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A large, Gothic-style cathedral with numerous altars and rows and rows of pews to sit in. Behind the main altar is a statue of St. Maddigan, an ancient priestess who sacrificed herself to save the denizens of Elarope from evil.

10/14/2008 #1
Scottish Princess

((from the streets))

They kept walking until they reached the cathedral and, upon seeing it, Ty stopped walking and stared, mouth agape. "Wow..." he whispered.

10/14/2008 #2

"Ty! Sebastian!" a voice called. The cathedral doors opened and out stepped Edward, dressed in a sparkly dazzling pink strapless dress. "You two need to get into your suits and ready for the ceremony!"

Ignatius stepped up behind Edward, dressed in an elegant prince's formal regalia. "Hello, you two."

"Hi," Sebastian said.

10/14/2008 #3
Scottish Princess

Ty's eyes widened at the sight of the two. "Hi," he replied quietly, smiling a little. "Sebastian and I were about to come inside."

10/14/2008 #4

"Okay, but go in through the hallway at the side," Edward said. "The rest of the guests aren't supposed to see you yet."

"Other guests?" Sebastian asked.

"Well, the rest of the band, us, the owner of the Fairy Ring, and your family," Ignatius said.

"My family's here?!" Sebastian asked, almost not believing him. He seemed so excited.

10/14/2008 #5
Scottish Princess

"Your family..." Ty whispered. He'd never met any of Sebastian's family.. and the thought that Sebastian's family and not his own would be there to see them getting married made a knot of sadness form in Ty's chest. As much as he hated his father and disliked his mother, he'd hoped that at least his older half sister might have heard about what was happening. He sighed and glanced at Sebastian. "Let's go inside."

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #6

Sebastian happily tugged Ty inside and went to a back room to change.

Edward and Ignatius went to sit down inside the cathedral.

10/14/2008 #7
Scottish Princess

Ty followed along behind Sebastian and chose a room next to his to change in. He got completely dressed in his suit except for his tie, which he couldn't figure out for the life of him. Exasperated, he knocked on Sebastian's door. "Can you help me out, love?"

10/14/2008 #8

Sebastian had just finished getting dressed when he heard Ty. He got up and opened the door.

"Hey," he said. "Having trouble with your tie?" Before Ty could even answer, Sebastian took the tie around his neck and affixed it to its proper look. "There!"

10/14/2008 #9
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled. "Thanks." he looked Sebastian up and down. "You look marvelous!"

10/14/2008 #10

"Thanks," Sebastian said, blushing. He started playing with his coattails.

Soon, a small, familiar-looking Imp demon appeared before the two.

"The ceremony is about to start," he said.

"Wait, aren't you...?" Sebastian started.

"The demonologist's minion?" the Imp said. "Yeah, she's the priest."

10/14/2008 #11
Scottish Princess

Ty raised an eyebrow. "This just keeps getting more and more interesting." he commented quietly, looking at Sebastian with a smile. "So, how is this going to work anyway? We both walk down the isle at once, or what?"

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #12

"Indeed, that's how it works," the Imp said. He told the two to wait here and he left to tend the pipe organ. As he started playing a slow solemn tune, everyone looked to the entrance. That was Ty's cue.

10/14/2008 #13
Scottish Princess

Ty swallowed, suddenly very nervous. His palms were sweating and he was sure that Sebastian could hear how fast his heard was beating. It was actually happening... he couldn't believe it. He held out his arm for Sebastian silently.

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #14

Sebastian wrapped his arm around Ty's, smiling, and kissed his cheek.

"Calm down, sweetie," he whispered, even though inside, his heart was pounding like an overworked piston.

10/14/2008 #15
Scottish Princess

Ty managed a strained smile. "Kinda hard to do that at the moment," he whispered back as they started slowly down the aisle. He was fully aware of everyone staring at them, but he kept his gaze straight ahead, fixed on the end of the aisle.

