RP Citadel of Elarope
Role playing be whatever character you want and join our motley crew! Plenty of fights to be had as you go wherever you want in the citadel.
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Ok, there are not many rules just follow the few which exist, alright? 1. Never kill a character definately in a fight unless you own them. 2. Don't have tons of characters as it will just get confusing. 3. Be descriptive and at least slightly realistic, chart their journeys so we know how they get from A to B. 4. You can create whatever scenarios you want and as many places just don't make it too repetitive. So basically no more than three pubs or shoemakers shops. 5. Introduce yourself at the gatehouse so everyone knows who's around. Also make sure that it's clear if you've left the citadel or not. Outside links can also be created to give more breadth to the world but most action should take place within the citadel. Can't think of any more rules right now so get busy!
6/2/2007 #1
Aww... But I have so MANY characters that would fit here, lol. I'll just have to pick one, then... How about Lana? (Oh, are there any docks here? Because she lives off of Dock Street. Are you running the whole city, or can we add things to it as we go along?) Oh, and I think it would be a good idea to add a character backgrounds and abilities thread, so I'll add it for you. That way you know who you're dealing with. Girlbrainiac
6/7/2007 #2
Yeah just add in whatever you think is necessary... Just not too much of the same thing! I will add my character to your thread, which seems a really good idea but it's quite cool to have little surprises for each character as well.
6/8/2007 #3
Actually thinking about it you don't have to start off at the Gatehouse just find the most recent place of action or whatever... If you can't do that then the Gatehouse is the best bet!
6/11/2007 #4
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