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Name: Darius Glitzwing

Gender: Male

Species: Pixie

Age: 20

Occupation: Apprentice Shadow Mage

General Appearance: Dressed in dark clothing (blacks and purples), long pants with chain belts and zippers, a long-sleeved shirts with short-sleeved shirts over them. A spike collar. Dark grey eyes, and raven black hair. Light skin.

Height: 8" (natural)/5' 10" (magically altered)

Weight: 134 lbs

Personality: Somewhat emotionally distamt, protective of his younger brother, Sebastian. Wary of anyone who he thinks would hurt Sebastian. Likes to think that everyone in the world is out to get him and puts up lots of trust barriers that people need to break to get to his true self: a kind, loving, and shy boy, who is scared of the real world, because it's been so mean to him.

Background: Older brother of Sebastian Glitzwing and Fif and Kiki Glitzwing (who are deceased). He has always been protective of his younger siblings, and after Fifi and Kiki died, he became even more protective of Sebastian.

Weaknesses: Trust. He wants to know what people really want when they talk to him or hang with him. He also fears demons and demon-based magic, having had a horrible shadow spell accident when he was learning about demons.

Strengths: Darius can disappear into the shadows and instantly reappear from any nearby shadows. He can summon small shadowbats to help him and can even use shadows to heal himself.

10/16/2008 #151
Irish toaster

Name: Lucius Crane

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil.Mostly indifferent to other people but if you cross him he can really hold a grudge.He can be arrogant and sometimes cruel but if he respects the individual he can normally get on well with him/her.Lucius can also be a bit snobby.

Age: 30

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Medium build

Physical description: Black hair tied into a ponytail.He has a handsome face and often goes around with a sly grin on his face.He wears a long white coat ,a black vest,a belt with a large golden buckle,black pants and high black leather boots.

Personality: Lucius can be described briefly as :often an a**.However he is charming to beautiful women and speaks genuinely without sarcasm if he respects the person.His sarcasm and cynical nature is infamous along with his frequent egotistic remarks.He's not truly evil but he is not good either.Mostly he cares little for either alignment and prefers money and women.In that order.

Occupation: Floats from place to place in search of riches and women doing varies jobs ,just about anything from bodyguarding to modeling!

Weapons: A Rapier sword .He is in love with it.He would sell it at a price however........

Fighting style: fencing

Abilities: He has no magic however his cunning and shrewdness are his main qualities

Special Abilities: None

Weaknesses: No magic.Can get too arrogant for his own good.Makes more enemies in a day than friends in a life time.

Other: Lucius can sometimes be an a**.((haha))

11/4/2008 . Edited 4/27/2009 #152
Reine Ayten

Name: Arther "Arty" Jonston

Race: Half elf, half human

Alignment: Neutral good. He can be a bit of a butt, but he's mostly naive and innocent for his age.

Age: 16 in human years, 80 in elf years.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: around 140 lbs.

Appearance: Dark red, almost black hair in a tight braid down to his middle back with an ornate crown showing on his forehead and that disappears underneath his hair. His eyes are deep emerald in colour, and almond-shaped. He has a very willowy but strong figure, with slim hands and almost perfect proportions. He wears a tight, black, sleeveless shirt with padded leather as a type of armor with a high collar, baggier black trousers that are tucked into a pair of form-fitting black leather boots. Slung across his back is an ebony-coloured oak staff that he uses as a weapon and as a means to conduct his magic. The only real "colour" on his body is the gold earrings looped through his right ear (up to the slight point on it.} and the detailed tattoo of red wings on his back.

Personality: Arty is a person who is almost completely silent, an observer if you will. If he sees someone hurting someone weaker than them, he will step in even if it loses him his life. Loyal to a fault, once he knows the person, but if not, he will be very wary of them.

Occupation: He has none at the moment, but does need the money.

Weapons: His oak staff. He can either channel his magic through it or whack people with it. {hehe}

Fighting Style: Uses his magic from a distance or his staff close up.

Abilities: Stronger than the normal human, but weaker than a normal elf.

