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A large system of dank, messy ancient underground sewage tunnels.

11/16/2008 #1

((From the Streets))

Darius, Ed, Ignatius, Balthazar, and Janine walked down the alleyway and realized they were in the sewers.

"Aw, cripes!" Balthazar groaned. "It smells like crap!"

11/17/2008 #2

"Come on," Darius said, trudging down a tunnel. "We need to keep moving."

11/17/2008 #3
Scottish Princess

Ty glanced over at Balthazar, but didn't say anything. He actually preferred the darkness, even if it did smell horrible. He looked around, his eyes glowing purple as he followed behind Darius.

11/17/2008 #4

Darius led the group through numerous tunnels and side paths. And the farther they went, the darker it got and the colder it got.

11/17/2008 #5
Scottish Princess

Ty followed along behind, getting more and more comfortable the further they went. "Do you know where he might be leading us?" he asked Darius quietly.

11/17/2008 #6

"In my experience," Darius whispered back. "A dark cavern with no way out where he'll engage us in combat before trying to drain us of our energy."

11/17/2008 #7
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded. "Sounds wonderful." he commented sarcastically. "Let's just hope we'll have too much energy for him to handle."


11/17/2008 #8

Darius nodded, before nearly slipping. He grabbed the wall to support himself. The entire floor past this point was covered in a slick of thin ice.

11/17/2008 #9
Scottish Princess

Ty slowed up and glanced back at the others. "Look out everyone, tread carefully."

11/18/2008 #10

Darius walked carefully, making each step count.

Eventually, it became so dark that they couldn't see their own noses.

Ignatius cast a Light spell to light their way.

11/18/2008 #11
Scottish Princess

Ty squinted his eyes against the light, but he dutifully followed Darius, despite it.

11/18/2008 #12

After more walking, they could see that the walls were covered in black ice and the air was so cold you could see your own breath freeze in front of you.

Soon, they reached a large chamber. In the center was an empty frozen throne. But the air was ripe with an evil hissing laughter.

11/18/2008 #13
Scottish Princess

"What a lovely place.." Ty muttered darkly. "So what's our plan of attack?"

11/18/2008 . Edited 11/18/2008 #14

"Stay back..." Darius muttered. He walked into the middle of the chamber. "Okay, Hezrou! I'm here! Show yourself!"

"Not until you refer to my by the title you should," a sinister voice hissed.

Darius sighed. "Master Ankhzerai," he said. "Now show yourself!"

11/18/2008 #15
Scottish Princess

Ty frowned as he watched Darius, a ball of dark mist forming around his fist as he waited.

11/18/2008 #16

From out of the darkness, a tall, thin (almost skeletal) man, with a chin beard that reached down to his chest and eyebrows that peaked like an owl's, emerged. His hair was shocking silver, his fingernails long and pointed. Draped in a black robe with archaic sigils and runes, a crooked wooden staff tied to his back, he looked down at Darius with his blood-red serpentine eyes, licking his lips hungrily.

"Who are your friends?" he asked. "They look... delicious..."

11/18/2008 #17
Scottish Princess

Ty's eyes flashed angrily in the darkness and he stepped up beside Darius, wanting to attack the guy immediately but he knew that wouldn't be the best scenario.

11/18/2008 #18

Hezrou raised a hand before Ty, glowing with the same dark energy Ty's fist was gathering, but to a much more powerful degree. "Don't even think of using such weak forces on me," he hissed. "It merely feeds me, like sunlight to a plant."

11/18/2008 #19
Scottish Princess

Ty's eyes only narrowed more as he gritted out from between clenched teeth. "You have no idea what I'm capable of. No one does."


11/18/2008 #20

Hezrou hissed a condescending laugh. "Indeed," he said. "I'd love to stay and watch you attempt at killing me, but I have a prior engagement. I have a meeting with your siblings..." With that, he slipped back into the shadows.

11/18/2008 #21
Scottish Princess

Ty cursed colourfully once Hezrou disappeared. "You said that you put up a perimeter thing, right?"

11/19/2008 #22

"Yeah," Darius said, before hissing angrily. "And he's already there..."

11/19/2008 #23
Scottish Princess

Ty cursed again and turned, ready to head back. "We have to go back. I can't just stand here and let him hurt my sister and Sebastian."

11/20/2008 #24

Darius nodded. He sat down and started chanting something. Soon, all of the shadows surrounding them gathered around him and formed a black door.

"Step through here," Darius said, standing. "And we'll get out at the alley behind your home."

11/21/2008 #25
Scottish Princess

((sorry for not posting... *feels bad* lots of stuff has been going on...))

Ty raised an eyebrow, obviously impressed. Without even thinking, he stepped through the door.

11/27/2008 #26

((ah, six days isn't that bad.))

Darius and the others ran through the door.

((to Sebastian's House))

11/27/2008 #27
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