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Where Noah and his fellow Demons and children of the night inhabit/visit.

3/15/2009 #1

Noah and Odessa materialized in front of a large castle surrounded by woods and mountains.

3/15/2009 #2

Blinking, Odessa let out a grin and resisted the urge to run into the trees just because she could. Instead, she stood by Noah's side, looking around.

"Wow." she mumbled.

3/15/2009 #3

"Feel free to stay in my woods, no humans are allowed here. This is one of the few territories that no human will ever touch." Noah said.

3/15/2009 #4

"Really?' she looked up at him, a little uncertain, "Surely you don't live here alone though...?"

3/15/2009 #5

"Only when daylight has come then many of my court and kind leave for the comforts of their homes to sleep."

3/15/2009 #6

She bit her lip and nodded,

"And... do you stay in that castle?" she asked, pointing, "It's huge." she grimaced a little. She hated stone walls and the confined boxes humans called 'rooms'.

3/15/2009 #7

"Yes, it has been home for my family for many centuries. You are free to stop by if you so choose to."

3/15/2009 #8

"Perhaps..." she mumbled then shrugged. she frowned at him a moment, "Should I say 'thankyou' now or should I run away screaming?' she asked, quirking a smile, "I mean from everyone already living here and such..."

((I'm off now. See you later.))

3/15/2009 #9

He smiled humbly down at her, "You may leave in whichever manner you deem fit. Demons are not ones for hostility unless provoked."

(kk, later)

3/15/2009 #10

Odessa smiled crookedly, curious,

"Really? I've alway been told otherwise." she admitted, hitching her bag again.

3/16/2009 #11

Noah nodded, turning to enter his castle. "Enjoy your day, Odessa."

3/16/2009 #12

Odessa bit her lip again and rocked on her heels.

"Thankyou." she mumbled, rubbing at her elbow, "Um... You too... I suppose." she smiled awkwardly.

Here would be the perfect place for her stash, she realised. She could return to the city at night and here during the day. perfect.

3/16/2009 #13

Noah entered his castle, swiftly going up the stairs, down the halls, and to his bed chamber where his bed awaited him for him to sleep upon.

(what time zone do you live in?)

3/16/2009 #14

((Central Australia- +9.5 methinks :D))

Watching, she shrugged then spun on her heel and ran into the forest, lookin for somewhere to stash her goodies.

3/29/2009 #15

As the sun rose, Noah fell deeper into his slumber, the stained glass casting an array of color into his chambers, giving off just enough of the sun to send him in a comfortable state.

3/30/2009 #16
The Tear-Stained Queen

(Lilkorea, is Noah and his Court still in the RP? Or, are they no longer to be used?)

7/21/2009 #17

(still in use, but no one to RP with. Why? wanna join?)

7/21/2009 #18
The Tear-Stained Queen

(I would. If you wouldn't mind. Noah seems like the kind of character I want mine to interact with.)

7/21/2009 #19

(sure, I have no problem with that)

7/21/2009 #20
The Tear-Stained Queen

(Do you want to start somewhere else first? Somewhere more human, maybe?)

7/21/2009 #21

(sure, if you like. where shall they meet?)

7/21/2009 #22
The Tear-Stained Queen

(The cathedral? That's a place my character is likely to be found. I'll post first, if you don't mind.)

7/21/2009 #23


7/21/2009 #24

Reappearing within the main hall of the throne room, the parents of the children all were waiting with baited breath, taking their children into their arms with relief and joyful tears. Each thanking their king with deep gratitude.

7/21/2009 #25
The Tear-Stained Queen

In a state of vertigo, Magdalene fell to the floor oblivious to her environment.

7/21/2009 #26

No one but Noah paid her any attention as they left, taking their ill children home. Kneeling down beside her, Noah lifted her up in his arms effortlessly, his strength slowly returning as he made his way up to his throne and sat there with Magdalene in his lap.

7/21/2009 #27
The Tear-Stained Queen

Magdalene, helpless as she recovered her wits, could do nothing but sit limply on Noah's lap.

7/21/2009 #28

"Tell me, the way you acted in the tunnel after I drank our blood indicates to me that you have never been touched by a male. Am I correct?"

7/21/2009 #29
The Tear-Stained Queen

"Virginity is a quality my order values."

7/21/2009 #30
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