Special Abilities: He has fire and lightning magic that can be channeled only through his staff.

Weaknesses: He is naive for his age, having never really left his home in the forest outside Elarope. He can't cover his back while in a battle with more than one opponent.

Strengths: Arty is very good at magic, having been trained by his father and mother, both of whom were mages.

Other: Arty hates people calling him by his first name; he'll introduce himself as "Arty".

{There you go, Irish Toaster. Someone for Lucius to play with. ^-^}

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Sand Josieph

Name: Kathirynn Sandlot

Race: Seprentine

Alignment: Neutral (although her inner demon is chaotic evil).

Age: 21 in human years.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: around 120 lbs.

Appearance: Kathirynn Sandlot has a curvy frame with a sizable bustline. Her hair is pure white and usual held in a pony tail with her specially designed Tech-Bow, basicly a hairbow that has been enhanced with minor technical abilities. She has violet eyes and usually goes around wearing a lab uniform, complete with a black, loose fitting skirt. Her most distinctive feature, however, is her mechanical right hand and left foot.

Personality: Kathirynn is a cheerful, relatively emotionally stable individual. But she is known to have her fits of anger and whenever her emotions overwhelm her, her inner demon comes out to wreak havoc.

Occupation: Kat is a freelance inventor who is unaware of her unconscious powers.

Weapons: Kathirynn uses her wit and her mechanical hand's add-ons to help her if she has to fight.

Fighting Style: Kat improvises everything she does but mostly relies on her incredibly flexibilty and immunity to pain.

Abilities: Kathirynn is incredibly agile and very inventive. If she had the time, she could make a gun out of spare pipes and switches.

Special Abilities: Kathirynn uncosciously leaks a strange aura that can seem to warp her surroundings. Since she grew up with this phenomena, she thinks its a naturally occuring thing.

Weaknesses: Due to her inability to feel pain, Kathirynn will sometimes push herself beyond her body's limit. Also, Kathirynn is unable to consicously use her inner powers and it probably doesn't help that other people can absorb her power and use them against her. If Kathirynn's inner demon were to fully gain control of her body, she might not be able to regain control.

Strengths: Kathirynn's quirky personality make her immune to many mind manipulations and her inability to feel pain can give her an added advantage.

Other: Kathirynn has a companion named Theadore, is a small little land squidlet. Theadore is far more aware of the world than Kathirynn is.

12/16/2008 #154
E. Momentum

Name: Irvine Rzerg

Race: Elf

Age: 30

Sexuality: Straight

Height: Stands at 6'4"

Weight: 185lbs.

Appearance: Well built and average weight appearance. Silver eyes, very light brown skin, short black hair. He wears light and comfortable clothing, always making sure it matches but never minding the type of clothing he wears.

Occupation: Builds boats and ships, specialty is pirate or battle ships.

Preferred Fighting Weapons/Style: Carries a dagger, knows the fighting style for the dagger.

Strengths: Irvine is an average guy with average looks, appearance and personality. He is an easy going guy to enjoys life as it is right now, not minding what goes on in the world whenever he's occupied in his work.

Weaknesses: The only drawback to Irvine is that he never seems to open up unless he trusts someone. Trust issues he does not have, its really just expressing inner feelings that he has trouble with.

Others: None at the moment.


Name: Ashe Roland

Race: Human

Age: 24

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: Stands at 5'9"

Weight: 90lbs.

Appearance: Very slender and attractive, long silver hair that reaches to the mid section of her spine; its usually in a ponytail but on some occasions she will let it down. White skin, light red eyes, almost seem demonic but their not. She wears tight dark clothing, gauntlets on both hands.

Occupation: Guns Expert

Preferred Fighting Weapon/Style: Carries both a pistol and rifle. Ashe also knows some martial arts techniques that are meant for battling with weapons.

Strengths: Ashe is very straight-forward, always want to get to the point of things. She never likes details and hates sitting in one place, always preferring to keep moving. She is a good person at heart, but can always be a major tease and cocky. She had some male instincts growing up with only brothers as siblings, but her nature is pure woman and tends to keep it that way.

