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Philip sat in the gatehouse staring at the cards he had been dealt. He felt sure that Rick had cheated him again but he wasn't sure... He had watched so carefully but it seemed that it was impossible for him to land such low scoring cards three times in a row. "Right. That's it Rick. Tell me how you do it, you won't be able to cheat me again because I'm not going to play with you again." Rick smiled his wicked smile and laughed. "What makes you think you've been cheated Philip? Is it just the knowledge that you are very bad at playing cards that makes you such a sore sportsman? Remind me when was the last time you won, even when you dealt? Lets not go into such trivial details, shall we?" Philip ground his teeth and decided that he needed a breath of fresh air even though the rain was pelting down outside. "See you in a minute. Rick." With this he shoved his helmet on his head, grabbed his spear and stopped out to the sound of Rick's laughter.
6/2/2007 #1
((Okay, she lives in the city, so she's already inside the walls. Whether the guard knows her already is up to you. Some do, some don't.)) Lana leaned against the wall of the gatehouse, only slightly protected from the elements here as the rain poured down. She was here to watch for the man that the guild was using as a courier. Name of Sharlek Mazvil, tall, always dresses as a beggar with a twitchy walk, carries twin daggers hidden in his boots, hides notes in his vest, dumb as a post. That was what she'd written in her journal. She was getting rather soaked waiting for him here, though. She was highly tempted to call it a day and head back to her office, or home if that was how you chose to think of it... But she didn't. She was too stubborn for her own good sometimes, she thought wryly. Idly, she gathered her mud brown hair, tied back as it was, and wrung it out.
6/7/2007 #2
Philip stepped outside, only to bump into a girl fiddling with her hair. Girls were so flimsy sometimes, he thought. Then she turned around and he saw she was tougher than he thought. Her other eye was covered by a patch and there was a dagger by her side. She sounded familiar to him but he couldn't quite place her. Probably belonged to the Thieves Guild or something.
6/8/2007 #3
((Heehee. 37 is hardly a "girl".)) Lana turned to the guard that had bumped into her with a smirk. "You could try watching where you're going," she said wryly. "Sure, that helmet probably impedes your vision, but still... Take it from someone who knows." She pointed to her eyepatch to make her point, then went back to watching the street, dark eye scanning the passersby looking for the familiar beggar with the twitchy walk.
6/8/2007 . Edited 6/8/2007 #4
[Sorry, wasn't really thinking there!] Philip thought about arguing with this impertinant girl but remembering the dagger at her belt decided to let her be and to simply turn around and go back into the gatehouse, where he could be sure the only things he would lose were his money and his pride and not any part of his body.
6/10/2007 #5
The guard looked like he was about to say something, but he stopped, and turned to go back into the gatehouse. Lana raised an eyebrow at his back and smirked. 'Afraid to match wits with me?' she wondered. She shivered, completely soaked through, and decided to put today up as a loss. After all, she wasn't exactly getting paid to follow this guy around, nor would it be a good idea to catch a cold in case somebody decided to stop by and offer her work. She wouldn't be a very good investigator if she had a nasty cold. Wouldn't be able to follow anyone if they kept hearing her coughing everywhere they went. With a sigh, she headed off towards the docks, several miles to the east down city streets. It would take hours to get there because, always cautious for good reason, she tried to stick to either neutral territory between the several competing criminal organizations, or places that had more guards patrolling. She hadn't lived this long by being stupid. ((Continued in "The Streets"))
6/10/2007 #6
Henas Jirrl wandered past the gatehouse before he saw a very soaked looking woman starting to walk away. She looked in need of cheering up but then he thought about himself getting recognised and the woman thinking he was courting her suit. It was all very difficult but he decided to follow her just to make sure she didn't chuck herself off a bridge somewhere or something. Of course, Henas didn't really think about the fact that he was one of the worse judges of character nature had ever made and that he had ignored all signs of danger which the mysterious woman had given off. [Continues to streets]
6/10/2007 #7
Aisu Kyo
In the shadows came another girl. She kept her special place in the dark and entered into the streets of this new world.
6/15/2007 #8
Following her a Dark elf arrived...
6/17/2007 #9
Philip watched from the window of his gatehouse as all these strangers passed by, the city seemed to be even more dangerous than normal.
6/19/2007 #10
Reko absently nibbled on the string of his hat as he strode through the gateway. The place so far seemed to be quite different compared to the empty streets of his old city. Everywhere he turned a new face would pop up from seemingly nowhere. He grinned, "People!"
7/28/2007 #11
Andrew Keith
Lorne passes through the gate and heads to the small keep/tower (whichever it is?) and greets the two familiar guards. "I can tell by your faces that something's up, and not worry, I'll find out what. Remember, I'm a hunter" Lorne says to his acquaintances and ends with a wink, before he dons his hood and strolls to the streets. [To the Streets!]
8/3/2007 #12
Luicia and the voices
Kael ran through the gateway, his 'imaginary' friend Spyre running behind him, "Run, boy, run!!!" Spyre wailed. The dog was then bowled over by the guards.
8/11/2007 #13
GreyStar Dreams
Raelee burst into tears as the guards swamped over her dog Tuggs. Though she had originally thought she had tied the poor beast up to stop him from attacking the villagers, the dog was here, in the flesh. "Tuggs, naughty!!" she wailed. Tuggs though, didn't hear her. Raelee continued to cry, tears streaming down her red and watery face. Without much thought, she then ran into the city to find an adult that will help her free her beloved dog from the guards.