10/14/2008 #16

Sebastian immediately searched the crowd for his family, and he found them. Unlike himself, his family had stayed in their small pixie size. There was his father, a grey-haired pixie dressed in a suit; his mother, a dainty pink-haired pixie in a simple dress; and his older brother, a black-haired pixie dressed like a Goth. He smiled and turned his attention back to the aisle.

10/14/2008 #17
Scottish Princess

The closer they got to the end of the aisle, the more nervous Ty became and by the time they actually reached the very end, he knew that he would have collapsed it it hadn't been for Sebastian on his arm. He could feel the eyes of everyone and he could also feel beads of sweat dripping down his back. He only hoped that he would be able to say what he needed to say without messing something up.

Unknown to Ty, a girl who looked about the same age as him was sitting on the edge of a pew, staring intently at him with a look of admiration on her pale face.

10/14/2008 #18

Mimi Miyagazi, Edward's demonologist friend, stood at behind the altar, dressed in a white robe, contrasting her raven black hair and purple eyes.

"Dearly beloved," she said. "We are gathered here today to witness a lovely bond about to be formed. Between these two happy men who wish to share their hearts with each other for all eternity. Love is a many splendored thing and today, we will witness just how beautiful it is."

"Sebastian Glitzwing, do you take Tydus Satsuka to be your husband, to have and hold, to love and live, in sickness and health, richer or poorer, til Death do you part?" she asked.

"I do," Sebastian said softly, looking at Ty, happily.

10/14/2008 #19
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled, his nervousness about the whole ordeal vanishing in an instant. He was happy to be here. Happy to be hearing the words Mimi was saying and happy to be hearing the words coming from Sebastian's mouth.

10/14/2008 #20

"And do you, Tydus Satsuka," Mimi asked, "take Sebastian Glitzwing to be your husband, to have and hold, to love and live, in sickness and health, richer or poorer, til Death do you part?"

10/14/2008 #21
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded. "I do." he said quietly, but sincerely, smiling at Sebastian.

10/14/2008 #22

Sebastian smiled.

Edward and Ignatius looked on happily holding each other's hand. Balthazar and Janine smiled, and Sebastian's family looked like they were ready to cry from joy.

"If anyone has anything to say against this union," Mimi said, raising her hands, "let them speak now, or forever hold thy tongue."

10/14/2008 #23
Scottish Princess

No one said anything and the girl who'd been staring kept right on doing just that.

Ty smiled at Sebastian, mouthing the words 'I love you'.

10/14/2008 #24

'I do too' Sebastian mouthed back.

"Then, by the divine powers bestowed upon me by the gods on high," Mimi said. "I now pronounce you both husband to each other. Seeing as you two already got the ring out of the way, you may now kiss."

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Ty, leaning his head up and closing his eyes, waiting for Ty to kiss him.

10/14/2008 #25
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled and kissed Sebastian softly, lovingly, but rather quickly, for the sake of everyone else in the room. He pulled back after just a moment, smiling ear to ear. "I love you, I love you, I love you," he whispered, taking Sebastian's hand as he turned to face everyone.

10/14/2008 #26

Sebastian turned to face the crowd with Ty, feeling like he was in Heaven right now.

Sebastian's family stood up and clapped and cheered, but they were dwarfed by the rest of the guests. Edward and Ignatius clapped happily, and Balthazar and Janine stood, smiling at Ty and Sebastian. Balthazar gave the two a thumbs-up.

10/14/2008 #27
Scottish Princess

The girl stood with the rest of them, she was smiling now and clapping with everyone else.

Ty smiled and looked around at everyone, then at Sebastian. "See, everything worked out." he said quietly and then began to lead his new husband back down the aisle.

10/14/2008 #28

Sebastian smiled, holding onto Ty's hand and leaning against him as they walked down the aisle. "I love you, Ty," he said firmly. He didn't feel like he needed to whisper it anymore.

10/14/2008 #29
Scottish Princess

"I love you, too, Sebastian." Ty replied, he didn't think he'd ever get tired of smiling. He led Sebastian outside and into the sunshine and immediately picked Sebastian up in his arms and swung him around, kissing him over and over.

10/14/2008 #30
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