Weaknesses: Ashe often gets herself into a lot of trouble due to being cocky and a joke. She doesn't get along with everyone but tries to make the most of the situation she's in. Unlike most people, she never thinks about the things she has done, instead she thinks of what's left to be done which makes her useless when it comes to memorizing things. Another thing about Ashe is that since she was raised in a all boys family, but she was the only girl of course, she has the nerves of being a loner and doing things her way.

Others: Ashe has a scar on her right hip and one on the back of her neck, which are always hidden by her clothes. Reason for being Bisexual is because she also has a thing for girls, again, for being around her brothers for too long.

12/16/2008 . Edited 12/16/2008 #155
Danielle Thamasa

Name: Madison Clay

Race: Human (or so she thought)

Age: 20

Height: 5’2"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair: Mahogany brown that falls just past her shoulders

Eye color: emerald green eyes

General Appearance: wears a pair of black gloves, nicely fitting black pants, and a lacy white top. Madison is in good physical condition but doesn’t flaunt her features. She is rather conservative about her appearance.

Personality: Madison is shy, especially around people she doesn’t know but once she gets to know them she is a little more outgoing. For the most part though, she now stays withdrawn from people.

Background: When she was eighteen she found out she wasn’t as normal or human as she thought and it changed everything she thought she believed in.

Occupation: She is currently looking for something to do. Weapons: carries a small dagger for protection.

Abilities: can kill with her hands but only with her bare hands.

Strengths: loyal to those she is close to.

Weaknesses: tries to be independent but often needs assistance.

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #156
K.J DarKnight

((more will be added)

Name: Naira

Age: unknown

Race: Wood Elf half angel

Gender: Female

Hair: auburn

Eyes: Emerald Green

Cloths: warn out cloths that are to big for her

Weapons: dagger

Powers: Elvin magic and angelic magic. She can grown white wings but its painful to do

Personality: shy at first but is a fun loving girl who has just been deprive of money and love

Other: She has a pet Siberian husky named Senka that is the same sort of reddish brown as her hair along with white

1/3/2009 #157
Irish toaster

Name: Richard Crane

Race: Human

Alignment: Good

Age: 31

Height: 5.8

Weight: medium build

Physical description: A handsome somewhat rugged face.He has brown flowing hair that reaches his shoulders however it is mostly covered by a chain mail coif.He is fit and needs to be for he wears plate armour most of the time.

Personality: Richard is a kind soul.He trys everything within his power to help the helpless and defend the poor.He is loyal but also a good leader.He often cannot contain his anger at the nobilty however so it is unlikely he will ever reach a position of power,not that Richard cares.


Weapons: A sword

Fighting style: Falcaneo swordsmanship (defensive fighting style)

Abilities: A good healer although has no magic

Special Abilities: None

Weaknesses: Often reckless,endagering himself.Hotheaded with fools,which can make him gain many powerful enemies.

Other: Richard is a brave warrior who trys to help others as best he can.He also has a sense of humour as long as it is tasteful.

1/18/2009 #158

(Hi, I'm new to FictionPress, but I'm no stranger to RPing. Hope you don't mind me attempting to make a character, if you do, go ahead and delete my character.)

Name: Livia Arcane

Sex: Female

Height: 5'7"

Age: 20

Race: Human

Appearance: Livia, on a daily basis, wears a rather scandalise version of armor. A sweet-heart shaped b*** plate that protets her bosom and torso (worn much like a corset), connected to soft, rounded shoulder protector. She wears a short, white skirt that has been tattered from battle with straps of leather hanging from her beltline, and underneath her short skirt she wears red tights that bearly reach her knees. Her shins and forearms are protected by the same type of metallic alloid that her armor is made from. And to top off her provacative warrior look is a red scarf wrapped with care around her neck.

Of course, when not in battle, she wears a short, sleevless silk dress that reaches past her fingertips. A small bit of luxury as she would call it. Though that flimsy, yet luxurious (and somewhat premiscuous) piece of clothing shows off her well toned body. She's slightly buffer than most maiden's her age but it doesn't make her any less of a lady.

