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Located by the harbor, the warehouse district is composed of rows upon rows of large, hangar-like buildings, where cargo and other things are stored. Some of them are abandoned or unused, and make an excellent place to hide. Guards do patrol the area, but only in the day, as ghosts and demons are said to walk the night.

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Jester locked the doors to the warehouse and climbed up into the loft she called home. It was simply furnished, with a large crate serving as a table, a cot in one corner, and several steamer trunks she used to store her loot and possessions. A handmade fireplace was used to cook food, which was easy to obtain. A grid-work of tunnels ran beneath the entire warehouse district, connecting them together. Jester fried herself some chicken, and sat down at her table to eat it, listening to the rain pouring down outside.

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