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I believe it is called The Way Out. there is more to it and i think i posted that...the summary was about a girl who ran away with a boy who isnt who she thinks...its much more then that. anyone?
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i'll be glad to review your story if you could read my in return. i hope you can.
8/18/2007 #1
Faye-the true vampire
I'll read it. If you wouldn't mind giving me a review. I need to hear the truth about my story and not just the things my friends say.
11/18/2007 #2
sure i can do that!
11/18/2007 #3
Faye-the true vampire
Thanks!! ^_^
11/18/2007 #4
Sarrah-rah Lynn
I just started a story...I'm really new to this site....so yeah, would anyone mind reading my story so far? its only 2 chapters at the moment, but I'd like a little feedback cause i worked pretty hard on it....THANKS =]]
11/27/2007 #5
sure i can do that. you'll see a review soon!
11/27/2007 #6
Aira Ifenn

I'm willing to read/review your work. Please read/review mine as well... i need it. Thanks!

10/23/2008 #7

I've just posted the first four chapters of a proposed supernatural thriller titled "So How Was Your Vacation?"

The story concerns a contemporary Mexico, where the human sacrifice religion of the Aztecs is still dominant. A guy on vacation meets a local girl, who's having her final fling, on the night before she is scheduled to be sacrificed.

I'd originally begun this story as a Thriller, full of dangerous intrigue, suspense and romance, in a bizarely exotic locale. Now I have added a supernatural element, in which people who have been sacrificed, start coming back to life. By including this element, I think it's right for me to change the category from Thriller to Supernatural.

This is still the first draft, so if anyone reads it, and has some positive suggestions, please let me know.

7/30/2009 #8
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