Hair-Black, long (reaches her mid-back) and wavy. She mostly keeps it tied up in a high pony tail.


Skin tone-Fair, despite always being out doors she can never get a tan (but she does get sunburned)

Weapon(s): C. Rose

Features: A straight, double-edged sword (its making is light despite it's size and length, which allows the user to swing easily, parry and counterattack quickly. It is able to cut through the thickest armor but its weakness is freezing tempuratures. Because of it's light-weight and thin blade, prolonged exposure to the biting cold will make it weak and easily breakable.) It is 3'8" long and approximately 2 1/2" in width. It is made of a rare steel that was mined by elves and stolen by bandits that was later traded to a merchant who sold it to a blacksmith.

Weapon(s): Shakram (from Xena)

Features: A circular weapon, much like a ring, that is equal in size to a dinner plate with the edges sharpened down. It is thrown and reflects off of any surface, rotating up to 200 m/hr, and is quite deadly if anyone is unfortunate enough to get in it's path.

Abilities: Nimble, to say the least, and is a quick thinker on her feet. Though she is not very strong physically, Livia makes up for her short-comings by using her opponent's weaknesses against him/her. She knows little to know magic, only knowing a healing spell for a quick first-aid treatment when in battle, but that is the extent of her magic usage. She's an acceptional strategist and is fairly good at reading her opponent's next move. Of course, being human leaves Livia very vulnerable to many things, such as her mortality. Having no magical ability or immortality, Livia is left quite exposed to the elements and disease and fatal flesh wounds.

History: Livia was born into the privileged life of the Arcane household. Her father being an infamous warlord (Autaloclese of Arcania), who had died in battle. Among her two brothers, Livia was the eldest, and though her brothers were trained for combat, they barely hold a candle to their sister when it comes to military combat. Thus, Livia took control of her father's army at age 15 and crossed over enemy lines to conquer them, gaining praises from her men, but by the time Livia was 19, she suddenly left her brothers and her father's army without a word, and have not been heard or seen since.

Others: Because Livia is human, she is not invincible so she can get wounded or killed and is not immuned to any form of magic.

(Hopefully this character is acceptable, please let me know if she is)

1/19/2009 #159
Irish toaster

Welcome.And cool character too

1/19/2009 #160

Thanks! Where should I start?

P.S. you may address me as lil.

1/19/2009 #161
Scottish Princess

lil, those of us that have been here (on this forum) a while know that it's basically pointless to wait around to be accepted by the original moderator. So... just have her join in wherever, we usually start in the gatehouse, unless the character is already a resident of the city, then just post in the streets... and have fun. ;)

1/19/2009 . Edited 1/19/2009 #162

Well, I kinda figured from what I've observed but because I'm new to this forum I don't want to be intruding on anything. But thanks anyways.

1/19/2009 #163
Irish toaster

Exactly.You can have your character come to Toms Inn if you want.Three of us are rping there :)

1/19/2009 #164

awesome, thanks.

1/19/2009 #165

Name: Seferix

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Kajiit

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: reference pic:

-Clothing: Seferix wears a stolen set of light leather armour.

Height/build: 5"1' tall and light build

Bio: Seferix was born in a litter of 3 but like all Kajiits, she left her family at the age of 6 and went to find her own way in life. She's intelligent, cunning and swift but doesn't socialise well. Seferix was recently robbed of her life in the wild. After a days hunt she returned to her shelter to find a team of lumberjacks cutting down the tree her shelter was fastened to. In blind rage she didn't think clearly and lashed out at them, killing one. The next day there was teams of gaurds hunting her and it was impossible to evade them. She found herself sold as a rare "collection" to a noble man and imprisoned.

Weapons: -A self crafted recurve bow -A square shaped short sword used for both crafting and combat

Skills: Everything about Seferix is built for the hunt. She's an expert marksman and can rig countless types of traps and construct shelters in no time. She knows forest plants inside out; what's edible, what's poisonous and what plants have healing qualities. She can also craft many types of tools and weapons. This knowledge does not extend outside the forest however, she feels vulnerable in cities and towns and does not understand the ways of civilised life so only enters such areas in desperation or to steal metal if needed.

