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Gold paint was peeling off its dome but the palace still contained an aura of splendor. The tiles of the mosaics were sparkling due to the devoted cleaning they received each day by the thirteenth to the seventeenth maids. That was their sole and only duty in life and one they were meant to enjoy. This didn't they did. However, something they did enjoy was watching the prince walk by each morning on the way to the training ground and then watch him as he came back the same way, sweaty and exhausted. This was something they did enjoy.
6/2/2007 #1
Henas crept in through a side door into a near deserted part of the palace. There was an old chair there that he pulled up and sat Reko down on. Then he loosely tied him up with a reel of string he found in his pocket. This way he knew none of his body parts would be in danger if another of those fits happened. Then he sat back and waited for Reko to say something...
8/10/2007 #2
"Owwww... hey, it's you!! Lemme go!!" Reko tugged at the strings and rocked back and forth in his chair. "I am not insane!! I AM HUNGRY!!" the string was digging into his skin and his shoulder was itchy. Reko turned his head to the side and rakes his shoulder with his teeth. What did he do!?

"Let me go, you rich little freaky-haired LOUT!!" seeing that screaming was getting him nowhere, Reko sighed and tilted his head back in his chair, "Listen," he said, "I'm hungry. Just tell me what you want so I can go get a bite." he sighed, "You won't see me again."

Though that was what he said to the young prince, inside he was licking his lips and cracking his knuckles.


8/10/2007 #3
[I'm back!]

"Let me go, you rich little freaky-haired LOUT!!"

"Excuse me, I think I'll take exception to that! Especially as it's within my own home." Henas smiled and toyed with the idea of tormenting this crazy man further. He decided against and surfaced from his thoughts to hear


"You won't see me again."

It sounded like a pretty good promise, it was just Henas thought he had really been too trusting already today. However, he couldn't really leave the hatter here and he had more exploring to do today. This reasoned out he bore down on his prisoner with his knife for dramatic effect, only to cut the ropes which bound him.

"Hold by that promise you hear? I'll show you the way out."

[I know that the main action is elsewhere so why not head that-a-way? It'll be better with more people :)]

8/25/2007 #4
[*glomps* FINALLY!]

"Lead the way!" Reko bellowed. Playfully he pinched the younger man's cheek, just like a mother would a young child, until it was red; much like his wrists. Before Henas could fit a word in edgeways he quickly slung an arm around his shoulders and gave him a lazy hug, "Did I mention that I respect you?" grinning half-heartedly, canines peeking out from behind his lips, he followed Henas in a semi-march to the exit. Reko tipped his hat, "Thank you for your hospitality, sire, now allow me to return to favour." Without much else of a warning, Reko drew back his fist and landed a quick blow to the young Prince's jaw and as he stumbled back, slung him across his back and broke into a sprint. As Reko ran he let out a surprisingly effeminate giggle whilst Inner-Reko cracked his knuckles and cackled.

[The action is in the streets, correct? If so, Streets, ahoy!! (TO THE STREETS!)]

8/25/2007 #5
Andrew Keith
Entering through the south gate, Lorne strolls atop Dolor to the stables, which he leads him in the care of the yardhands. He heads in through the main south entrance, but stops in the middle of the palace entry-way, looking around at the few guards and sentries, he dashes to the right in the split second none of the guards were watching. Reaching the stairwell, Lorne pulls out his two lenghts of cloth from his belt pack and ties his feet in them, to muffle his footsteps as he rushes up the stairwell.

Heading three flights up, Lorne begins exploring this floor, but soon finds it is the servants' quarters, so he heads back to the stairwell. Reaching the top of the next flight, Lorne bumps into a guard who recognizes that Lorne isn't supposed to be there unescorted.

"I-I'm sorry sir, I am merely trying to find the infirmary." Lorne studders to the man, but regains his composure.

((You can control the guard, Aphrodite.))

9/3/2007 #6
[Being a guard.]

"You'll have to wait in line like everyone else and not just skip up the back stairs. And I'll have to confiscate your weapons for the duration of your visit."

9/3/2007 #7
Andrew Keith
A feigned, shocked expression. "There is a line for the infirmary?" Lorne replies the man as he unstraps his spatha scabbard, hoping the man didn't notice the more hidden dagger over Lorne's left hip.
9/3/2007 #8
"Thankyou sir" the guard takes the weapon and says more kindly, "I'll lead you there so you don't get lost again."
9/3/2007 #9
Andrew Keith
Flashing a hidden grin after the man turns around, Lorne follows. "Thank you, kind sir."
9/3/2007 #10
They went down a couple of corridors before ending up in an empty atrium. "It's just in the door on the left, I'll leave your weapon at the guard house for you to collect as you leave." The guard turned around and started to leave the room.
9/3/2007 #11
[I'm leaving and might not be on tomorrow as I'm going back to school :(]
9/3/2007 #12
Andrew Keith
"Thank you." Lorne replies again to the man as he leaves, he mutters to himself in satisfaction. "This was too easy."

