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Reine Ayten

Reine looked up at Jonas, his eyes still a bit sad. "It's alright," he whispered, both to Jonas and Dax.

Lily smiled, gently taking Alea from Reine, and standing up. "I'm going to put her in bed, I'll be right back."

8/5/2008 #2,971
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled and entered the house.


Jonas scuffed at the floor with his foot and just shrugged.

Dax patted Jonas's shoulder. "It's okay, man."

8/5/2008 #2,972

Sebastian walked around before entering the living room. In there was the house's owner/seller, a small goblin woman.

"Hello, Sebastian!" she said.

"Hello, Quinn," Sebastian said.

8/5/2008 #2,973
Reine Ayten

Reine got up, moving next to Jonas. "It's alright, I know you didn't mean it." He smiled. "And besides, I'm only a half vampire," he said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

Lily could be heard upstairs cooing a lullaby to Alea, who had woken up for a short while.

8/5/2008 #2,974
Scottish Princess

"Nice to meet you, ma'am," Ty greeted her witha smiled, "I'm Ty."

8/5/2008 #2,975
Scottish Princess

Jonas smiled slightly. "Thanks, kid."

Dax looked at Jonas. "So what's changed with you over the past year?"

Jonas shrugged. "Not much really."

8/5/2008 #2,976

"Hello, Ty," Quinn said. "I'm Quinn Gearmaiden. So, Seb, do you have the money?"

"Depends," Sebastian said. "How much?"

"$475,000," Quinn said.

Sebastian pulled out the check and wrote down the amount. "Yep," he said, handing Quinn the check.

"Das is gut," Quinn said, pocketing the check. "Well, have fun with the place. Seb, Ty, good bye." She left.

"Well, this place is ours now..." Sebastian said.

((To Sebastian's House))

8/5/2008 #2,977
Reine Ayten

"You're welcome," Reine replied, then his eyes widened. He ran out the door, sitting down outside with his head in his hands.

8/5/2008 #2,978
Scottish Princess

Dax frowned and followed Reine outside, still holding the now squirming kitten. "Reine? What is it?"

8/5/2008 #2,979
Reine Ayten

Reine had one hand over his mouth as he looked up at Dax. "I'm thirsty," he whispered, "And I didn't want to ask in there..."

8/5/2008 #2,980
Scottish Princess

Dax kissed his forehead, then hugged him so that Reine's head was on his(Dax's) neck. "Then drink now."

Jonas watched from inside the house.

8/5/2008 #2,981
Reine Ayten

Reine slowly bit down, and started to drink.

8/5/2008 #2,982
Scottish Princess

Dax closed his eyes, still holding onto the kitten and just let Reine drink.

8/5/2008 #2,983
Reine Ayten

Reine finished about a minute later, and pulled away, wiping his mouth. "Should we go back in now?"

8/5/2008 #2,984
Scottish Princess

Jonas turned away from the window where he'd been watching.

Dax blinked a few times and nodded. "Yeah, that would be a good idea." He got to his feet, swaying a little.

8/5/2008 #2,985
Reine Ayten

Reine stood up as well, wrapping one arm around the other boy's waist to steady him. "You alright?" he asked concernedly, "Did I drink too much?"

8/5/2008 #2,986
Scottish Princess

"yeah, I'm fine," Dax assured him, "That happens every time, you know."

8/5/2008 #2,987
Reine Ayten

Reine smiled up at him. "I know, I just get a bit worried every time. Now, let's go back inside, before those two think we've abandoned them."

8/5/2008 #2,988
Scottish Princess

Dax smiled at him. "Yeah, let's."

8/5/2008 #2,989
Reine Ayten

Reine led Dax back inside, where they ran into Lily, who was coming downstairs.

"I finally got her to get to sleep, so try to be quiet," she whispered, obviously ignoring the fact that the two were coming back inside the house from outside.

8/5/2008 #2,990
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded. "Okay."

Jonas gave Dax a look that plainly told him he'd seen what had happened. He wasn't too happy about it, either.

((I gotta go to bed now. Night. I'm gonna be gone all day tomorrow.))

8/5/2008 #2,991
Reine Ayten

{Aww... alright}

Reine noticed the look on Jonas' face, and shrunk ever so slightly into Dax.

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/6/2008 #2,992
Scottish Princess

((BACK! obviously.... XD))

Dax handed Reine the kitten, then stepped up to Jonas and quietly asked him something in another language.

Jonas crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, frowning.

Dax led the way outside with Jonas following and the two immediately started talking, Jonas sounding rather angry.

8/6/2008 #2,993
Reine Ayten


Reine let the kitten climb onto his shoulder, where he just went through the motions of petting him.

"Something wrong, Reine?" Lily asked from behind him.

"No... it's just..." he shrugged, not really knowing how to explain what had happened.

8/6/2008 #2,994
Scottish Princess

The two outside had raised their voices, still going on in the other language.

Jonas was waving his arms about and yelling something that made Dax narrow his eyes dangerously. Only Reine would probably realise just how mad Dax was. Jonas pointed to the direction of the house and said something and before he could blink, Dax had slapped him across the face. Hard. Then he said something low enough so that no one could catch the tone besides Jonas.

Jonas stared at the ground, holding a hand to his red cheek and nodding slowly, though he was still visibly upset.

Dax just shook his head and turned to go back into the house.

8/6/2008 #2,995
Reine Ayten

Reine's eyes were wide, and he was breathing just a bit faster than normal. Lily had almost the same expression, but she had one hand over her open mouth. Around the same time, they both thought, I'm glad Alea's asleep right now...

8/6/2008 #2,996
Scottish Princess

Dax entered the house and immediately noticed that Reine had seen it all. He sighed and collapsed onto the couch in the living room, leaning back and closing his eyes. The hand that had struck Jonas was curled into a fist at his side.

Jonas rubbed at his cheek, as he started back into the house.

8/6/2008 #2,997
Reine Ayten

Lily practically dragged Jonas off to the kitchen to look at his cheek, and to give the boys some privacy.

Reine slowly sat down next to Dax, still petting the kitten. "Dax? W-what were you talking about out there?... Or do I even want to know?" he asked quietly.

8/6/2008 #2,998
Scottish Princess

Jonas pulled away from Lily a bit. "I'm fine. I deserved it."

Dax opened his eyes and looked at Reine. "He saw you drink from me," he replied in a near whisper, "And he wasn't happy. At all."

8/6/2008 #2,999
Reine Ayten

Reine looked away, snorting bitterly. "I get that a lot."

Lily just shook her head, then asked Jonas, "Did you say something about Reine?"

8/6/2008 . Edited 8/6/2008 #3,000
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