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So, who are your favorite mystery writers?

Mine are: Agatha Christie, JD Robb, Sue Grafton

(There are more, I need to look for them).

4/27/2008 #1

Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters (Cadfael), Lindsey Davis (Falco novels) and a few others I'll get round to eventually...

6/7/2008 #2
The Pig Lady

Lord, Sue Grafton is my absolute favorite mystery author of all time! Her Kinsey Millhone series is an art form. Agatha Christie is great too, though not my favorite . . . and I like Carolyn Keene, psuedonym for the author of the Nancy Drew novels. Though they've kind of become kids books, I really love Nancy Drew.

8/31/2008 #3

It's alright, I love Nancy Drew as well! xD

9/8/2008 #4
gripping mind

I'd like to add my favourite mystery writers Harlan Coben, Mark Billingham, and Giles Blunt to the list. Harlan Coben is my absolute favourite. His books are just filled with twists and turns right up to the last page!

8/9/2009 #5
Wheel of Fortune

As typical as it would be expected, my favourites are Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mr. P.D. James and Ms. Agatha Christie. If I were to speak outside of the mystery genre, William Nicholson and Darren Shan would be added to my list.

9/23/2009 #6

I love Alexander McCall Smith and Janet Evenovich.

10/19/2009 #7

James Patterson, Agatha Christie

10/30/2009 #8
JU Zumester

I LOOOOVE Jon Katz, Bill Willis, Will Hobbes, and Patricia Mac Lachlan. They are all writers of either Nature books, Adventure, or narrative story. I dont like super natural or murder. Its sick

3/17/2010 #9
R. M. Williams

James Patterson, Donna Andrews, Carolyn Haines, Joanne Fluke

4/5/2010 #10
R. M. Williams

Oh! And Kathy Reichs (definitely like her)

4/5/2010 #11
The Lonely God

Gotta love Kathy. :)

7/9/2010 #12

Yeah! Finally someone says Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! I've never even HEARD of ANY of the other arthors, let alone read their books.

12/11/2010 #13
logan h

Im new to mystery storys but Agatha Christie is undoubtedly my favourite mystery author

6/9/2011 #14
Some people think Doyle is old fashioned. No violent action or romance. Except when Holmes fell off the cliff with Moriarty (and he really did fall and die). And of course "The woman." Seriously that case was obvious. You knew the only reason he couldn't solve it was because she was a woman and he couldn't accept a woman could be cunning and evil.
12/21/2011 #15
A Fire Rose
Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie are two of my favorites.
2/24/2012 #16
Wendy Thompson135th

I prefer female authors for female detectives: Margaret Maron for Sigrid Harald and Deb Knott. Laurie King for Mary Russell; Bujold for Cordelia Vorkosigan and Lady Alice Vorpatril; --I just noticed: these authors also do excellent male characters.

12/15/2014 #17
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