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As the title implies. Stuff we want people to read because we honestly want to get it published.
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I decided to self publish last night and was approved by Kindle Direct Publishing this morning. I'm just a little unsure of whether my description is catchy or interesting enough. This is the description for my debut novel Crossing Over.

It doesn't take long for tragedy to befall Allison Cross' life. First, her mother suffers from a debilitating stroke and then on her eleventh birthday her father abandons them. Luck isn't exactly on Allison's side, however things go from bad to worse when she slips into an alternate universe and lands in the foreign land of Alaria, where she must fulfill a prophecy in order to return to her world.... Equipped only with her determination to get back home to her mother, Allison reluctantly joins forces with devastatingly handsome, but mysterious Reiki in order to do that. Tasked with decrypting a six-lined scroll, they begin to unravel a sinister plot to destroy the peaceful city of Alaria. Despite her suspicions about her exotically attractive accomplice and his web of secrets that constantly put her in harm's way, usually cautious Allison finds herself falling in love with a man she barely knows or gets along with. As her guard quickly drops, she begins relishing the simplicity and charm of Alaria and soon Allison's desire to fulfill her prophecy becomes less about her and more about the safety of the innocent citizens. As she inches closer to accomplishing her mission, Allison realizes that all of the dangers that shadow her, the obstacles that threaten to break her will, and the ever teetering status of her new love aren't the toughest parts of her journey. Choosing between the unburdened life she could have in Alaria and the loyalty she has for her mother back home is going to be the hardest part. Although, in the end, Allison finds that the decision was never hers to make.You can look it up on Amazon, under Savannah Schofield. Please let me know if it looks good enough or if there are changes I should make. Thank you!!!

6/19/2012 #1

I was just wondering how this had gone for you. Have you published anything else since then? Did you hire an editor or anything?

9/18/2012 #2

I think it is good. Have you tried writing to agents? It takes a long time but it's worth it. Being self published is very difficult to do well. I was self published for a long time. Since I was about 15. It worked out okay, I sold quite a few but once I got picked up by a real publisher, I was taken a lot more seriously. I can help you, if you want.

10/29/2012 #3

I self published which is good to get you foot in the door to some degree. Problem is that it cost money for both printing and marketing. If you did a good job with the self you are more likely to get an actual contract that is more favorable with a main stream publisher.

I had a contract which gave me very little royalties but it is non binding. Find a non exclusive contract just to give yourself a way out and make sure you retain the printed rights and that mean the copy is in your name. The digital mostly goes to the publisher which the file they have of the book the book should be yours. My publisher want momney for marketing and it is too much.

If you can go mainstream but if you can't; at least publish that will expose your work.

5/10/2014 . Edited 5/10/2014 #4

Hi. Another aspiring author; I have a completed story based on Norse/Viking myths for which I've been researching publishers and agents. Maybe you could offer some advice?

What publisher did you use? Did you go through an agent? What is your book about?

Thank-you so much!

8/18/2014 #5
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