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Danielle Thamasa

Madison looked around through half-closed eyes as she walked into the city. She had been travelling for far too long and hadn't trusted anyone enough to sleep along the path. It was time to find a place to rest. She would worry about finding work later.

((To the Streets))

12/31/2008 #61

Crawling over the barricades, sheltered by the shadows and clouds hovering above, Odessa avoided the attention of the guard and entered the city. She had long-since perfected the art of travel above the usual sreets and masses of humans. She would have to enter an inn or two to find work and such but, other than that she would, literally be taking the high-roads. This city was fresh for the picking and she was ready for it.

((To the Streets))

3/12/2009 #62

Elyanna Fyre arrived at the City's gates, shrouded in her ashy-blue cloak, her staff concealed by the same cloth. The Council of Magi had heard of the dealings within and as Head she decided that it was time to intercede, to investigate if the situation would require the Magi's intercession. For a King to look for a bride was certainly no news, but the rules of such a search are down to moot, no doubt there would not be just fair maidens knocking on the palace doors. As Head of the Magi, Elyanna decided that to see if there are true maidens who desire to win the Kings heart, or if there were bandits or anything else fouler lurking in the City's shadows. She would protect Elarope for she was a native of this country and this kingdom's future would mean ill for all.

She passed the guard without injury, flashing the symbol of the Magi school. Magi were welcome in any parts of the world, revered because of their magic and because they were somewhat human too, with their appearance and their speech. She had created her appearance to be more human than her original one, maintaing only her eyes and her hair. There was no need to retain her elvish ears if she was to blend in the city.

Casting a weary glance over the frivolity of some of these peoepl, she proceeded to head towards the Magi guild of this city, perhaps to seek a familiar face who will aid her in these quest.

5/24/2009 #63

Serrenia Engravhart walked forward to the city gates. Hours of weary traveling hung on she shoulders but now it seemed she could find somewhere to rest. She stopped short of the gates, remembering that she was in her 'fluffier' form. Adjusting her appearence, she quickly became that of a girl with a river of blonde hair that flowed seemlessly down her back with relatively pale skin and gray eyes. She stood to a 5 foot 7 height and wore a red tank top under a black jacket. A pair of combat boots poked from beneath the worn down frayed edges of the seams. She walked foward to the gate, not even noticing the gaurd.

"Hey!" He stepped in front of her. "I cannot allow you inside." The gaurd reported dutifully. Serrenia perked her eye brows up with a mischievious smile. The gold in her eyes shined as she did, he watched the bright twisting colour his mind going blurry.

"Now what was that?"

"What was what?" He replied dazedly.

"Nothing." She smirked before trotting past him into the gates, leaving him dizzy and enchanted. That was wrong and she knew it, she almost never used the entrancing power of her eyes for her own benifit but this was a little different. People were every where, all talking and chattering. She wandered around, asking people at random if they had seen a boy who looked like her but older and shorter hair.

6/7/2009 #64
Irish toaster

Bogal entered the gates after the guards let him through without a fight.They were not scared of Bogal though. Bogal was a regular to the town ,visiting every so often to pull carts for food,or become a test subject for wizards for food.Anything for food.He had been comming here for seven years now.

"Hello Bogal" waved a guard as he entered.

Bogal grinned a huge smile and as he plodded through the gate he turned and waved happily. "'ALLO JOHN" he said and continued thumping down the street looking for food.

Some of the townspeople stared,horrified at the ogre.

6/9/2009 #65
Pig In A Dollhouse

Caspian sat atop the huge, koi coloured dragon with the easy confidence of someone utterly sure of themself.

Even in her guise as a human, she was remarkable; startlingly beautiful, with a cascade of white hair, one grey eye, one blue and a full, voluptuous figure. The dragon she rode was ivory and bronze, serpentine, beauitful, with bird like feet, patterned in bronze and ivory.

As she passed through the gates, the guards could not resist running thier eyes over her appreciatively. She dismounted, murmured a few words and the dragon shrank down to the size of a mouse. It crawled up her sleeve.

She entered the city.

6/14/2009 #66
Reine Ayten

Cael stood at the gates, not bothering to hide like he usually might. With a silent nod to the guards, he slipped quietly into the city.