Abilities: Like any feline, Seferix has perfect eyesight in the dark but also has a less common ability. She has an almost six sense of anything living around her. She can feel their presence and their general location. Sometimes, although it's very rare, she can pick up a trace of their emotion also.

2/10/2009 . Edited 2/12/2009 #166

I don't know why that all went into one paragraph, sorry . and it won't let me edit it either. It says something about a 2 day waiting period. I'll try fix it.

2/10/2009 #167

there, sorry about that xP

2/12/2009 #168

Name: Odessa

Race: Full-blood elf

Age: twenty-one

Sexuality: straight

Height: 5'5"

Weight: n/a

Appearance: Physical: Blonde hair, flawless skin and brown eyes. Clothes: Tight brown breeches, doe-skin boots, a white three-quarter-sleeved under blouse with a forest green vest over the top.

Occupation: Thief, musician, pick-pocket... anything she can do for a coin (short of prostitution) she does.

Preferred Fighting Weapons/Style: Weapons:knives hidden on her body and her fists. She also has a collapsable staff that attachs to her belt once it is folded away that she can fight with. Style: hit fast and hard.

Strengths: She has a quick mind and even faster reflexes and a wicked tongue.

Weaknesses: She has little use of loyalty and therefore is rarely completely loyal unless it suits her purposes.

Others: Odessa does not intentionally betray or hurt people- she just does things that are best for her above other options to benefit other people. Forgive her.

3/12/2009 #169

Name: Noah

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 5"

Age: 1000+ years

Race: Demon (Fire)

Appearance: Noah normally wears fine clothing that not even the human monarchs could afford. He's very tall and has dark, handsome features.

Hair-black and curly



Weapon(s): none, but is very skilled with any type and model through his long life.

Abilities: Being a demon of fire, one of the rarest and most destructive of demon abilities, and also being immortal, he carries out as one of being confident who exudes power. Never once that he can recall in his long life, has he ever lost full control of his powers, giving him a sense of great pride in himself of his calm control. He is also supernaturally fast and strong, and is able to read and manipulate minds and teleport wherever he chooses to be.

History: Noah comes from the proud race of Demons, each born with his/her special ability. Being one of the oldest of his people he is considered as an Ancient, the highest level a Demon can reach in their long life. He and a number of others who had aged to Ancient, have survived through countless wars that lasted lundreds of years: The Lycanthrope Wars, The Vampire Wars, the Battle of Beltane, etc. From all those wars, Noah lead his people into battle, most of which ended in a peace treaty between races that to this day are still rocky, and Noah was named King.

Other(s): As a Demon, Noah, along with the rest of his race, are vulnerable to iron and direct contact with sunlight will leave him a lethargic sense, putting him into a deep slumber. Though the sun will not kill his kind (who sleep during the day in protective homes), it will leave them vulnerable to attacks. His kind are also vulnerable to dark magic.

3/13/2009 #170
Mr. Metamorphosis

Name: Kii

Race: Seemingly human, actually a Caterpillar

Alignment: Never follows the law

Age: 1400ish

Height: Human height: 5"9 Caterpillar Height: 9"4

Weight: 165 pounds

Physical description: Dark, unnoticed. Black hair, burnt hands, dark of skin and very simplistic detail wise.

Personality: Doesnt care for anyone, will use everyone and anything to stay alive.

Occupation: N/A

Weapons: Staff and Dagger

Fighting style: Will usually only use his staff to blow peoples body parts off

Abilities: Very Smart, Strong

Special Abilities: Hes a Seer

Weaknesses: Water. Can drown very easily.

Other: Lord Of The Imps, Keeper of The Ancient Flames

I'm new to this Forum by the way!

3/18/2009 . Edited 3/18/2009 #171
Reine Ayten

Name: Owen Allen Joanes

Race: Angel

Alignment: As if his race wasn't a clue, he's Good.

