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Alright, for your info. Name: Lana Crane Race: Human Alignment: Neutral Good. She sticks to the letter of the law... most of the time. Age: 35ish (she's not quite sure) Height: 5'7" Weight: 115 lbs. Physical description: A bit plain, thin from lack of food, hasn't had a decent bath in ages, but then again, neither has anyone else. Has mud brown hair that goes halfway down her back, half the time tied back, the other half not. She wears patchy clothes, a brown vest, brown breeches, whiteish shirt, and a dagger on her belt which is more for show than from actual knowledge of how to use it effectively. A patch covers the scarred remains of her right eye, and her left, dark brown, can reach real intensity, a piercing stare... but only when she means it to be. Personality: A feeling heart lies beneath the easy-going, button pushing, slightly cynical exterior, as well as need to do right... Even if that means she has to do some small wrongs to do it. Is VERY stubborn. She likes pulling one over on people, and keeps extensive notes on everyone she meets or, on occasion, follows. Has a particular hatred for criminal organizations like the Thieves' Guild, and actively seeks to bring them down in any way she can. Wishes to leave the city one day, but can't unless she feels like getting murdered as soon as she's out of the guards' jurisdiction. It's thanks to them and her own street smarts that she's still alive. Occupation: "Investigator" (Like a private eye); most of the time she does odd jobs to pay the bills because no one likes to hire an independent investigator in the city she's from. Weapons: a dagger on her belt and a small penknife. Fighting style: Relies on wit, her absolute stubborn will to survive, and luck... Has nothing else to her advantage, lol. Abilities: Very perceptive, can generally figure people out and if she can't, she tries to get them to talk. Has a very penetrating stare. Is unusually tough for a human, surviving many things that would kill another person. She also has a quick wit and can think on her feet. Also pretty good at bargaining. She's the daughter of a shrewd wine merchant; what can I say? Is fluent in Common, and knows a small smattering of Elvish and Dwarven, the kind of phrases a wine merchant, or a tavern wench would know. Special Abilities: None. She's as mundane as they come. Weaknesses: Is blind on her right side, and her depth perception is a little off. Is a bit clumsy because of this. She doesn't leave the city because she would be murdered by the Thieves' Guilds if she did. Gets along with the police, but not VERY well. Not particularly skilled in weaponscraft though she gets pretty fierce when backed into a corner. Other: Is not really cowardly, just cautious, and always checks to see if she is getting in too deep.
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Ok sorry it's taken so long to put this up but my internet hasn't been working too well but here goes anyway... The guards and stuff aren't really my proper characters as they are going to be sort of stuck in the same place all the time. So here's my actual character: Prince of the Citadel of Elarope, Henas Jirrl Just come of age so around eighteen or nineteen but has a more mature outlook on life than others of his age due to his upcoming role in the future of the state. Has ginger floppy hair which is said to mark his royal blood. Spends most of his time at the exercise grounds or riding one of his many horses. This may make him sound very spoilt but sometimes he tries to sneak out into the citadel as an ordinary citizen and have a normal night out although his ginger hair often makes this hard to happen. At the moment he is into "the hard man" look which consists of a tough old leather jerkin and a pair of dark green weatherstained breeches. He is thought to be an eligable bachelor but at the moment scorns girls as giggling sillies.
6/10/2007 #2
Oh and I forgot to say that he carris his sword around with him everywhere which is said to obtained from dubious circumstances
6/10/2007 #3
Name: Zonra Race: Dark Elf Alignment: Good/Neutral/Evil Age: 16 3/4 Height: 5.11 Weight: 130 LBS Physical description: Black skinned, claws instead of nails Pure white eyes with green and red pupils Dressed in black. Personality: see Aligment Occupation:Was a merchant. now a wanderer. Weapons: His claws growing out of his nails. Fighting style: Kamen. A bloody harsh way of fighting. Abilities: Supreme agility. Able to see in dark and is able to smell out people. Special Abilities: Mind destruction: A powerful ability that sends vibrant noises in the form of shockwaves in the peoples mind. Weaknesses: Not a fan of light. Bright flashes disturb him. Other: See my profile.