8/12/2007 #14
Scottish Princess
A young looking man trudged along the muddy streets and stopped in front of the gatehouse, leaning upon his spear-like weapon and letting his piercing green gaze rove over his surroundings. "Pardon me." He called out to the guards. "What name is this fine city called by?" While waiting for an answer, the man ran a callused hand through his oddly purple-tinted hair, hoping to get at least *some* of the water out.
10/14/2007 #15
Andrew Keith
((I guess you want someone to play the guard?)) One of the guards stood up and leaned out the open window. "This 'ere is the Citadel of Elarope. Welcome."
10/14/2007 #16
Scottish Princess
((Heh, yeah I suppose I could have done it myself but I'm lazy =P. Thanks)) The man nodded, "Elarope." The corner of his mouth turned up slightly, "Thank you." He saluted the guard with his weapon and continued on his way through the city. -I'll find you- He thought to himself. -And when I do, you'll wish you'd never known my father- ((Continued in The Streets))
10/14/2007 . Edited 10/14/2007 #17
Arette slauntered through the gate, making the guards gape. She rolled her eyes. Human men. Waving sarcastically at them, she looked around for someplace to get out of street before someone assumed something that would get them killed.
10/22/2007 #18
Xaul darted through the gates, ignoring the guard's startled shouts and hurrying into the city. his face was known to a few guards, and he had no desire to spend any time in the local lockup. fading into an alley, he took to the rooftops, looking for a likely inn to find a drink and a job.
12/14/2007 #19
Scottish Princess
Kali entered the city flashing a winning, albeit rather false, smile at the guards. She heard the uproar from the guards before she saw it and noted the dark shape who they were pursuing. 'Now he might be an interesting person to meet.' She mused, as she dashed off after him.
12/14/2007 #20
Danielle Thamasa
((Scotty, get on 1850 Scotland, please))
12/14/2007 #21
Monique walked through the Gate like she owned the place. One of the guards gave her a lingiering, admiring glance. "Servant, gouge his eyes out," she said calmly, continuing to walk as behind her, the guard's screams rang out as her faithful chevalier obeyed her wishes. She smiled. Now to find her DEAR cousin.
12/15/2007 . Edited 12/15/2007 #22
Scottish Princess
((goodness! Arette's in for a heck of alot of trouble))
12/15/2007 #23
Andrew Keith
((No kidding.))
12/15/2007 #24
((Hehehe. Mine is an evil snicker))
12/15/2007 #25
Scottish Princess
((poor Arette......ANDREW! post in the Streets!))
12/15/2007 #26
Danielle Thamasa
Anya walked into the city, keeping her gaze on the ground, ignoring the guards and anyone else that happened to be around her. This was not where she had wanted to be. Then again, she hadn't wanted or asked to be different from the others. She looked around Elarope, wiped away the tears that were threatening to fall, and told herself that one day she would return to her home and they would wish they hadn't kicked her out. ((To the streets))
12/17/2007 #27
Seb sauntered through the gates and into the city, calling for his sister to , "Hurry up pumpkin, the man-candy ain't gonna wait forever!" Lily rolled her eyes at her flamboyant sibling but giggled and hurried up, snatching up his hand and swinging their linked handsbetween them as they walked. "Where are we headed?" she asked, ignoring the looks they drew from the crowd. "Well have a looka round first, I guess." he answered with a twinkle in his eyes, "Onwrds!" he cried, almost poking some poor passer-by in the eye as he pointed forwards dramatically. ((To the Streets))
1/1/2008 . Edited 1/1/2008 #28
Andrew Keith
-Enter, Donny and the gang- Donny and two rather well-kept and well-dressed members of his gang entered through the gatehouse, seeming like normal travelers. Donny lead them to the door into the actually gatehouse and peered in at the guards. "Excuse me, sirs, is there anything special going on in the marketplace here?" He asked out-loud. The two guards sitting around looked to him and walked over to the doorway. Three more came in through a door in the rear of the room, and the two at the gate looked at them curiously. "Some exotic shops and merchants have came through, they might still be there." One guard answered. "Ahh, thank you." Donny replied with a slight bow. As he did so, the man to his left leaned against the doorpane and put his left foot behind his right (like a person might when leaning against something), and tapped the ground seven times evenly, seeming to have just fidgeted. In the brush nearby the gate the rest of the forty-man band waited, weapons ready. "Seven guards." One stated as he saw the signal and turned to look at the few members of the gang he could see. "You all ready?" He asked. ((Dani, your choice where your character is. Could be with Donny and the other two at the gatehouse, or can be waiting in the brush.))
1/2/2008 #29
Danielle Thamasa
Rommie fiddled witht he gauntlets on her arms as she looked around from a rooftop near the gatehouse, committing the details of her surroundings to memory. There were seven guards who were clueless so far as to what was about to happen. This day the gauntlets were more irritating than usual. But the discomfort was something she had to deal with so she didn't reveal her true nature. It was something she had been hiding for most of her life, thinking a normal life would be better. She had found a gang of people and formed a decent enough life. Which led to the current moment. She was crouched on a rooftop with her sais ready and her throwing daggers within an easy reach if they were needed. Anytime she wished, she could throw one and hit whatever target she wanted, having honed her skills to an expert level. Rommie glanced over at Donny to see what would happen now.
1/2/2008 #30
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