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Since I am very busy, I can't look at every story to review so I will have you ask in this forum to PLEASE review your stories.
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Appears like no one dared to ask. I was so afraid when I walked in *hands shaking*. Now that I've come in. Let's be brave. Um sorry to interrupt you being busy, so could you spare some time to look at my stories:- Crystal Spirit: X Infinity: Feeling Samantha: Thanks. It's always hard to take that first step, but it's even harder to carry on thereafter. Concerto.
7/22/2007 #1
Project Nirvana
will do
10/12/2007 #2
Project Nirvana
I can not find feeling samantha and crystal spirit. Give me the author's name.
10/12/2007 #3
Ah yes sorry. I merged it into one story after realizing some things. Crossover Sorry bout that.
10/13/2007 #4
Project Nirvana
Check my profile....
10/23/2007 #5
Project Nirvana
Over the holidays, I'll review Crossover
12/20/2007 #6
The Hero's Tears [s:2256452:The Hero's Tears] The Hero's Tears: Legacy of Generations [s:2454354:The Hero's Tears: Legacy of Generations] Ok, THT:LOG is not a sequel, so you can read it first if you don't want to go through the 58 chapters of the original. However, the original is completed. Yada yada yada, I'll read one story of each of yours', you read one of mine, review, the whole freaking spiel.
1/14/2008 #7
Project Nirvana

Pending.... writing my own novel

2/13/2009 #8
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