6/14/2007 #4
Aisu Kyo
Name: Alsonia Nick Name:Alis Race: Wraith Alignment: uh? evil i think (?????????) Age: 16 Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 LBS Physical description:black dress with black pants underneith; solid black glove on left hand that comes to elbow, black glove on right hand with whole in the palm area that comes to sholder; black boots that come to her knees; black hair that reaches her lower back; talons; cold, black eyes; purplish skin that makes her look dead; and a small black chain with a silver disc that has an inscription in a diferent laguage on it. Personality: blood thirsty and cold hearted Occupation:assasin/spy Weapons:4 dagers Fighting style:relentless and evil Abilities:can trance people and see in the dark Special Abilities:can drain life and strength from people with her hand and duplication Weaknesses:having nothing to feed on (her kind feed on the life and strength of others) Other:she has a pet dragon that can shape shift and morf with her
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Doktor Beppo
Name: Zarathustra Race: Human Alignment: Beyond good and evil Age: 50 Height: 2 meters Weight: 130 kilograms Physical description: An ugly old man hides the exterior of a younger one. While strong, Zarathustra knows he is not as strong as the young. He wears a green cloak and has a long gray beard, while holding a staff. Personality: Zarathustra feels nothing but contempt for those who desire a 'normal life.' He applauds those who value strength of will and create new values, rather than obey the old, dead virtues. He also dislikes priests, calling them "The despisers of life, those self poisoned men of whom the earth is weary, so let them begone!" Occupation: Prophet of the Overman: Essentially trains those to ascend through willpower and values creation. Weapons: Staff, unarmed combat, and Der Wille zur Macht Fighting style: Prefers to avoid fights, but generally prefers to crush a foe's belief's first (show them they are wrong), THEN kill them. He is able to scare off most thugs using a loud voice. He prefers staff and his will to survive. Abilities: Can alter the minds of the masses through dramatic oratory, hopes to train people who are willing to listen and create new values (AKA become Overmen). His mode of thought more represents a PATH to philosophical innovation than a dogmatic single philosophy. "It is companions the creator seekth, not corpses nor herds of believers, but fellow creators: Those who write new values on new tablets." He is used to living off the land, and has a strong will. Special Abilities: Can create from nothing with force of will alone (more food and water and supplies than life, though he's working on it). EXTREMELY devoted to survival, and will sacrifice others to survive. "I don't need to out run the bear that's chasing us. I just need to outrun you." Other: Utter contempt for religion, masses of people, and slave morality does not make one popular. All clergies will hunt him down, as several bounties are posted for him. Of course, this does more to make him more infamous in some places... Also hates humanity and its "cousins," and lauds those who wish to overcome man. He sees no qualms in killing those 'going nowhere,' such as basic thugs, common people, and those comfortable with the status quo.
6/25/2007 #6
Andrew Keith
Name: Lorne Hasinbauk Nick Name: Lorne Race: Human Alignment: Neutral Good Age: 23 Height: 5'9" Weight: 145 LBS Physical description: A brown sun-tan of being in the outdoors a lot. Typically he wears a green cloth shirt and tanned leather breeches, with a chainmail hauberk and a brigandine-like suit of armor. He has medium length brown-hair that reaches his eyes in the front and curls. Generally wears a dark green/brown cloak which is dirty from road travel. Personality: Silent, swift, does justice his way. Occupation: Elite Soldier/spy/assassin (government) Weapons: A finely crafted and jeweled dagger (family heirloom), and an equally fine and jeweled spatha Fighting style: Superb and brilliant dual-weapon fighter (dagger and spatha) Abilities: Superb swordsmanship Special Abilities: Dagger can light up with a small flame, and through controlling the willpower of his blades, he can cast a few different wards and enchantments. Weaknesses: Being away from his weapons? Other: Has "connections" and a hidden hideout. Current mission is hunting a band of wraithes that have recently infiltrated the city, and he is to either "cleanse" them (turn them into humans with no soul reaping ability) or end their sentient life.
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GreyStar Dreams
Name: Raelee Meradia Nick name: Railing Rael Race: Human Alignment: neutral Age: Ten Height: 120cm Weight: 20kg Physical description: White-blonde hair that has been crudely cut to shoulder-length (the cuts on her neck were accidental because of her mother trying to cut her hair with a dagger) cloudy-blue eyes and sun-burnt skin (She doesn't tan). When she walks she will try to match the stride of someone nearby and whilst running, closes her eyes. She normally wears the cute pink shawl that her mother knitted and a light cotton dress that is many sizes too big for her so she tends to trip on it. Personality: Cries too much and whines when she doesn't get her way but gives up once she sees that screaming isn't going to get her anywhere. She is naive to all that is magical but when she does know something she will keep it to herself unless by telling it, it somewhat benefits her. She is smart and will manipulate when necessary but most of the time is happy with what she has. She loves her dog to pieces. Occupation: Daughter to thieves’ guild members Leeha and Vrath Meradia. Weapons: Her dog Tuggs who would rather chew on her than anyone else. Fighting style: Attack dog that has been known to turn around and bite her back though most of the time he is on a special lead that tightens whenever he tries to hurt her. Abilities: none Special abilities: none Weaknesses: She's a kid, be creative! Other: Tuggs was actually Vrath's brother Sirox before he was changed into a dog by Vrath after being attacked by a mind-shattering magician, turning him against Vrath.
