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Sebastian kissed Ty back every chance he got, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Hello, son," a small female voice said.

Sebastian pulled away from Ty. "Mommy! Papa!" He let go and walked over to his tiny family. His parents and brother flew onto his shoulders. "Ty, meet my family!"

"Gregor Glitzwing," Sebastian's father said, bowing.

"Ophelia Glitzwing," Sebastian's mother said.

"Darius Glitzwing," Sebastian's brother said.

10/14/2008 #31
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled and nodded to the Glitzwings. "Pleasure to finally meet you all."

"Ty!" a young sounding female voice called out to him.

Ty froze and slowly turned around his eyes widening as he saw the girl who'd been watching him. "Naomi?" he almost whispered her name.

The girl smirked and ran towards Ty, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "I missed you, brother."

Ty blinked and slowly hugged Naomi back, still in shock.

10/14/2008 #32

"This is your sister, Ty?" Sebastian asked.

10/14/2008 #33
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded mutely.

Naomi stepped back from Ty and smiled up at him, her blue eyes twinkling. "Mom and Dad couldn't come, but they said I could, so I did. I'm so happy for you!"

Ty smiled back. "I'm glad you're here, Naomi." he looked at Sebastian. "Sebastian, this is my older sister Naomi. Naomi, my husband Sebastian."

Naomi smiled and stuck out her hand towards Sebastian. "It's great to meet the guy who finally made my crazy brother settle down."

10/14/2008 #34

Sebastian extended his arm to shake Naomi's, inadvertently knocking his brother Darius off of his shoulder. Darius flittered his wings in mid-fall and flew back on. "Nice to meet you too, Naomi," he said. "So, Ty, am I now Sebastian Satsuka?"

10/14/2008 #35
Scottish Princess

Naomi giggled. "Or would Ty be Tydus Glitzwing?"

Ty smiled and shrugged. "I don't know how that works out. I never really thought about it." he looked at Sebastian. "Do we have a reception planned or should we just head some people over to our house for a small party?"

10/14/2008 #36

"Party," Sebastian said. "It'd be better than having to close down the club just for a small reception."

10/14/2008 #37
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded. "Should we tell the others?"

10/14/2008 #38

"We already overheard you," Edward said, holding Ignatius' hand. Beside them were Janine and Balthazar.

"Let's go?" Sebastian asked Ty.

10/14/2008 #39
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled and held out one arm for Sebastian and his other arm for Naomi, who took it without hesitation. "Yeah, let's go."

((straight to Sebastian's?))

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #40


Sebastian took Ty's hand, smiling brightly.

10/15/2008 #41
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled back at him and started of back towards their house.

((to Sebastian's house!))

10/15/2008 #42
Scottish Princess

Ty led Sebastian up to the cathedral and opened the door for him.

10/21/2008 #43

Sebastian smiled, sitting down and patting the seat next to him.

10/21/2008 #44
Scottish Princess

Ty sat down next to Sebastian and looked around. "There's actually quite a good crowd here," he commented quietly.

((now this is a double wedding, right??))

10/21/2008 #45


Mimi was at the altar again, wearing her white robe. Soon, the ceremony started. Down the aisle came Balthazar, clad in a rather scruffy-looking black suit, his hair slicked back, and Janine, dressed in a stunning white dress, with flowers in her flowing green hair.

10/21/2008 #46
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled, watching them walk by. They both looked great!

10/21/2008 #47

As Blathazar and Janine stood on one side of the altar, the next couple walked down the aisle.

Ignatius was dressed in an extravagant princely blue wedding suit, while Edward was wearing a poofy pink dress, veil over his make-up plastered face, hair done into a ponytail.

Sebastian had to stifle a giggle at the sight.

10/21/2008 #48
Scottish Princess

Ty bit his lip to keep from laughing out right, and he smiled at the two.

10/21/2008 #49

Once Ed and Ignatius approached the altar and stood at the other side, Mimi cleared her throat.

"Dearly beloved," she said. "We are gathered here today to witness the loving bond between these two couples be forgedin an eternal commitment. As love knows no boundaries, so too should we not. Balthazar Bloodthorne, do you take Janine Joyblossom to be your wife?"

"I do," Balthazar said.

"Janine, do you take Balthazar to be your husband?" Mimi asked.

"I do," Janine said.

"And do you, Ignatius Canterbury, take Edward REadman Ironcroft III as your husband?"

"I do," Ignatius said.

"Edward, do you take Ignatius to be your husband?"

"I do!" Edward said.

"Then I know pronounce Balthazar and Janine husband and wife, and Edward and Ignatius husbands to each other. You may now kiss."

Janine leaned up to give Balthazar a gentle kiss and Edward had to resist ravishing Ignatius here and now, instead settling for a quick peck.

10/21/2008 #50
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled as he watched and he suddenly kissed Sebastian.

10/21/2008 #51

Sebastian was surprised, but in a good way, and kissed Ty back.

Balthazar, Janine, Ignatius, and Edward walked down the aisle and out the cathedral.

"Come on, honey," Sebastian said, standing up and following the newlywed couples.

10/21/2008 #52
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled and followed Sebastian.

10/21/2008 #53

Once outside, the couples turned to Sebastian and Ty.

"Oy, Ty, Sebby!" Balthazar called, holding Janine's hand.

"Hey, guys!" Edward called.

10/21/2008 #54
Scottish Princess

Ty waved, smiling. "Hello to all of you and congratulations!"

10/21/2008 #55

Janine smiled.

"Well, let's not just stand here!" Edward said. "We have a reception to get to!"

((To the Fairy Ring.))

10/21/2008 #56
Scottish Princess

Ty chuckled and headed off with the others.

10/21/2008 #57

A tall dark figure emerged from a column of smoke, slowly approaching down the aisle towards the alter. The smell of smoky wood and wild spice lingered lightly on him as an unnatural heat emmitted from his body.

3/13/2009 #58

((From the Streets))

Looking for somewhere to stash her gatherings, Odessa headed for the cathedral- after all, who would look there for stolen treasures. Trying to look innocent she entered the cathedral hall then froze when the figure appeared out of the shadows. She did not know them but living in shadows was something she was weaned on- she was not getting good vibes from this person and her ears tingled- a sure side of trouble coming.

3/15/2009 #59

Stopping in mid-stride towards the alter, turning half-way, Noah looked to the entrance to the cathedral, spotting a girl.

3/15/2009 #60
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