Age: Very young for an angel, around 78

Height: 5'6"

Wingspan: 14 feet.

Weight: 126 lbs soaking wet.

Physical description: Very pale, with platinum blond hair that looks white. His eyes are silver with flecks of green. He's very delicate, slender and wiry.

Clothing: A simple white button up, sleeveless shirt tucked into black breeches which are tucked into black, knee-high boots. Black fingerless gloves with holes cut in the palms.

Personality: Very quiet, calm, introverted. Some might say vulnerable.

Occupation: Training to be the Captain of the Angel Guard.

Weapons: Either a bow and arrows, or a saxe knife and a throwing knife.

Fighting style: Fluid, slow movements until an inch away from his target, where he'll snap his wrists and add a lot of speed and power.

Abilities: Extremely good fighter.

Special Abilities: Flight, can control fire.

Weaknesses: Ironically, crosses. They burn his skin badly.

Other: Blind in his left eye.

{Hey Mr. Metamorphosis! Here's someone for Kii!}

3/19/2009 #172

Name: Elyanna Ashe Fyre (Ely)

Race: Magi

Alignment: Good.

Age: 120 years old, young for a magi

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Physical description: Fair skinned with purple and blue-streaked hair that reaches past her waist. Her eyes are lapiz lazuli blue when she's calm, amethyst purple when angry, and her eyes turn white when she's using her powers. Tall and slim, but compact. She has high cheekbones, slanted shaped eyes, and a pointed chin indicating Elf blood. She has a tattoo of a strange design at the back of her neck which glows when she uses her magic.

Clothing: Wears a tight fitting white bodice embroidered in purple and blue threads that have slashed sleeves perfect for fighting. A tight small black skirt that opens in white billowing folds down to her ankles, but reveals the black breeches with lavender, almost white, shin high boots. She wears an armband of white gold on the upper part of her right arm and a cuff of the same material on the left wrist. Both jewelry are instilled with magic.

Personality: She's wise and knowledgeable beyond her years, but tends to become very stubborn and unyielding. Outspoken and very powerful, she does not hesitate to use her powers when provoked. Has a very strict self-discipline and self-control. Almost deemed to be unreachable, at least to males.

Weapons: Skilled in all weapons of war, Ely favors a long white-washed staff made out of oak, holly, and mixed with a few metals making it dire near impossible to break. When unable to use her magic, (which is rare), she prefers her white-handled, double swords strapped at her back.

Occupation: Head of the Council of Magi

Fighting style: Quick and agile with precise movements, but she rarely moves from a given position when unleashing her magic. Her range of attack extends far into several numbers of opponents, and she has rarely any weak spots when in battle.

Abilities: A very powerful Magi, she can command a wide range of spells, from controlling the weather to stopping a heart cold. But she's partial to controlling fire and wind.

Special abilities: Has powerful telepathic and telekinesis powers. A special power that she has is to use her singing voice to control the wills and minds of others.

Weaknesses: Ironically, she's afraid of fire that she does not control.

Other: She can converse in several languages, can talk to animals, she's also a natural-born shape shifter, when a few minutes after her birth, her hair color changed from ebony to auburn. She's also very partial to elderflower wine and the scent of roses.

5/21/2009 #173
Reine Ayten

{Hey! I've been looking for someone to RP with!}

5/22/2009 #174

I was kind of waiting for approval from the moderators or something before I started to RP...can I just go ahead? I'm actually itching to RP to!

5/24/2009 #175
Scottish Princess

You don't really need approval around here. I'm really the only mod who RPs here anymore and I'm not around as much as I used to be. So go ahead and start! And have fun! :) make sure you read the rules and all that important stuff.

5/24/2009 #176

Okay, thanks, I'm off now!

5/24/2009 #177
Irish toaster

Name: Bogal

Race: Ogre

Alignment: Good

Age: unknown


Weight: Heavy

Physical description: Bogal is your typical big green(dark green) ogre.His fat face and tiny eyes charm some but his big teeth and large tounge disgust others who complain of his horrid breath. He is a strong ogre.He wears loin cloth for decency and a gold earing on one ear.

