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Eravel gave him a sad smile, grateful that he wasn't going to dash off now that he knew how old she was.

"My life has been a bit... different than most seventeen year olds," she said by way of explanation and then shrugged slowly. "And I'll be eighteen in three weeks, technically."

11/24/2008 #31

"Doesn't add to much though." he chuckled, kissing her temple lightly, "And I would have guessed so, seeing as you're out here on your own... which I still don't understand, by the way." he added then shrugged, wrapping his arms around her completely and pulling her back against his chest, resting his chin on her shoulder.

11/24/2008 #32

Eravel let herself rest against him, inhaling deeply. Feeling more chipper now that she knew he wasn't going to leave, she smiled without moving away from him and asked, "So, which am I now - woman or girl?"

11/24/2008 #33

He huffed, blowing at a bit of her hair and shrugged,

"Can't say for sure..." he teased, "But I'll let you know." he assured her with a grin.

11/24/2008 #34

Eravel pulled away to look at Rorc, leaning back so that she could see straight into his eyes. She stared unblinkingly at him for a moment with a quiet intensity, not exactly sure what it was she was trying to figure out by looking at him that way. Head tilting slightly to one side, she pursed her lips and finally blinked, nodding once, slowly, before letting herself rest against him once again.

She frowned slightly once he couldn't see her face, trying to understand her own reasoning for what she had just done. She was going to weird the poor guy out if she kept going at this rate.

11/24/2008 #35

Rorc gave a crooked, confused grin and then squeezed Eravel, chuckling,

"So... should I ask what that was about... or not?" he kissed her shoulder then layed back on the bed, stretching out and pulling her down beside him at the same time.

11/24/2008 #36

"No," Eravel answered simply, snuggling up to him for a moment before sitting back up again. "But you can think about it while I'm in the bath," she said, getting up and walking over toward the bathroom that she had noticed was connected to their room when they had first entered.

11/24/2008 #37

Rorc sighed and tossed a hand over his eyes. This girl... this woman was going to be the death of him and she didn't even know it. He had the option of staying where he was... or following her in... which would lead to other options... none thta he wanted to contemplate when he refused to do anything about them... at least until her birthday. He sat up then, surprised at himself for thinking that far ahead. Usually it was just thinking about when the job finished and what he would do until the next one came along.

Flopping back onto his back, he sighed again and closed his eyes. Damned woman was getting under his skin and he had no way of stopping her. Not to mention the fact that he barely knew her.

11/24/2008 #38

"Rorc," Eravel called out only seconds later, knowing nothing of his inner thoughts. "Can you help me with this?" She came out and pointed back into the bathroom at an elaborate tub, one end nearly covered in various nobs and faucets. "Things are a bit different at home," she added, looking embarassed to be asking for help.

11/24/2008 #39

He craned his head up to look at her and smiled. he slid off the bed to come and check the tub out, stopping short when he spotted all the knobs.

"Uh... you know... I usually just jump in a river or a lake or something..." he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.

11/24/2008 #40

Eravel smiled, shaking her head.

"Yeah, that's kind of how I usually do it, too. Sort of." She made a face, looking at the tub with disdain. "I wasn't expecting something this... complicated."

11/24/2008 #41

Rorc grunted his agreement then reached for a random nob, spinning it so it turned on... whatever it was. Pink goo with a strong flowery smell spurted out and into the tub and he spun the nob again to turn it off.

"Right... Your turn."

11/24/2008 #42

Eravel laughed and leaned over, tapping a finger to her chin as she tried to decide which to try next. Deciding that the biggest faucet would probably be the water, she turned the knob above it.

And then she let out a shriek as water shot out at an angle, flying upward and directly into her face before arcing back down and into the tub.

11/24/2008 #43

Rorc doubled-over with laughter, holding his sides. Her face and the noise she made... it was priceless. He grinned at her sheepishly to make sure she was all right and had to smother another laugh with his hand.

11/24/2008 #44

By the time Eravel was able to turn the faucet off, she was soaked through and absolutely livid. Swearing under her breath as she pulled her hair out of her face, she mumbled something about spoiled rich men and their bathrooms before turning to Rorc.

"Where is your sword?" she asked him as she walked back into the bedroom, leaving a trail of water in her wake.

11/24/2008 #45

"By the bed." he chuckled, "Why?" he followed her out, interested and just a little worried.

