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A good hour later, Eravel stepped out of the tub feeling thoroughly refreshed and relaxed. Finding her clothing dry, she slipped back into everything, realizing that it would have to do as it was until she could find something clean.

She smiled as she opened the door to find Rorc asleep on the bed. Pulling her hair up into a quick bun, she laid down next to him, whispering a soft, "Hey, stranger," as she did so.

11/25/2008 #61

Rorc grumbled, still half asleep even as he threw an arm over her, dragging into his side, hiding his sleepy smile in the pillows. He grunted his greeting though and fell still again.

11/25/2008 #62

Eravel slowly began to kiss Rorc's neck, liking the way his scent mixed with the one from her bath that smelled like her perfume. Softly working her way upward, her lips brushed over the skin on his jaw and stopped at the corner of his mouth.

11/25/2008 #63

He groaned softly and turned his head to catch her lips, kissing her slowly, lazy with sleep still. He smiled against her lips and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. Rorc sighed at the way she fit against his body so easily, so well.

11/25/2008 #64

Eravel closed her eyes and let herself press against Rorc, kissing him back with slightly more force than he had shown. She wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, drawing him in closer.

11/25/2008 #65

Rorc groaned again, egged on by her actions and gripped her tight, kissing her back, harder now. Even in his barely-awake state, he burned for her and damned if he could help himself when she did this to him.

"Eravel." he breathed, trailing kisses down her neck to give them both a second to breathe.

((Going to dinner. be back in about half an hour/40 min or so.))

11/25/2008 #66

"Rorc," she half sighed into his ear by way of answer as he kissed her neck. She could feel goosebumps rippling over her skin as he pulled her tighter, and she ran a hand down his back.

11/25/2008 #67

He shuddered at the way his name came off her lips, trailing his kisses back up to her mouth again. He sealed his lips over hers hotly and gripped at her possessively, nipping at her lower lip as he trailed a hand down her side.

11/25/2008 #68

Eravel responded immediately to Rorc's kiss, her hands moving to rest against his chest before snaking around his neck and then down his back again, as if she couldn't decide where to let them rest.

11/25/2008 #69

Rorc bit back another groan as her hands ghosted over his body, teasing him. He kissed her hard, once more then forced himself to pull back, breathing hard as he looked at her. As much as he knew he should, his hands refused to relinquish his hold on her while he stared at her, trying to catch his bearings.

((Sorry, internet connection is dying, I'll see you tomorrow or something...))

11/25/2008 #70

Eravel let out an almost imperceptible whimper as Rorc pulled away. She looked up at him, silently begging him not to stop, not to move, her eyes large and innocent and vulnerable. A small crease developed over hey eyes as she wondered if she'd done something wrong.

((Okay, no problem.))

11/25/2008 #71

Despite himself, a small smile slipped out and he smoothed his thumb over the crease over her eyes. He kissed her lips lightly then her forehead, brushing a hand over her cheek as he looked at her. She really was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Too good for him, that was for certain... and she was still so young, not just in age, but despite her experences, she was still young to the world. He sighed heavily at himself and shook his head,

"You are far too good for me, you know that?" he murmured.

11/25/2008 #72

Eravel gave him a lopsided grin and scrunched up her nose.

"That's nonsense," she said playfully, but fully meaning it. She was just a girl. But Rorc... Her gaze softened as she looked up at him. He was fantastic. Great to be with. Protective - a trait that she admitedly appreciated more when she wasn't in the heat of the moment, trying to handle things on her own. Rorc, she decided, was the better of the two of them.

11/25/2008 #73

"No it's not." he smiled, touching a finger to her nose. She was rather cute too. "And I know because I'm older." he poked his tongue outat her as if to say 'so there'.

11/25/2008 #74

Eravel laughed, hitting him lightly.

"That's not fair," she protested. "You wouldn't have even known I was younger than you if I hadn't said anything." She gave him a knowing look. "And don't try to tell me otherwise - I saw the expression on your face when I told you my age. I might as well have slapped you, for the reaction you gave me."

11/25/2008 #75

Rorc flushed and ducked his head for a moment, ashamed of himself for offending her, for reacting the way he did. He knew girls her age were often married and maybe had one or two kids... but he just couldn't seee that for her. He just couldn't seem to connect Eravel and seventeen. He shrugged helplessly.

"Sorry." he mumbled, "But I didn't think you were older than me... so it still counts." he offered a tentative smile.

11/25/2008 #76

"It's okay," Eravel said, and in a slightly shy tone she added, "I was just worried I'd scared you off." But then she smiled, and her shy demeanor was lost. "And I guess I can let that count. Just this once."

11/25/2008 #77

He smile widened to a grin and he chuckle, shaking his head slightly,

"You're quite the little minx, aren't you. I suppose I'll have to accept your forgiveness... just this once." he teased.

11/25/2008 #78

Laughing, Eravel put on her sternest look.

"That's right," she said. "You'd better accept."

11/25/2008 #79

Rorc couldn't help but laugh... and he also couldn't help but kiss her again. She was so damned tempting when she laughed like that. He pulled himself away before things got too out of hand and just smiled at her, touching her nose again.

11/25/2008 #80

Eravel smiled back, but curiosity lit her eyes.

"Am I doing something wrong?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to one side.

11/25/2008 #81

"Wrong?" Rorc snorted and shook his head, burrying his face in her neck, "Absolutely nothing. That's part of the problem." he admitted, kissing her neck.

11/25/2008 #82

"Well," she began, not quite sure what Rorc's answer meant, "it's just that you keep pulling away..."

11/25/2008 #83

"Yes... I've noticed that too..." he mumbled, still teasing then sat up again to look at her, feeling awkward, "I promise you though, it's nothing that you're doing wrong."

11/25/2008 #84

"Okay," Eravel said, smiling again. "If you're sure."

11/25/2008 #85

"More than sure." he nodded, smiling crookedly.

11/25/2008 #86

Eravel let out a soft chuckle, shifting into a more comfortable position.

"So," she mused, "just what do you think that arrogant old man will put us up to?"

11/25/2008 #87

Rorc shrugged,

"Not a clue. Probably following him around again or something... We might be able to get into somewhere fancy, depending on where he goes." he chuckled, "I always like going to the high-to-do balls and stuff as a guard. It's like you're invisible and you can laugh at them all you want." he grinned.

((I'm off. see you))

11/25/2008 #88

"Ugh," Eravel groaned. "Balls," she muttered with obvious disdain. "Banquets. All of them. Worthless. I've been to enough to last me two lifetimes." She smiled, looking at Rorc. "But you're right, I suppose. The people are fun to watch."

11/26/2008 #89

Rorc snorted at her obvious dilike of the 'higher social events', as he'd once heard them called and could quite understand... but they were centres of drama and always good for a laugh.

"Interesting would probably be a more suitable word." he chuckled, "I've found a lot of rich people to be... eccentric." he admitted.

11/26/2008 #90
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