Personality: Bogal is sometimes a little slow to get things.Bogal is somewhat absolutely dead stupid. However his stupid nature often wins him the day,by taking risks in battle he often comes out on top.

Bogal is a friendly ogre. He once found a human girl lost in the mountains.Bogal not knowing what the thing was,still cared for it by carrying it down the mountain passed the wolves that had chased her.The wolves did not want to fight Bogal. Bogal delivered the girl to the nearby town but the townspeople chased bogal away,believing him to be a monster.

So you see Bogal is stupid but friendly. What more could you want from a friend like Bogal?

Occupation: Big Ogre.Does odd jobs for people if he understands what he is doing.

Weapons: Fists and feet and head etc.Not brains.

Fighting style: Pummle until win.

Abilities: None.

Special Abilities: None.

Weaknesses: Stupid and large so stealth is out of the question.Tactics too.

Other: Bogal is mans best friend.Dogs can't punch your enemies.

6/9/2009 #178
Irish toaster

Race: Zasferien

Alignment: Evil

Age: Unknown.Hundreds if not thousands of years.

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 170 Ibs (estimate)

Physical description: A hooded figure in a long, flowing, black robe. Only the lowever portion of is face is visable,his eyes are shrouded in shadow.

Personality: Learned and well educated since he has lived so long. His cultured voice shows his intellect but beware for his intellect is used for evil. Often he can appear rather humourous at his opponents attempts to defeat him. However,unlike most powerful evil beings he does not harm innocents,unless they withhold information or try to hinder his quest to defeat the gods. Some folk tales say he is a demi-god but is disputed.His power seems to indicate this though. It is known that he killed one angel sent by a God,Tirol in a duel which lasted for nine days without relent. Not much else is known about him.

Occupation: unknown

Weapons: Sword

Fighting style: Self-taught

Abilities: Shrewd and able to interrigate people well.

Special Abilities: Black magic and other techinques. He aquires his fallen enemies power.

Weaknesses: Can sometimes be arrogant and underestimate someones abilities. This caused him to lose his one and only battle against someone.

Other: Ever since he lost a duel aeons ago by an unknown hero he had been sealed away in the underworld for eternity.Now however; he has been successfully sumoned.

6/14/2009 #179
Pig In A Dollhouse

Name: Caspian.

Race: Cecaelia, but on land she wears an earring that gives her a human form.

Height: She's quite short, maybe about 5.3" human form, bigger with tentacles intact.

Weight: She's not telling you, but she's a pretty curvy lady.

Sex: Female.

Age: Unknown, though she looks around mid-twenties to thirties.

Hair: White, streaked with gold.

Eyes: One blue, one gray.

Appearance: Voluptuous (Overweight according to my mother V.V) with a delicate tan, skin varies from blue to lilac tinged and can seem very pale when she's distressed. Her cleavage has gotten her many a free drink in the past and she is very a graceful mover. Very beautiful. In her true form, she has the lower body of an octopus from the waist down. Her tentacles are black-purple.

Wears: It varies. Depends what she can get her hands on. Underwater, it can be nothing, occasionally she will protect her modesty with a makeshift bra. Doesn't need pants underwater because her lower half is like an octopus and I've never seen an octopus wearing pants.

Weapon:Whatever she can get a hold of, but her magical talents usually eliminate the requirement for weaponry.

Alignment: She fights for whoever can give her what she desires.

Pets: A sea dragon called Arik and a moray eel.

Powers: Magically talented.

Strengths: Beautiful, beguiling, magical prowess. Very cunning.

Weaknesses: Is sadistic and can even be something of a coward. Very easily angered, very jealous. She is wily and sometimes pointlessly cruel.

Preferred Drink: Sea Breeze.

Sexual Preference: Men, woman, she doesn't care.

Other details: Being a cecaelia, she has a ridiculously heightened and active libido; lock up your men.

6/14/2009 #180
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