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Danielle Thamasa

((Why should I decide? It's your package.))

She looked over at Dean and then down at the package. "All right," she replied, reaching for the box and starting to open it.

10/22/2009 #811

((Actually this package is for her...I just haven't got any idea what she like))

10/22/2009 #812
Danielle Thamasa

((Well, I understand that the package is for Ailis, but I'm not going to pick what it is because it's obviously something from Dean and I don't know Dean well enough to guess what he would choose. Just take into mind that Ailis was once in a noble family and pick something that would be nice to give to a woman. I think the point should be that neither you nor Dean really knows what Ailis would like. It's what makes it all interesting.))

10/22/2009 #813

((Guess you're right))

"Well I don't know what your interest in so I patch something up at the workshop." He said, smiling. Inside the package was elegant short dagger.

((AGHHH this is so embarrassing))

10/22/2009 #814
Danielle Thamasa

((That's a good choice. You already know that Ailis is fond of carrying daggers with her.))

Ailis picked the dagger up and examined it. "This is beautiful. Thank you."

10/23/2009 #815


Dean smiled. "Don't mention it." He said. "Since you are fond of holding daggers so much I think this beauty here will do nicely on you, don't you think."

10/23/2009 #816
Danielle Thamasa

"It would come in handy," she answered. "I just hope I won't have to use it."

10/23/2009 #817
Irish toaster

Pedro slashed out again at the strange intuders.

10/23/2009 #818

"Then it will be just a souvenir then." Dean chuckled. "Anyway I'm heading upstairs to get a shut eye, good night"

10/23/2009 #819

The armored man blocks several hits at the stranger.

Child's Play.

As the stranger wearing down on the fight. He then counters him back with his static shock(baton) it then hits the stanger in the rib cage as surge of electricity flow into him(Pedro)

10/23/2009 #820
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis watched helplessly from the corner, he was no fighter

10/23/2009 #821

The electricity flowing of him still keeps on going as the stranger continues the attack. The armored man blocks again his attack and counters him another round of his static shock(baton).

Fierce fighting held aloud as the leader see the two fighting. He also see someone at the corner. Bringing his tranquilizer gun he aims at the arm

10/23/2009 #822
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis shifted his gaze to the other man, he could see find despite the smoke with his heat vision. Kelnis ducked down and slunk under the bed literally shrinking in size so he would fit without hindrance

10/23/2009 #823

Disappeared in an instance he fires his gun.

10/23/2009 #824
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis nodded. "Good night, and thank you."

10/25/2009 #825

And for that matter all was quiet in the peaceful streets of Elarope

10/25/2009 #826
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis ate dinner then went to her room and fell asleep.

10/25/2009 #827

It was all good, everyone is tucking up the bed, rested for the new dawn tomorrow. An old man that before chatted with Ailis seems to be walking along the dark alley streets. Alone, he encountered several brigands and scumbags at all side ganging up on him. One of the brigands smiled. "Give us your money Old man and maybe we won't hurt you." Elastically the Old man didn't reply, not answering to them as he passes by at them.

The Brigand grab his sleeves and push him on the wall forcefully. Then one of them pulled out a small dagger at his throat threatening him. "Look old man no one passes this street unless someone pay the price." He snickered holding his dagger to the throat. No one was in sight in this night time and no one cares to help. Helplessly the Old man look up to them and smiled. "Paying the price, what if I repay through your deaths." The old man smiled heavily.

He was enraged. "Why...you how dare you smile like that." The thug shouted as he raise his dagger and impales his heart. They then heard and metal clanging as the dagger did not pierce his heart. Shocked they pull back. "W-what the--" The thug shocked over that matter was then receive a full bluish light. The thug screamed in agony as he was then disintegrated by it. Everyone of them was in fear at the strange old man as he rose up to his feet.

His hands then focused with a blue energy smiled evilly at the frighten thugs. "I suspect better of such incompetent humans such as you...now then time to pay...the price." The thugs screamed of agony as everyone was laying dead on the ground, burned by the blue energy light. As the old man finish he sets up on his way until someone appeared in front of him. It was the Partisan.

"My lord are you okay." He said concernedly at him.

The old man smiled. "Yes my boy thank you for asking." He said. "I'm sorry that I made you guys worried."

"Oh no sir do not apologize. We should have been there for you... we apologized."

Patting at his shoulder the old man smiled warmly as he telling them its okay. "Alright then... shall we go, I need a shut eye and I suspecting a meeting with her tomorrow."

"The Gypsy girl" He replied.

"Yes my old friend, I don't want keep her waiting tomorrow." His robe started to fall over as the old man was wearing a whited armor, but it is more different to others, it has fine silver hanging around and seemed to be more bigger than the rest of the Partisan's.

"As you wish...Grand General"

10/25/2009 #828
Danielle Thamasa

((Well, this could be interesting.))

Ailis woke the next morning and changed into clean clothes. She had paid for her room for the next couple days so she could leave her things there as she went out to find a little more work. Ailis pulled on her boots and then decided to leave her hair down, letting it fall down her back.

After making sure she had everything she needed, including her daggers, she headed downstairs to get something to eat.

10/25/2009 #829

((Hehe, yeah))

Dean on the other woke earlier but hasn't come down to eat. Staying at his room he sharpen his tools and weaponry . Putting on his armor he is ready to leave. Heading downstairs Dean saw Ailis grabbing some grub as he says morning greetings to her.

"Good mornings" Dean said with a yawn.

10/25/2009 #830
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis looked up at Dean. "Good morning," she answered. "Heading out to work?"

10/25/2009 #831

Dean still yawning. "Yeah, I'm heading back to the workshop." He said. "What about you, are you going out?"

10/25/2009 #832
Danielle Thamasa

She nodded. "I made a decent amount of money yesterday so I figured I might as well try and get a little more."

10/25/2009 #833

Dean smiled. "Well good luck with that." He said as he gather his stuff. "Well I'll be going now see you soon Ailis." He waved at her as he left the inn.

10/25/2009 #834
Danielle Thamasa

"Thank you. Goodbye, Dean."

After he left she finished her breakfast then left the inn and went out to the same location she had been the day before. It had seemed to be a nice spot and had attracted a great number of people. Ailis smiled and took a seat.

10/25/2009 #835
Danielle Thamasa

As it had been the previous day, Ailis soon found that people were walking up, paying her, and waiting to hear their fortunes. It was looking like it would be another prosperous day.

10/26/2009 #836

All day was calm, all day is quiet, Dean walks back to the workshop, the owner was excited. Giving a hug an cheers.

Ailis then at the street all people hear and listen. Given by the future and set to learn. Out all of the day it was good there was old man approaching her. It was the same as before happy and calm as she approach before her perform.

((Sorry about the messy sentence.))

10/26/2009 #837
Danielle Thamasa

((It's all right.))

Morning faded into afternoon and that started to change closer to evening. Ailis watched as the people began to mostly leave the marketplace. It had been a great day thus far but she had decided to stay out just a little longer.

10/26/2009 #838

"Good afternoon Ms. Ailis." He introduce himself. "Do you remember me from yesterday"

10/26/2009 #839
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis looked up at the old man. "Of course I remember you, sir. I rarely ever forget a face."

10/26/2009 #840
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