6/14/2009 #67
Irish toaster

Bogal stared for a moment at the two newcommers before picking at a food stand with his large fingers.

The man was shouting at Bogal as he picked up the food stand and started gulping down all the mans wares.

6/15/2009 #68

Traveling to the front of the gatehouse Dean strolled around the rough rugged road. The people around him feel anxious of the armored warrior as it coated with white. "I felt they think I'm sort of bad guy" Dean thought, contemplating as it passes by the people.

I see many people walking people passing by the gate. I see 3 people having conversation. Though I don't want to get involved I ventured off inside the gate to seek a job. And maybe, just maybe find the person who can help me return to my world.

(Street Road)

10/5/2009 #69
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis quickly moved through the gatehouse and down the road leading deeper into the city. She didn't want to stop or even look at anyone, not yet. She knew what it could mean.

((to the Streets))

10/5/2009 #70

"Ah what a beautiful evening this is" In a quiet streets outside of the Gatehouse the moonlight reflects of a stranger walking nearby. Alone in darkness, smiling like he didn't care for the world C*** sees something ahead of him.

"Hmm, what up ahead." Curious, C*** appeared at the front of the gate, locked. "Alright another city." C*** smiled happily.

"To bad though it's locked. Oh well guess I just stay outside till it opens." There C*** lies down on the soft grass. As he waits for the gate to be open another stranger comes in from the blue.

10/7/2009 #71

Unaware of the stranger lying nearby, Petra moved through the dim night light and up to the gate. She desperately hoped that it was not closed for the night, as she wanted to put as much discance between her and the bumbling idiot following as possible. By the gods, he was infuriating.

But she wouldn't think about that anymore.

With a light rap on the gate, Petra looked up to see the curious face of a guard staring down at her. Rolling her eyes, she put on her most pleading expression, which was most likely hidden in the darkness anyway. But no matter.

"Please," she begged, gritting her teeth. "There is a man following me. Please let me in."

Well that certainly sounded significantly more damsel-in-distress than it was. But that was the point, after all. And it worked. Within moments, the gate slid open, and Petra slipped through.

10/7/2009 #72

C*** noticed of the Guard letting some stranger in and in middle of the night in no less. Smiling, he approach to the gate to let him. Sadly the Guard declines for only pretty ladies can enter and no exception. C*** then agrees to the rule and as C*** turns his face away...


In a blinding light the Guard was split in half as the guard lay dead to the cold ground. C*** smiled. Holding 2 barong in both hands he... invitedly comes in to the gate.

"hehe that was an enjoyable conversation Mr Guard but I have more important things to do especially a known certain Princess." He said to the dead guard as he vanish to the darkness, smiling.

((ColdCedric: So then what are you gonna do if you see her))

((C***: I don't know maybe collect some bounty from that idiot King he sent me or maybe I'll just kill her instead. *Smiles Heavily*))

((ColdCedric: HAHAHAHA *Sweating profusely as he moves back from C***))


10/7/2009 #73

The guard looked down at the large black feline that ambled towarrd the Gatehouse, grabbing a spare broom handle, he came towards the feline as if to hit it. the cat looked at him and he stilled, for where the feline had stood a beautiful girl was crouched in its place. " You dare to harm me? I shall have you know that I am not alone here." as she said these words a large white wolf, with a black stripe running down the left side of its snout, came out from the shadows. "You hurt my Neya and i WILL have your head." The wolf spoke in the guards head and came to stand by the young girl, Neya, snd as with the girl, a man stood in its place and put his arm protectively around her shoulder. "May we pass, sir?" the girl spoke.

"ah...um, yes" the guard sputtered as he let them by "good god what kind of creatures do we let into this city?" he thought.

1/20/2010 #74

The same guard that met Neya stood guard when a rough looking man with loose black and white outfit walked up to him from outside the city and stood right next to him, but the guard didn't even notice the man.

3/15/2010 #75
Danielle Thamasa

Shalimar tugged her cloak around her as she made her way towards the gatehouse. "How much longer til the gates are closed for the evening?" she asked, keeping her voice level and calm.

