodded again. "Thank you, miss, you may return to your seat now."

9/26/2008 #30
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