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Hey, I'm blacknsilver32. I always see myself as a Fantasy writer, but I'm no J.K. Rowling. I just recently wrote a short untitled piece for a writing class, about nonconformity, and the teacher went crazy over it! It's realistic fiction. I'm going to continue it, it'll be called "Surefire Ways to be a Nonconformist: For Girls." Each chapter will be part of a list. Example:

1. Acknowledge the voices in your head.

Then it will be followed by a short story of a girl who does so. Whatcha think?

Should I stick with Fantasy or go Realistic because I obviously have more experience there. Help for help?

8/31/2009 #1
Marie Silver

Why not do both? There's no reason to limit yourself to any one genre. Keep on going with each story and you may find you end up preferring one or that you enjoy writing them both. Congrats on getting such a great response from your teacher.

~Marie Silver~

9/20/2009 #2
Jillian Smoke

I agree! Do what feels comfortable but don't forget to step outside your comfort zone every once and a while for the experiance.

You never know, you could end up really liking a certain type you never thought you would!

10/24/2009 #3

Do both! Do what makes you happy. Write some fantasy and some realism. I actually write both myself. :)

10/29/2012 #4

Well said my book take from some realistic fighting to magic. It is both fantasy and action do both

5/10/2014 #5
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