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Janine nodded, getting out, bowing before the judge and lawyers and gracefully swishing back to her seat in the back with the others.

9/26/2008 #31
Scottish Princess

The lawyer turned to the Duke's maid. "Mrs. Miller, if you would be so kind as to come up now."

the maid came up to the stand.

"You were the only one who saw the intruder, correct?"

the maid nodded.

"No one else was around?"

the maid shook her head.

"And about how far away was the intruder from you when you saw him?"

"A hundred feet, maybe more." she answered.

The lawyer nodded, then looked to the back of the room. "Miss Janine, would you get the man next to you to stand up, please?"

9/26/2008 #32

((you mean Balthazar right?))

Janine poked her boyfriend and Balthazar stood up, hands in his pockets.

9/27/2008 #33
Scottish Princess


"tell me, ma'am," the lawyer looked at the maid. "Tell me what that man looks like, the details of his face."

The maid squinted at Balthazar and then shook her head. "I can't."

"And why not?"

"I can't see that far clearly," the maid told him, "My eyesight's not what it used to be."

The lawyer smiled and looked at the judge. "I rest my case, your honor. This woman couldn't have seen Mr. Satsuka or any intruder clearly enough to identify them from that distance. Take my advice and search the woman's house. I believe she is our murderer."

The maid gasped. "What?! How could you say such a thing? I'd never do a horrible thing like that!"

The judge raised an eyebrow at the lawyers proclamation. He looked at Ty, then the maid, then the rest of the room. "I announce Mr. Satsuka innocent and free from police custody. Mrs. Miller will be held on the count of murder and robbery until further notice." he slammed his hammer on the desk. "This court session is over."

9/27/2008 #34

Balthazar sat back down, and Sebastian sat up immediately, smiling broadly and happily, tears of joy streaming from his eyes.

9/27/2008 #35
Scottish Princess

The soldiers untied Ty's hands from where he was bound to his seat and he all but ran down the aisle, in between all the people who were beginning to leave.

9/27/2008 #36

Sebastian met Ty halfway, practically flying into him as he wrapped his arms around Ty and softly cried happily into his shoulder.

9/27/2008 #37
Scottish Princess

Ty held Sebastian close, tears spilling from his own eyes onto Sebastian's hair. "Let's get the hell out of here."

9/27/2008 #38

Sebastian pulled away and nodded, holding onto Ty's hand tightly. He looked at Ty with his tear-stained face happily, and walked towards the exit.

9/27/2008 #39
Scottish Princess

Ty followed alongside him gladly, more than happy to put the evil prison behind him.

((to Sebastian's house?))

9/27/2008 #40

"Bye, Ty!" Edward said, waving. Ignatius waved silently.

"Lates, Ty!" Balthazar said, throwing him a peace sign, while Janine softly waved good-bye.

((To Edward's Loft with Ed and Ignatius. To wherever with Balth and Janine. To Sebastian's House with Sebby and Ty!))

9/27/2008 #41
Scottish Princess

Ty waved to all of them and headed off with Sebastian, not letting go of his hand.

((alrighty then!))

9/27/2008 #42
Irish toaster

The jail keeper laughed and pushed Lucius into a cell. "That's what you get for trying to steal off of a begger."

Lucius snorted "I thought he was joking.Besides,he dosn't deserve the money,he shouldn't be begging"

The keeper just shook his head and walked off.


((from streets))

Richard entered the prison warily. "Dank place"he said to Livia

1/31/2009 #43

"It's better than the prisons in Atkar." Livia said.

1/31/2009 #44
Irish toaster

"How's that?"

1/31/2009 #45

"Twenty to a cell, given only one plate of food a day, forcing the prisoners to fight among themselves."

2/1/2009 #46
Irish toaster

((Sorry for delay))

"Barbaric.How is that even legal?"he gasped

2/6/2009 #47

(it's okay)

Livia shrugged, "It's nothing out of the ordinary for me, that's how my father treated his captives of war when he was alive. He even made them fight to the death for entertainment."

2/6/2009 #48
Irish toaster

Richard scoffed."Charming man"

2/6/2009 #49

"More like a terrorizing man." Livia muttered.

2/6/2009 #50
Irish toaster

"You do not like your father I gather?"

2/6/2009 #51

"Hmm? No, I adored him. He was a very good father to me and my brothers."

2/6/2009 #52
Irish toaster

"Just not a good man to everyone else" his mouth curled into a smile

2/6/2009 #53


2/6/2009 #54
Irish toaster

Richard surveyed the area,ignoring the jeers and low m*** comming from the prisoners. "I wonder If he is here.Anyway,we should talk to a guard about those bandits we ran into"

2/6/2009 #55

Livia glanced into the cells they passed by, getting wolf whistles from the prisoners. One had actually reached out and grabbed her arm, which she pulled his fingers off and broke two of them before continuing on.

2/6/2009 #56
Irish toaster

"That showed him"he chuckled.

When Richard found a guard he introduced himself and Livia,then he explained the bandit incident to him.The guard thanked him then asked

"Excuse me but do you know a Lucius Crane?"

Richard laughed "I knew he was in trouble"


Lucius cursed as he lay on the cell floor."I can't take much more of this depressing place"

2/6/2009 #57

"Lucky thing your brother cares so much." Livia said as she and Richard arrived at Lucius' cell.

2/6/2009 #58
Irish toaster

Lucius glared at her "How about you two just get me outta here already"

Richard shook his head. "The standard penalty is five days here.I think you deserve to stay here for that time" he chuckled

Lucius gasped "You can't be serious!"

2/7/2009 #59

"That sounds fair, and by that time the first frosts should be settling in." Livia added.

2/7/2009 #60
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