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That is not actually my title but rather a proclamation: With God as my leader and my sword as my companion.

Anyways this is just the prologue of my story. Now honestly, i don't like vampires just(no offence to any Edward fans out there) but I find their 'damnation' fascinating and I wanted to expand on that. Some of the characters in this story are not actually vampires but rather a vampire like character. Anyways, I would really appreciate your critical views. Thanks a lot :)


My eyes are suddenly opened by someone shaking me. Before I can say anything, a hand is clamped over my mouth. A moment of panic arises but I calm down when I recognize her scent.It's just Adelaide. I turn around on our bed so I can see her face, and gently remove her hands from my mouth. I force my heart to beat normally. Her violet eyes are locked into mine but I can sense fear in them.

"What is it?" I whisper.

"Someone's in our apartment." She answers in a voice softer than mine. "I think it's a burglar."

I cannot help but sigh. "Are you sure?"

"Are you afraid?"

"No!" I whisper back frustrated. "I just don't want to go out there and scare a rat."

Ever since a week ago, my wife had been acting paranoid. To say the least. Whenever she can, she would lock the doors and pull the curtains over the windows. Instead of running outside, she chose to stay in and work with her gym equipment. She hired the neighborhood kids to buy our groceries. Just a few days ago, she tried to convince me to quit my job and work at home. I tried to pry out an explanation for her strange behavior but she just brushed me off.

"Then listen.", she murmurs. I wait for a few seconds until I hear faint footsteps somewhere near our bedroom. "Does that sound like a rat to you?"

I'm too stubborn to say anything more than a grunt. I reach under our bed to pull out my baseball bat and ease myself off. I feel my way across the pitch dark room, trying to get to the door without invoking loud squeaks from the floorboards.We really need to leave this place.

When I reach the door, I place my hand on the brass knob and look back. In the moonlit darkness, I can see her slender silhouette on my side of the bed. She ushers me to go on. I take a deep breath and open the door slowly. As I step outside, I brace myself and flick on the lights of the living room. There's nothing here except the moving boxes filled with all types of paraphernalia. I release a breath I didn't know I had been holding.I tiptoe amidst the clutter of various junk in the dark hallway. With force, I push open all the doors in the apartment to scare the rascal into exposing himself. But I spot no one. Relieved and frankly, a little smug, I walk back to the bedroom.

"I told you, there's no-…"

As I push upon the door and stop, I see her…and it. Beside the tall, ancient lamp next to the window is a man. With hair the color of a starless night, and skin, of light cream, he looks like one of those models one would see displaying jeans on a highway billboard. He is almost as tall as me but more lean. He could easily be a heartbreaker. In his arms is my wife, dead or unconscious, I dare not try to guess. He spots me as he pulls his blood-stained teeth from her ivory neck, and smiles.Monster.

A pulse of rage rushes through my veins and I yell, "Get away from her!!!" Before I can reach them, he hoists her onto his back and breaks through and jumps out the ten story building. The last thing I see of her is her long, auburn hair whipping across the back of his leather jacket.

"Addie!!!" I scream into the black, soulless night.

There's no answer.

She's gone. Addie's gone.Hot tears flow down my cheeks and my vision blurs. Before I can take another step, I fall into oblivion.


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