know any great non teenage high school romances?
a story that keeps you in your seat until its over and you're still wanting more.especially with hot steamy scenes involving adults
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im getting sick of all the teenage/high school romances but i cant seem to find any good ones anymore. it seems i've read all the best ones so im spending hrs sifting through peoples favourties just to find one that could grab my attention from the go. one that flows, with great characterization and especially hot steamy scenes, (not graphic of course) but just the right amount so that you're still hooked. i've got a few favs recently which i absolutely recommend ( both completed btw) connection by Cherie Dee then the phone rang by freethephoenix links are in my favs anyone recommend me any good non teenage romances?
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Brandel Amore
Well, one of my favorite stories on FictionPress isn't completed. And so far, it is absolutely amazing to me. It's definately got me hooked. The Author Is Lindsay Marie And It's called Facing Backwards. So Far there are Sixteen chapters. I suggest it, definately. [Link]: I hope you enjoy it, if you read it.
6/18/2007 #2
hey, thx for telling me, i'll definitely read it =)
6/19/2007 #3
read sinfully sexy and all the other series that come with it, i forgot who the author is.
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Well I've started one, but haven't had time to continue it so oh well, until then. Yeah, it's rather hard to find in the amounts there. I've been searching for stuff and I know how it feels.
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Universal Completion
it is very hard to find non-high school romances. i have a few one my favorites lits. i've also started writing one. i dont know if you like, seeing as its the start of their summer before they go to college. but if you want you can check out the stories on my favorite. i dont like reading really dumb stories so most of the stofe on my list (in my opinion) are the best stories around, so far....
9/12/2007 #6
A Sordid Fairy Tale
"sinfully sexy" doesn't show up when I do a search...
9/12/2007 #7
Seigetsu Ren
Check out aiur. She's a really popular writer and her works aren't based in schools. I haven't read too much of her works, but a lot of people say they are good. Hope that helps! I'm starting to write one too, but obviously, I don't know if it is good or bad. Maybe you can tell me?
10/21/2007 #8
hey. i have a oneshot. i know you don't like teenagehighschool s*** but... hear me out. PLUS.. it's a short. so it's not that long. and it's not that typical. and i kinda want to hear some criticism. it's a cynical romance oneshot. title-hot.
11/21/2007 #9
Kirby Tails
Uh...I wrote a stroy. But I thin it's pretty bad. I'm new to this place, actually. I can only recommend books. xD
12/22/2007 #10
Okay, I'm back. Here's mine. Although this looks like it's set in a high school, I can promise you it has nothing to do with it. My aim was fight back on how come there's so many high school romance stories out there and that they're boring. There's a lot of mysteries to unfold here. [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] Summary: Little does Luna know that her flawed life is but a part of an engineered competition that her brother participated in. However, there is a lot more than simply a competition and a prize it's an evil attempt at altering humanity for life.
1/31/2008 #11
penname: scribe mozell
2/27/2008 #12
The Toothpaste Fiend

The Reality of Fairy Tales by Pareathe is BRILLIANT! And slightly underappreciated...

4/7/2008 #13
Ligeia de Valois

I'm writing one.

It's okay so far, I think. I'm working on the next chapter right this moment.

It's called Two in the Dark & Out of their Minds. (It's a work in progress, so keep that in mind.)

4/12/2008 #14

A Pirate's Rose by Ml4eva2008

When young Captain Blackheart takes Victoria, daughter of a wealthy man, as captive, a storm soon lands them on an island where a romance grows into a deep passion for one another.

Under Her Skin by No-One's-Hero

He is pompous and annoying, but even worse, he's always around. But over time, this star just might grow on her

Facing Backwards by Lindsay Marie

A woman gets a call in the night telling her that she needs to come home, so she goes back to the ranch in Montana where she grew up to face the reality of her mother, insecurity about her life, and the one person she ever really loved.

The Unfortunate by Sueballs

A career woman in her early 20's saves a bum from being killed on the streets and her kindness goes as far as allowing him to live with her.

Big Tex by No-One's-Hero

Willow never wanted to leave New York. She loved her job, her life, her friends. But what happens when her mom needs her in Texas?


I hope I helped.

These are my favourite non teenage romance story.

Hope you enjoy,


4/24/2008 #15

I have a couple of teenager stories but the rest are adult orinated if anyones interested :)

3/20/2009 #16

check out flawless storm (author) if you're interested. She did a lot of stories you might like.

1/1/2010 #17
Anna Cate

In my story "Tea Boy" a secret government agency battles monsters, but that's not the whole story. It's all about how their personal relationships will hold up under the pressure of their jobs. Can they keep the secrets of their work from the people closest to them? Contains gay, straight, bisexual, omnisexual and alien characters.

3/19/2010 #18


I posted my first story on FictionPress, called Sweet Escape. It's a paranormal romance short story. Absolutely no high school and one sex scene (not hot, just emotional). You can read the story here or at this website (full story). Watch the trailer here If you like, check out this website for extra fun stuffs: No login needed to leave comment and join the free chatroom (on the website). Thank you :)

8/19/2010 #19
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