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I've posted the first chapter of my novel. I've got the entire manuscript written and am just working on edits and whatnot, but the first chapter is throwing me for a loop. You can read what I've got up there already for it. Mostly I'm concerned that the setup is a bit too strange for publishers. I can't decide if I should cross my fingers and send it in the format it's in, or push the diary entry into chapter two. _ I would love some thoughts about whether or not you think I'm crazy and this doesn't matter, or if I really should be genuinely concerned that the diary entry is going to get me kicked out.

In essence Bear Skin is an examination of a girl's transition into adulthood and the challenges she faces as she grapples with teenage concepts of love, life, and self identity in an old world. It's a fairy tale with a modern heroine who doesn't have magic at her disposal- only a courageous heart.

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I read the first chapter of your story and posted a review, however I feel like I need to explain more. There was some confustion about when you stopped reading from the diary. I'm not sure if some of the events that took place happened to the person that wrote the diary, or they happened to the main character. By adding a couple of lines of direction will clear everything up.

I am writing a story that I hope to get published as well, and I am not sure about my first chapter either. From what I've heard, the first chapter is always the most important because you have to really hook them from the start. Once I finish posting the rest of my story and the contents are all edited I will go back and edit my first chapter. It's the same way I always wrote papers in high school and college, I saved the introduction for last. It's a backwards way of thinking but it is what has always worked best for me.

I think the story is interesting and I hope you continue to write and update. I would like to see how it plays out!

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