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Rose Grandson

I have been reading a few peoples posts on these forums and they say that if you publish on here that your chances of getting publish lower. Something to do with selling the publish second publishing rights. Am i wrong? I allready took my story down because i want to do nothing to endanger my work, but could some one clear this up for me?


8/12/2008 #1

I've heard that a lot too. I really hope it's not true, but I just have this gut feeling that it could hurt your chances. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna put up stories, it just means that if I am actively going to pursue it being published, I'll probably end up taking it down. Unfortunately.

But the reason I put up stories is because I want to know if people enjoy them. I want to know what I can change, or if I should just stay. That's why it's so frusterating when I see the hits, but no reviews. And there's no way of knowing if those hits mean someone actually read it.

So, I don't think I cleared it up for you, but I share your worry hahaha. It would be really helpful if someone cleared this up!

8/13/2008 #2

I think most BIG publishers wouldn't take you, at least not works that you publish here, but agents and smaller companies would still accept it - after all, the site claims no rights for publishing, therefore your publisher would kind of have first rights.

If your story is good enough, it shoudln't matter too much, and if you get enough of a fan base, you can self-publish.

8/9/2009 #3

If you read the guidelines of the site... once you are ready to actually publish your story you need to take the story down. Do that prior to sending it out.

The reason is the publisher will think that you "stole" the story from some one else.

And remember, everything on her is copyright protected.

8/11/2009 #4
Marie Silver

As Alunamai says, I think as long as you take down your story before sending it out you'll be fine. Publishers don't like stories that are already available on the internet as people will just read it for free rather than buying. If you're still worried then maybe just post a draft version or only so much of the story to get a general response. It's a good idea to get reviews from impartial readers as they'll be able to point out flaws and you'll be able to fix it and send out an improved manuscript. On the whole though, I wouldn't worry too much until you're actually at the stage where you're thinking about sending your work out.

~Marie Silver~

8/13/2009 #5

It will only really hurt your chances if you sell your book or give away too many free copies. I would suggest just posting small parts of your book rather than the whole thing and if you get accepted by a publisher/agent, just delete it. I have previews up but not the whole thing. Once I got published, I took a LOT of thins off a LOT of websites. lol. But it did not hurt my chances at all. you are probably fine.

10/29/2012 #6
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