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Irish toaster

He grinned. "In that case my dear..."

He linked his fingers together underwater and threw them up suddenly, sending a wave of water crashing against Livia.

7/1/2009 #1,411

She sat momentarily stunned before suddenly grabbing his shoulders and dunking his head under water.

7/1/2009 #1,412
Irish toaster

Richard was laughing so hard he took in a gulp of water before surfacing, still laughing

7/1/2009 #1,413

Livia laughed with him, leaning forward to touch noses with him. "Serves you right."

7/1/2009 #1,414
Irish toaster

Richard hummed. "mmm true" he admitted and put his hands on her waist.

7/1/2009 #1,415

She smiled, letting her own hands glide down his torso.

7/1/2009 #1,416
Irish toaster

"At we have no Lucius to interupt us now" he said kissing her.

7/1/2009 #1,417

"Don't speak of him ever again around me." she said softly.

7/1/2009 #1,418
Irish toaster

He nodded. "Alright I promise"

7/1/2009 #1,419

She kissed him again before getting out of the tub and drying off.

7/1/2009 #1,420
Irish toaster

Richard stayed another minute before getting out too,wrapping a towel around his waist.

7/1/2009 #1,421

Livia yawned again as she walked out of the washroom and began to head back to their bedroom.

7/1/2009 #1,422
Irish toaster

Richard dried his hair before following her and lying down on the bed,taking a book from the nearby shelf.

Peace and War by the battle mage Magesto

7/1/2009 #1,423

Livia dressed in a heavy gown, the weather growing cold quickly with the changing season.

7/1/2009 #1,424
Irish toaster

"Freezing" he admitted and slipped under the covers. "Winter is comming"

7/1/2009 #1,425

"Don't you have work to do in the fields today with your men? Preparing for the harvest, right?"

7/1/2009 #1,426
Irish toaster

"No our supplies have been gathered now, now is a time of rest for my villiage and to wrap up warm"

7/1/2009 #1,427

"I'm going down for something to eat, then."

7/1/2009 #1,428
Irish toaster

He nodded and started to read.

7/1/2009 #1,429

Livia returned awhile later with Aiden in her arms, also dressed warmly. "Richard, Aiden has something to show you."

7/1/2009 #1,430
Irish toaster

Richard sat up and smiled. "What have you got to show me big guy?"

7/1/2009 #1,431

Smiling, Livia put Aiden down on his little feet, holding his hands to keep him steady before letting go and allowing the babe to walk, step by step towards Richard with a wide grin.

7/1/2009 #1,432
Irish toaster

Richard's eyes widened and his mouth spread into a warm grin.

"By the gods..."

He scooped up Aiden when he nearly fell into Richard's lap. He nudged the baby gently with his nose and the baby giggled.

"My son is growing up!"

7/1/2009 #1,433

Livia laughed gently.

7/1/2009 #1,434
Irish toaster

Richards bright pride for his son showed in his bright eyes. He looked from Aiden to Livia.

"He will be a fine man one day"

7/1/2009 #1,435

"Yes," she agreed, though seeing them together she could instantly see that Aiden looked nothing like Richard. It pained her heart as she realized who he was becoming more like in looks.

7/1/2009 #1,436
Irish toaster

Richard played with Aiden for awhile until darkness fell.

"We should get our little trooper to bed"

Aiden let out a yawn.

7/1/2009 #1,437

"Yes," she said, taking Aiden into her arm. "I'm sure he's had a long day."

7/1/2009 #1,438
Irish toaster

Richard listened to the howling wind outside. He knew it was no omen. His son had just started to walk, tonight was a celebration not one to be anxious about the future. Richard ignored his darker expectations and concentrated on what happiness was to come for his family.

7/1/2009 #1,439

In the adjoined room that was Aiden's nursery, Livia hummed a lullaby, putting the baby to sleep. As she passed the mirror that hung on the wall, she paused and looked back, gasping when she saw the face of the beautiful god that had sewn his seed within her nearly one year ago.

"When he is ripe of age, I will come for my son." said the god before vanishing.

7/1/2009 #1,440
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