"They close at nightfall," the guard answered.

She nodded and glanced over her shoulder, watching the sunset. "Good. Very good." Then she returned her gaze to the guard. "May I enter?"

The guard studied her for a few moments and then pulled the gate open to allow her to enter the great citadel.

3/15/2010 #76

Xin followed after Shalimar as the guard opened the door and when he entered the citadel, he took a different path from her.

3/16/2010 #77
Danielle Thamasa

As the door swung shut, Shalimar pulled the hood of her cloak down and looked around at the city before her. Yes, it would do...for a while anyway. After a few moments she made her way down a street, not even really caring where she was heading.

((To the Streets))

3/16/2010 #78

Xin rounded a corner into an alley. He stopped abruptly and smiled. His second personality had just taken over as the night came.

He withdrew his dagger, charged his hands, and went out on a hunt.

3/16/2010 #79

It was dark when Il Hanos came to the gate. The gate was locked and no one was on guard. He sighed and drew his blade out. "Jackal Lance," he whispered and the blade became a spear... eighty meters long and with him on the top of the eighty meters. He jumped over the wall and then whispered something, making the blade come back to its original size. He jumped down the wall and entered the alley

((To the Alley))

4/1/2010 #80
Yuki Kuran

Alice walked up to the gate. She glanced toward the guard on duty and he nodded. "They must be used to travelers in these parts," she thought as she went in.

((to the Streets))

4/7/2010 #81

"Off to anywhere I feel like going!" Zepryon shouted. He sounded a lot like one of those old cartoon heros.

4/15/2010 #82

A young boy, no older then seventeen, though no younger then fifteen walked up the gates leading to the city. He was grinning childlishy as he looked up at a tall guard standing at his post. He looked from side to side and then looked at the guard who was as stiff as a lampost. Seeing nothing wrong, he took a step forward, only to be stopped by a metal staff being placed infront of him. "What is your buisness in this city?" the man asked. The boy pointed at himself, as if shocked in being accused and the man only nodded, "Um...well I'm a traveler...A bit young...Just lookin' for a place to stay for a while. Avoid the oncoming possible season change ya know?"

The guard scruntinized him, in the end he saw nothing wrong with the boy with only a bag on his shoulder and let him through, "I want no trouble from you got it?"

"Me, trouble? Never." he said giving one of his signitar grins and walked into the city, heading right onto the streets...

(To the streets I guess^^;)

4/20/2010 #83

Din yawned as he walked towards the gatehouse. He nodded to the guard standing near the gate and passed into the strrets.

((To Streets))

4/29/2010 #84

Akallas smirked as he cleaned his bloody blade with the clothes from his victim. It was quite intriguing, this city. Hopefully there will be a lot of victim in it too.

((To Streets. Be warned, this guy will pick a fight with anyone!))

5/19/2010 #85
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq walked silently to the gatehouse, looking over the scene before him, admiring it before passing through the gates

((To Streets))

5/20/2010 #86

Jedda had lived on the streets all her life and she was used to the order of things. Keeping her head down, it was not difficult to slip past the guards as she walked beside a cart trundling in for market. She lifted an apple off the back and slid away into the shadows of the streets.

((The Streets))

6/2/2010 #87
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Travis stretched out, he had ported a few miles away, and had to walk the rest of the way, and had made it to this town.

"I wonder if theres a shady spot to catch a nap?" He asked himself, then headed past the gates, nodding to those watching with a smile on his face.

6/26/2010 #88
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

(Whoops, to Streets)

6/26/2010 #89

A young man named Dante Lucardi entered the area around gatehouse. He realized he had come to a new city as he clanked about in his large suit of armor and messed with a large strap that kept a large battle hammer in place along with a lot of traveling gear. He percieved from the corner of his eye that someone had run into the streets, but could not tell who they were. For now he would rest on the steps of the gatehouse until someone came by and tried to speak with him. He set about scratching his head of wild blonde hair before unloading his travel pack into the middle of the street. Some poles from his tent hit the ground and he decided it would be a good idea to set up camp. He was too tired to pay someone for lodging and unwilling to move from where he was.

6/27/2010 #90
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