11/24/2008 #46

"I'm hacking that worthless piece of garbage to pieces," she answered, locating the sword and picking it up.

11/24/2008 #47

Rorc cocked an eyebrow at her then stepped up, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck,

"I don't know if that would be the smartest thing to do." he murmured, hoping to soothe her.

11/24/2008 #48

Eravel resisted him at, not sure if Rorc realized that he was going to get wet as well,and still angry at the demonic tub, but she slowly relaxed, letting his voice calm her. She reminded herself that she couldn't ruin this for him. He came here specifically to find a job, and she couldn't sabotage the first one he found just because she got her feathers a little ruffled.

"It would certainly make me feel better," she grumbled as she gently lowered his sword onto the bed without removing herself from his grasp.

11/24/2008 #49

He chuckled and nodded,

"I know. Trust me, I know. Let's go get this bath ready for you." he murmured, turning her in his arms so he could kiss her slowly first

11/24/2008 #50

Eravel sighed, this time in resignation, before letting herself relax in Rorc's kiss. Pulling away, she murmured a soft "Okay," and managed to shut her mouth just before she asked if he'd like to join her. She turned away quickly, biting her tongue and closing her eyes, hoping he hadn't noticed. She would have to watch herself around this man. Rolling her eyes, she chided herself silently.

Already inviting him to bathe with you, she repremanded herself. Who do you think you are? Your sister? And then she laughed softly, knowing fully that her sister wouldn't have stopped herself from asking.

11/24/2008 #51

Rorc caught her hesitation, just before she turned around and he turned her back to face him, tipping his head at her, titling her chin up gently.

"WHat is it?" he asked softly, wondering if something was wrong.

11/24/2008 #52

Eravel blushed furiously, turning her head away.

"Nothing," she said quickly. "It's nothing."

11/24/2008 #53

"... If you're sure..." he smiled a little then shrugged, taking her hnd gently, "Come on." he murmured, leading her back into the bathroom where he switched on the big nob, careful to keep out of the way.

11/24/2008 #54

"I'm sure," Eravel said, following him obediently into the bathroom, but still managing to shoot a glare at the tub. She didn't trust it.

11/24/2008 #55

Rorc smiled to himself as he switched off the water then shifted on his feet awkwardly. He should leave so she could bathe... he didn't want to... but he should. He sighed, his shoulders slumping a little as he turned to go, shooting Eravel a small smile,

"Enjoy." he mumbled.

11/24/2008 #56

Eravel grabbed his hand to stop him as he turned to leave, freezing when she realized what she had done. Her subconscious was going to be the death of her with these little reactions. Dropping his hand, she swallowed hard.

"Thanks," she mumbled, focusing on the hot water filling the tub.

11/24/2008 #57

Rorc swallowed thickly and managed a smile for her,

"You're welcome." he nodded. He hesitated then leaned down to kiss her sweetly, a hand cupping her face before he tore himself away and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

11/24/2008 #58

Eravel watched him shut the door before carefully making her way over to the tub and turning the water off. She stripped her wet gown and undergarments off slowly and hung them over a rail, near what she assumed was some sort of contraption to heat the water, and hoped they would dry quickly.

Sinking into the water, Eravel inhaled deeply, wrinkling her nose when she discovered that the flowery smell still lingered from earlier. Biting her lip, she reached out cautiously and closed her eyes as she turned another smaller knob slowly. As soon as she noticed a deep purple liquid flow out, she shut the faucet off, looking at the substance uncertainly as it spread through the water. But when the scent hit her, her worries were soothed. Whatever it was beat the pink by far, with a rich, almost spicy fragrance. It reminded her of her usual perfume at home, and she sank farther down, relaxing in the soothing heat and thinking of the man outside her door.

((Off for a few hours. Be back later.))

11/24/2008 . Edited 11/24/2008 #59

As for Rorc, as soon as he shut the door, he fell onto the bed with a groan, slapping a palm over his eyes. Ideas of her bathing were not helping the situation so he rolled over and burried his face in the pillows, trying to concentrate on something else... like... his job.

He mentally started listing off what he assumed his duties were and what he, and Eravel would need to know and do when it came time for their employer to leave his home again. He would have to fill her in on what was generally exoected of a body-guard, thoguh he suspected she owuld already have guessed most of it... she was smart after all.

Eventually, all thought deserted him as he fell asleep, hugging one of the down-stuffed pillows, smiling slightly to himself as he dreamed.

11/24/2008 #60
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