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[Mwahahaha! I LIVE!!!! Lol. Sorry. parents decided to stay for an extra couple of days and- would you believe it, not a single person had a computer in that dinky-die town! Any hu. Oh, very well explained 'ritual' Andrew. Lol.]

Blade bit her lip, her lips curling at the conrers at Reko's question and even moreso at Lorne's reply. She ignored this element of the conersation, however and reverted to the previous comment on her heritage.

"Actually, I am not a full-blooded elf, but part human. My mother was full-blooded whilst my father was a half-caste."

10/2/2007 #331

Reko nodded, not really understanding. "Very... interesting..." he fell quiet for a moment, "So, were we talking about? Who are you?"

10/3/2007 #332

Blade blinked at Reko who wore a confused expression then glanced at Lorne worriedly.

"Are you sure you're all right, Reko?" she asked, leaning forward to get a cleared look at his eyes, checking for any cloudiness or anything to indicate dizziness or... concussion.

10/3/2007 #333
He blinked, "Whoa, you're hair is silver..." he tilted his head sideways as if that would give him a better view.
10/3/2007 #334
[Are all your characters high by any chance?]

Blade's eyes widened at the metal man as she realised his memory had fried on him again and she let her head drop back hopelessly against Lorne's chest, closing her eyes to fight back a growing headache.

10/3/2007 #335
((One is! ^_^))

He lifted a finger and plucked a strand of hair from her head and placed it on the ground, prodding it. It was so shiny... "So... how did your hair be silver and why are you here? Where's here? Who you again? What about him?" He looked over at Henas, "And he's cute!" he chimed.

10/3/2007 #336
Wincing at the removal of her hair but without opening her eyes, Blade answered the metal man,

"I was born with this colour hair and Lorne and I are here because we just saved Prince Henas from Spyre. You're name is Reko and you are currently in the palace of the Citadel of Elarope." she sighed, cracking open an eyelid to watch Reko, "Any other questions?"

10/3/2007 #337
"Ummm..." he shook his head, "Are you pregnant? Your stomach's kinda bulging..."
10/3/2007 #338
Blades eyes and mouth popped open and her head snapped down to glare at Reko. She went to spew a fairly vile insult at the metal man but abruptly snapped her mouth shut again, grinding her teeth,

"No." she managed to grit out, crossing her arms over her stomach subconsciously.

10/3/2007 #339
"Oh, so is it fat?"
10/3/2007 #340
Biting back a snarl Blade stood quickly, ignoring the loud clap of thunder that announced her rising anger and stalked to the other side of the room, away from Reko where she couldnot reach his throat to strange or cut. What sane person implied a woman was fat? she wondered, Then again, he is quite possibly *in*sane by now. Still ignoring Reko's question, Blade began examining some of the objects on Spyre's desk, as though they held her great interest.
10/3/2007 #341
Andrew Keith
"No, it's not fat. She's sitting down, so it only looks like that." Lorne replied.
10/3/2007 #342
He nodded, but upon seeing the seething girl play with things on the desk, he squeaked, "No! Don't play with things on his desk, he doesn't like that!" he whined. He turned to Lorne, "Tell the whale to not play with things that don't belong to her!"
10/3/2007 #343
Andrew Keith
"Do not insult her again, and she might actually listen to you." Lorne said to Reko, a bit of anger rising in him, and he stood up and walked over to Blade, coming up behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders, soothingly. "You are not fat, none at all." He whispered into her ear.
10/3/2007 #344
((LOL, I have to go...))

He sighed, "Sorry... please don't touch those. He doesn't like it when you touch things that are his."

10/3/2007 #345
[Lol. Does he have a death wish?][ EDIT!!!]

"Whale?" Blade all but shrieked, whirling around to the metal man and stalking up to him only to be stopped by Lorne. Gale winds blew against the windows, shuddering them. "A whale, am I?" she growled at the man.

10/3/2007 . Edited 10/3/2007 #346
"I SAID I WAS SORRY!!" he cowered.
10/3/2007 #347
Andrew Keith

Lorne swiftly moved himself to Blade's front, trying to block her view of Reko. "Do not listen to him, he is insane, remember? He doesn't even know his own self, let alone proper use of adjectives. Calm down, please, ignore him."

10/3/2007 . Edited 10/3/2007 #348
Blade relinquished her anger a little, lessening the winds on the building as she relaxed in Lorne's arms.

"Fine." she answered the cowering Reko.

10/3/2007 #349
Andrew Keith
Lorne smiled a bit, seeing her calm down, and pulled her close to her, hugging her. "There, just relax. He's become an odd one."
10/3/2007 #350
"Perhaps he should be coached, however in the use of such adjectives for you will not always be present to quell my anger at his *mistakes*." Blade told Lorne, glancing over his shoulder at Reko. "An odd one indeed." she murmured into Lornes chest with a sigh.
10/3/2007 . Edited 10/3/2007 #351
Andrew Keith
"Coaching him would be rather hard, as he would forget things again, much as he did a few minutes ago."
10/3/2007 #352
[Be back in ten-ish minuets!]

Blade smiled into his chest,

"I suppose so." she amended, slipping her arms around his waist with a squeeze, "Thank you."

10/3/2007 #353
Andrew Keith

Lorne smiled at her response, "You are quite welcome love." He said to her, then looked back around the room, then to Blade, "Well, what should we do now? Spyre's still on the loose, and Reko's bloody insane."

10/3/2007 . Edited 10/3/2007 #354
Andrew Keith
((Ten minutes you say?))
10/3/2007 #355
Andrew Keith
((Im out for school, be back in about 30-40 minutes.))
10/3/2007 #356
[Lol. Sorry. Parents sprung dinner on me. :)]

"What should we do?" she wondered aloud, looking over at Reko and Henas, "Perhaps we should return to your hideout. We need to regather our thoughts, methinks." she suggested, looking up at him for approval.

10/3/2007 #357
[Hmph. Righto. C you in a bit.]
10/3/2007 #358
Andrew Keith
"With them as well, right?" Lorne asked, "just wondering." he added, smiling at her as seh looked up at him.

((Wee now Im off))

10/3/2007 #359
"The princelling of course but Reko.... I suppose we should." she announced, shrugging but with a smile at her swordsman, "It would be unkind if we were to leave the bewildered fellow to his own devices. Who knows what he would get up to."
10/3/2007 #360
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