Lorne slowly makes his way around the corridor, looking everywhere for anyone else. No one. He walks into the infirmary door, and looks across the large room at the people lying on beds and being treated for illnesses. Taking a deep breath to control himself, Lorne goes into a crouch and begins to search the cabinets. Digging through the ones that seem to be used repeatedly, Lorne thinks to himself. "Why am I searching these with the normal ailments?" He looks around for the cabinents with the most dust, which he spots way in the corner, about twenty feet away. Seeing thick tables of equipment between the cabinet and people, Lorne makes a dash and roll to hide behind the tables, then he makes his way to the cabinent.

Finding a small vial labeled 'Lican Antitude,' Lorne pulls it out and drops it in one of his belt pouches. Making his way back to the door, he unties the cloth from his shoes and heads to the Guard House to pick up his spatha. Finally heading back to the stables, he leads Dolor out and hops on, heading back to home.

((Onto the Hideout.))

9/3/2007 #13
They reappeared in a small room, a chair standing in the middle. He placed her gently down in the chair, clicked his fingers and created a thick rope. He tied her arms and legs firmly to the chair and clicked his fingers once more, willing her to wake.
9/6/2007 #14
slowly Blade's eyes pried themselves open and she looked around groggily. Her head ached and... she tried to move her amrs and her legs but found them restrained... she was tied to a damn chair. What the...?

Looking up she spots... Reko? Something looks off, though. And *where*, she wondered, a little ticked off, am I?

9/6/2007 #15
[Oops! Supposed to be 'arms' not 'amrs' sorry! Typo. any way...]
9/6/2007 #16
He smiled and allowed his hair to re-grow and re-colour, along with his eyes and body. But much to his loathing theheavy weight on his chest remained. He bent down so that they were eye-to-eye. "I have a task which requires your help, my dear."
9/6/2007 #17
Somehow Reko had... transformed in the freaky-psycho dude that had attacked her in Lorne's bedroom. She sneered in his face,

"What makes you think I'm going to help you?" she snapped.

9/6/2007 #18
Andrew Keith
((Andrew yells from the audience chairs "He's going to make you a host so the Queen can lay more eggs! Run Blade run!"


9/6/2007 #19
((OMG LOL!!! *glomps Andrew*))

He grimaced, "Because you have no other choice, quite simple really. Now, if you look at it positively, I'm sure you can find it in your little heart to do as I say." he grinned, "I'll throw in a wish, if you co-operate."

((Hatter brings popcorn into audience, "Popcorn?"))

9/6/2007 #20
[Huh? And people say i'm the crazy one?! ;P]
9/6/2007 #21
9/6/2007 #22
"A... wish?" she asks uncertainly, "What are you, some kind of... genie? Pfh!" she rolls her eyes at... the guy- I don't even know the bum's name, she thinks sourly, only just stopping herself from pouting, well, I may as well hear him out.

"*sihg* What would you have me do?" she reluctantly questions.

9/6/2007 #23
[ 'sigh' not 'sigh'- i'm very bad at the moment! Lol.]
9/6/2007 #24
[Argh! forget it.]
9/6/2007 #25
Andrew Keith
((Takes some popcorn from Hatter.))
9/6/2007 #26
He smiled, "Very good, my dear, you're doing very well." he circled her chair, "Now, I want to live. I'm dead, or have you not noticed? I rely on 'hosts', for lack of better words, to keep me to this world." he clicked his fingers and a dagger materialized in his hands, "You see, I am -was- once a very powerful god, not a genie, mind you... other gods didn't like what I was doing so they tried to kill me. Now notice the fact that they almost suceeded." he gestured to himself, "As shown. Now, obviously this body hasn't got long to live... But if I can get a hold of a body that shall never die..." his grin widened, "One with no soul, then I will be able to live again and continue in my life." Taking a lock of her hair, he cut it, examined it, then clicked his fingers, his own hair becoming the glistening, bright silver. He threw the hair behind himself. "And that's where you come in, my dear. You see, I need a body that's high on the social ladder, so I can lead a good life. Now that is Henas. Next, I need somewhere to store the prince's soul after it has left. That will be Lorne. Finally, I need another spare body to put Kael's soul in... that's Raelee." he clicked his fingers and a small pipe appeared. "What do you say, Blade? Agree? Disagree? You get a wish..."

((Sips fanta))

9/6/2007 #27
Andrew Keith
((Wait, so is this spiritual/magical stuff that Spyre or whoever does? Cause, Lorne's greatsword's enchantment eats away and destroys that kindof stuff... I guess not *yet* =P.))
9/6/2007 #28
Narrowing her eyes at the now silver-haired previous-god, drawing out her answer,

"What *exactly* is it you want me to do?"

9/6/2007 #29
"Bring their bodies to me and use this," he dangled the pipe in front of her face, "to draw out their souls. Know how to play?"

((I don't think 'Gods' fall into the enchantment clasification. Dunno, she's still trying to figure it out.))

9/6/2007 #30
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