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He cocked his head to the side, "You mean Spyre is still alive? I thought he..." he jumped up but fell back down, "Where is he? Can I see him?"

((Is he still alive? *scrubs out a notch on Lorne's sword*))

10/3/2007 #361
[I thought he died??? I'm confused!]
10/3/2007 #362
The spatha sliced upwards and blood gushed forth. He could feel himself floating... but... something was still waiting. With the last bit of his strength he summoned the red ball to him and flung it at the heap that was once Reko and waved his hand at it, sealing it in the body. He then gasped and fell back, body bursting into a flames leaving but a pile of ash.

[Tis what happened. How did he survive?]

10/3/2007 #363
Andrew Keith
((Hrm, I forgot that, I had thought he ran off again lol. ))

"The princelling of course but Reko.... I suppose we should." she announced,

shrugging but with a smile at her swordsman, "It would be unkind if we were to

leave the bewildered fellow to his own devices. Who knows what he would get up


"Agreed." He said, with a small chuckle.

10/3/2007 #364
He sighed upon getting no answer, "I said sorry! Talk to me, too!!"
10/3/2007 #365
Andrew Keith
"You were still mean." Lorne called back to Reko.
10/3/2007 #366
"But I said sorry! I mean, come on! If you see a whale it's not like you're going to call it skinny, are you!! Isn't sorry enough?!"
10/3/2007 #367
Andrew Keith
"She isn't a whale and she is NOT fat!" Lorne barked back at him, losing his cool.
10/3/2007 #368
He cowered back down, "I'm sorry? Please forgive me!! You, too, skinny lady!!"
10/3/2007 #369
Andrew Keith
Lorne was about to say something more, but then he looked back down at Blade, then to Reko. "I'm sorry mate, I overreacted to your comments." He called out, then rested his head on Blade's.
10/3/2007 #370
((OH NOES!! Lorne turned into an AUSTRALIAN!! :P *stabs all stereotypes* joking...))

He nodded, "So... what now? If you need help in getting her off of you I can try." he offered.

10/3/2007 #371
Andrew Keith

Lorne laughed a bit at Reko's commentt. "Now why would I want her off me? I love her!"

10/3/2007 #372
Confused, he mentally squinted, "From what I have seen of love, it consists of a lot of grabbing and biting... and you're not doing any of those. How can you say that you're in love?"
10/3/2007 #373
Andrew Keith
"Love is expressed in many, many forms from the heart. Grabbing I can understand with hugging and holding hands, but serious biting and anything else I do not see how they could be consdered as expressions of love."
10/3/2007 #374
Blade shivered at the biting comment but smiled at Lorne's reasonings of love.

"Actually, I knew a couple once who loved each other dearly but were constantly arguing and slapping each other in the head. I suppose that was their way to express their love." she informed the men, shrugging and fiddling with the edge Lorne's shirt absently. "Where did you get your view from, Reko? It does sound needlessly violent."

10/3/2007 #375
Andrew Keith
Lorne pondered Blade's comment of another couple, and then chuckled a bit. "Quite an interesting form of love, wouldn't you say?" He asked to Blade, jokingly tapping her head in a mock slap with his hand.

"By the way," Lorne began, whispering into Blade's ear, "is Blade your nickname or your real name?"

10/3/2007 #376
Blade grinned up at him, "Indeed, it was quite amusing to watch."

"By the way, is Blade your nickname or your real name?" Lorne whispered in her ear and she shook her head.

"My nickname. My full name is Nagali Felanaso, completely elvish in its design and much too long for every day life." she told him, wresting her cheek on his chest.

10/3/2007 #377
Andrew Keith
Lorne memorized the name, storing it in his memory, then nodded, "Yes, Blade is fine."
10/3/2007 #378
"Good." she nodded, stepping away just a little, "Why don't we head back now? This place is fairly creepy and I'm ready to relax, just a little." she suggested, shrugging a shoulder tiredly.

[Off and about. I'll be back in prolly 4-5 hours. Bye.]

10/3/2007 . Edited 10/3/2007 #379
Andrew Keith
((See ya.))

Lorne nodded, releasing Blade from his embrace. "Agreed." He then walked over to Reko, picking up an arm and wrapping it around his neck, then wrapping his own arm around Reko's midsection, heaving him up. "Come on, you hunk of blade material." He said to him jokingly.

((Aphrodite has been busy with schoolwork, so she wont quite be able to post with Henas, so I suppose we could have him follow in-line, quietly, or need to be carried by Lorne as well.))

10/3/2007 #380
"That's not very nice..."
10/3/2007 #381
Andrew Keith
"At least I'm still carrying you." Lorne said, beginnign to wabble back towards Blade. "Can those two walk themselves?"
10/3/2007 #382
"Don't drop me, don't dro pme, don't drop me, don't drop me..."
10/3/2007 #383
[Yeah, I guess Henas could walk behind. Is Raelee still there?]

Blade grinned at the sight of Lorne and Reko then slipped a hand around henas' wrist, tugging him to come along, also gently tugging on Raelee's hand.

10/3/2007 . Edited 10/4/2007 #384
Andrew Keith
((Yeh, she's cowering behind Henas. I guess just edit your post with grabbing her too.))

Lorne nodded to Blade as she urged Henas to follow, then he began walking for the door, opening and going through it.

((To the Idiot-mobile! Err... Lorne's Hideout!))

10/4/2007 #385
Scottish Princess

The king paced back and forth, back and forth in front of his throne, eager to see what his soldiers plunderings had brought forth.

5/15/2009 #386
Reine Ayten

The soldiers from Dax and Reine's home dumped the still unconscious Reine on the floor of one of the Palace's many spare rooms, leaving and then locking the door behind them.

5/15/2009 #387
Scottish Princess

There were other occupants in the room Reine was tossed in and one young man around Dax's age came up and half picked up Reine, carrying, or trying to carry, him to a mattress on the ground.

5/15/2009 #388
Reine Ayten

After a while, Reine stirred, groaning in pain. He glanced up at the man carrying him in confusion. "Where am I?"

5/15/2009 . Edited 5/15/2009 #389
Scottish Princess

"Shhh, you've got a nasty knot on your head, but you'll be fine," the young man assured Reine with a slight smile.

5/15/2009 #390
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