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Name: Nagali Felanaso (Blade) Race: Night Elf/ Human Alignment: Neutral- just doesn't care Age: unknown Height: 5'8" Physical description: Waist-length silver hair, dark blue eyes- almost black. Skin is a porcelain white colour that tans lightly in the sun though it does not generally burn unless under extreme heat. Her general attire consists of black cotton breeches and shirt with knee-high black boots- gives her better ability to blend into the shadows. Personality: Trouble-maker, lives for a laugh, manipulative when needed but generally blunt with the truth. She is not generally a vengeful or resntful person and cannot hold a grudge for long periods of time unless an extreme wrong has befallen her. As to the GoodvEvil- she doesn't care and will work for the highest bidder, however, at times her conscience gets the beter of her. Occupation: Assassin/ thief/ pickpocket/ anything that earns her a coin other than prostitution. Weapons: Silver elven-made, light-weight blade strapped to her back, matching silver daggers- one in each boot and one strapped to her hip. Fighting style: hand-to-hand/ sword/ dagger- depends on who she's fighting and what they use. Abilities: Enhanced night vision due to elf genes and increased stamina- able to run faster and longer distances. Also possesses some control over storms and lightning though her talents are partially undeveloped. Special Weaknesses: her eyes are less effective during the day, presenting some problems when out in full sunlight for long periods of time and her human conscience often affects her decisions at the strangest of times. Other: has a tattoo of elven fire and night on her left forearm and a tattoo of 'humanity' on her right shoulder-blade, both representing her mixed heritage.
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Evil Minion Number 2
Name: Ozell Duelm Race: Human Age: 30s Height: 5'7" Physical description: While not terribly curvy, this lady is obviously female. Her face is weathered from years of living, and partially from years of her line of work, but still holds a bit of youth, enough to keep away the bags under her eyes and the worry wrinkles on her forehead. Her shoulder length hair is tied back in a short pony tail, to keep out of her face. Personality: A level headed individual, she known well that getting angry and panicking are good ways to get killed. While she may disagree with some of the actions her superiors take, she never thinks ill of them nor is she a fanatic. Her humor some say is non-existent, some would say it’s dark. Occupation: Solider person working for the peoples after Lorne’s homeland. Weapons: A composite bow, pretty long range. Curved at the top for more power. Her bow has many-a-useful arrow, including water arrows, fire arrows, and rope arrows. And if all that fails, she usually has a poisoned needle or two in her hair. Fighting style: This girl usually avoids fights when she can. Depending on the fight, she usually chooses to disarm the enemy and finish them if she has the chance, or retreat and try using her bow. Abilities: This lady is quite good at disarming opponents, usually wither her bare hands. Also, she’s patient. Very patient. Special Abilities: None. Weaknesses: Melee weapons. In hand to hand combat, she’s good. In range combat, she’s good. But once a melee weapon comes into the picture, things start to change. Not to mention, her loyalty and honor could be her greatest downfall.
9/9/2007 #10
Scottish Princess
Name: Yuvren (pronounced You-vren with a slight rolling of the 'r') Krisanti Nickname: Ren Age: somewhere around 175 human yrs old-looks about 18 yrs old Sex: Male Occupation: Hired assassin/mercenary and ex-soldier Personality: Keeps to himself mostly but doesn't mind having a conversation or two with someone. He's blunt and tells things like he sees them with hardly a thought to the consequences. Underneath his silent, cold exterior he actually has a heart he just doesn't let anyone see that because he's been hurt and taken for granted too many times. He's an extremely experienced fighter/warrior and he doesn't hesitate to use force towards people whom he thinks need it. Background: Yuvren's parents (Analia and Itharr) met while on a quest together and fell madly in love. They married and approx. 9 months later Analia gave birth to Yuvren. Being raised by warrior parents, he learned all the arts of battle and was quite proficient from a very young age, and by Vampire and Drow standards, he's still quite young. He was a soldier in the Army for nearly 50 years and has been a wandering hired assassin/mercenary for going on 75 years now. Quite recently, however, Ren's father Itharr was attacked by "an old friend", Lorne Hasinbauk. After a long, tedious and agonising battle, Lorne left Itharr for dead and disappeared back to his hometown. Ren is currently doing whatever possible to hunt Lorne down and finish him off ((At this point he thinks his father is dead)) Species: 1/4 Drow(Dark Elf); 1/4 Vampire; 1/2 mix of Tiefling and Demon(from past heritage of his father) Height: 5'10" Weight: 180 pounds Hair Color: Dark Brown with a Purple hue in brightly lit areas Hair Style: Medium length, reaching to his ears on the sides and almost into his eyes in the front Eyes: normally Dark Forest Green, they turn a bright electric green when he's excited or just after he's drunk some blood, they also turn a pale green when he's tired or completely relaxed Wearing: Special magically enhanced Dark Elf cloak w/ a large hood that conceals most of his face and can make him invisible to anyone that is a non-Elf. Traditional Dark Elf garb. Black tunic and trousers with a black leather belt and black boots that are magically enhanced to make no sound when Dark Elves wear them. Over his tunic, he wears specially made Dieflin armour that he inherited from his father. He also has a shield that he either carries on his back or strapped to his left arm. It's made from the undamaged remains of Itharr's chest armour. Other: Has horns from his Tiefling heritage that he keeps to about an inch long, otherwise they'd grow out to be 4' long Weapon: Vampire fangs Uses: self explanatory Weapon: mix between a guandao and a glaive Blade Width: 6-8 in. at its widest Blade Length: approx. 1'6" Pole Length: approx. 6' Overall Length: approx. 7'6" ((Go here: for more info on the Chinese guandao. And here: for more info on the glaive.)) Weapon: Mini-Crossbow Features: Shoots poison bolts Uses: long range assassin work Material: A special material known only to Dark Elves Special: Is extremely lightweight, burns anyone who touches it (unless they're a Dark Elf or part Dark Elf) Weapon: Ashen Sky Class: Rapier Features: Basically a really long and thin cone Uses: Stabbing and parrying Blade Length: 3'9" Blade Width: Base: 1" diameter, and goes into a point at the top Weight: 5lbs (Deiflin material makes it really light and durable) Material: Special Deiflin-used metal Special: Can be casted to summon ash to emanate from the blade, making a cloud if the blade is moving Build: Somewhat thinly built, the majority of his weight is muscle Strength: Medium-Strong Special Powers: Immortality, limited levitation, limited telepathy, can run really fast, can fall great distances without being critically injured, has an extreme level of endurance, his hearing and sight is far greater than humans, innate magic abilities, can cast a globe of darkness whenever he wishes, can sense magic/spells before, during and slightly after their use, can heal himself, has magical wings from his Tiefling heritage that he can summon to come out of his back Other Specialness: Because he is part Vampire he cannot be seen by anyone with infrared vision, and because he is part Drow he *has* infrared vision ((lols)) Weaknesses: Is weaker in sunlight than most normal people, is of slightly smaller build than normal Elves Immunities: Magic/spell resistance especially anything related to darkness, crosses, wooden stakes, holy water, silver or garlic Likes: Darkness, being left alone and his parents Hates: Too much sunlight, people who talk to much or attempt to push him to do something or who think that enough money will make him do anything ((heh, I think that's it for now. Andrew, let me know if you think anything needs to be edited))
10/14/2007 . Edited 3/8/2008 #11
Andrew Keith
((It looks good, but don't forget his wings ;D.))
10/14/2007 #12
Scottish Princess
((*slaps forehead* doh! how could I have forgotten the wings?? *runs off to edit*))
10/14/2007 #13
[Ohh! detailed! Looks interesting... sounds like it's gonna be fun on here now that there's someone out for Lorne. Lol.]
10/14/2007 #14
Scottish Princess
((Lols! Oh yeah, it's gonna be uber funness! =P))
10/14/2007 #15
[Lol. 'uber'- I'm gonna like you. *grin*]
10/14/2007 #16
Scottish Princess
((Lols! I think I'm gonna like everyone here, too. Y'all seem so nice and y'all are mostly all Aussies, too! Hooray for Australia! Lols -even though I don't live there I still love it!- =P))
10/14/2007 #17
[Lol. yay for Aussie-land! Yeah, we haven't rilly had anyone whose too obnoxious or nasty or anything so its good!]
10/14/2007 #18
How do you feel about an American joining?
10/22/2007 #19
Andrew Keith
I'd say not have him be an actual American, but certainly the generic personality and such of one =P.
10/22/2007 #20
Certainly. It'd be a bit strange having an American of today walk in... very strange!lol.
10/22/2007 #21
Andrew Keith
Lorne would just stand and look at him "w**?"
10/22/2007 #22
Wow. I ment me.
10/22/2007 #23
lol. woops! Sorry. Still, it'd be funny tho!
10/22/2007 #24
"Hey, dude. What is UP? This place needs some major chicks, man. I mean HOT." --good enough for you? ^_^
10/22/2007 #25
Andrew Keith
Yeh, it'll be... Awkward...
10/22/2007 #26
(Mirthful laughter) I wanted my character to be a girl--no "hey girlfriend!" included. Although I do actually know people who talk like that.
10/22/2007 #27
Andrew Keith
Yeh, sadly, there are valley girls still surviving in their natural environment
10/22/2007 #28
Kind of a flaw in the theory of evolution, isn't it?
10/22/2007 #29
Andrew Keith
Quite so.
10/22/2007 #30
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