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Vampires Bane

People can post summarys and ideas for new stories here, and others can tell people if their story sounds good and if they'd read it

5/10/2008 #1
The Last Punkstanerd

The Idea for my story Alesana in the Glass Deminsion

In a advanced Alice in Wonderland-esque world, one android assassin named Alesana, is given the job of a liftime killing the Five Suits the head of Jester corp a very powerful but unseemingly dictating corporation that consists of, the insane but clever Diggory Bane AKA "The King of Hearts", the strong but subtle Leeatrix Unifes AKA "Diamond Hand", The muscular and well reflexed Ijor Briner AKA "Club Master", The smart and agile Rigfred Zoy AKA "Ace Edge" and finally the mysterious and ever present, "Queen Jester" Alesana's counter part Anasela. With the help Rabin a nervous Jester Corp engineer, Cherisha a misfit talking cat lady and the Matthew Hatter the son of the late Mr.Hatter. Along with other obstacles like Tweng and Twung, The Jabb3rwok and the Red and White Data Wars thing get hairy for Alesana and her small crew of misfits.

8/27/2008 #2

That sounds like something with a lot of easy ways to go over the edge and make it really bad, but if you have enough depth to the setting and characters it could quite possibly be something I would be interested in reading. If you were to write it and I could get 500 words into it and not be seriously turned off by something, I'd probably keep reading for a while, at least, and start to seriously consider its merits.

Disclaimer: I am a fan of literature that many people (including my roommate when he's threatening to hit me in the head with his copy of Dune) consider corny, or at least a bit over the top. Sometimes just straight-up over the top and corny, depending on personal tastes. This idea sounds like that, and if you can pull it off I'd read it.

8/29/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #3

The idea for my story is this 5 year old girl gets abandon by her parents, accidently boards a spaceship which is disguised as a ruined car to not cause any attraction and the aliens adopt her because she seems weak and is defiantly hurt.

The human girl is the girl my profile pic is when she is at one of the aliens gatherings.

1/14/2011 #4
Hunter of the Wicked

The Year is 2050 and the world has two military forces The U.N.M.C (United Nations Military core) And E.V.A (Exosphere vanguard alliance) and then there are the rebels who want the original idea of multiple nations and they have had one rebellion already and they are going to try the most extreme stunt ever thought.

1/23/2013 . Edited 1/23/2013 #5

I've been working on a series since leaving school which would be for 5 years. Its going to be split into story arcs much like star trek, star wars and world of warcraft for example. Please feel to ask questions and the stories are still being developed before I officially publish them to be novels, or comics depends on the story.

About the story

The name of this series is the Babylon Chronicles, its a multi-mixed genre, mainly on science fantasy. It would focus in the milky way galaxy that is ruled by three major empires, all a collection of races and build better relations with others. Some smaller factions would be neutral or hostile, like an every day challenge as the galaxy changes. In this universe Earth was orginally the birthplace of one of these empires millions of years ago before humanity had ever existed. Keeping a watchful eye on our world and some aliens referred it by another name.

The reason for such a name would be of large interstellar structures that can send ships from one galaxy to another, built by an unknown, ancient and technological advanced species known as the 'Gate Builders', these massive structures are entirely unknown to many as new forms of civlizations evolve within the region the are in. Much like the Babel Tower but slightly different in how we see it.

In one of the current story arcs in the modern day era, follows with a rag group of travelers on a bio-ship and one of them is a female human teen who was abducted by a hostile race intended to rule the galaxy. Lost most of her memories and unable to know where Earth is so she could warn them of a future invasion, but also would encounter many things that would change her life; making friends, enemies, and learning more of her family heritage in which she is a quarter of an alien who are in fact a distant sub-species of humans. The war in the milky way rages on for years as the creatures usually come and go every few decades for strange reasons and are in fact a parasitic race of advanced capability of adaptation. Becoming more interested in Earth not only for its large population but something long thought to be a myth hidden beneath the planet.

P.S. To know more please feel free to visit my account for the stories.

1/23/2013 #6

I'm never written anything recreational before, but I have a idea for a sci-fi that I'd been meaning to do for a while.

  • It takes place over a hundred years from now - 2125 has a nice ring to it- and human civilization has finally gotten around to colonizing the solar system. However the settlers were left to their own devices and formed their own governments. Few of which remain stable when millions of emigrants flee the war torn and increasingly polluted earth.
  • Mars is in the early stages of terraforming, with some lichens and moss here and there, a few puddles, but spacesuits are still necessary for baseline humans to go EVA. Sprawling arcology cities dot the planet. A few violent power struggles between settlers have broke out, and blood has been spilled on the red planet. The peace of humanity's new start is being increasingly jeopardized by radical dictatorships and warring compounds laying claim to what little resources there is.
  • Venus is still hellish surface side, with only a few brave souls living in clunky pressure suits. But in the dense Venusian atmosphere entire cities are suspended by massive balloons, adrift among relatively pleasant winds. Corporate interests run the show, awash in glamour and riches capitalism runs wild where everything shy of murder is fair game, and sometimes not even that.
  • Mercury has the sun and little else. Nomadic settlers live on the edge in massive wheeled habitats, clinging to the planet's terminator zone between the deathly heat of the sun ward side and the utter void of the dark side. But supplies are running thin in the colony running from the night, and they will soon be unable to stay neutral when the greater solar system's conflict come to a breaking point.

Now for the story proper, Ahem:

  • The newly formed Solar Alliance, a loose democratic federation for the advancement of all humans, faces it's first serious test of competence in the Martian failed state of Sanctum. Located in the northern polar ice caps, the settlement is rich in water.
  • The authoritarian state of Valhalla invaded in 2084 to secure their northern border and the precious water ice, but they ultimately failed to suppress the guerrilla resistance, covertly supported by various Earth governments, that burned strong in the north and were driven out by the harsh snows by 2102. The resulting power vacuum spiraled in to civil war between opposing fraction, now sitting on tonnes of military assets and with no common enemy. The largest group, The Order, seized power in most of the country in 2116 and has been ruling things with an iron fist since. Brutally but effectively rebuilding the country.
  • Until now, in response to a terrorist attack on the Martian country of Elysium's orbital elevator, one of only two such mega structures on Mars, the Alliance has sanctioned military intervention. The perpetrators were members of The Order who successfully hacked and rammed a freighter into the elevator, in protest of the Alliances induction of the their old enemies, the Valhallans, which would greatly increase their power and influence. Whereas The Order was denied membership because they weren't internationally recognized as the legitimate government of Sanctum.
  • SAS operative Maj. John Winters, a veteran who fought alongside the Sanctum settlers against the Valhallans invaders as part of Earth's secret involvement over 20 years prior, is now a part of the first ever Inter-Planetary invasion. Alongside other special force operators they lead and organize the holdout resistance of The Order's rule that remain active despite the civil war grinding to a halt by this point. A few spec ops and air strikes is enough to drive The Order from power and to force them into the hills.
  • They continue to resist the Alliance much as the resisted the Valhallans, though. And they war drags on. Facing a long struggle, the Alliance establishes an interim government, but all worthy leaders have already been assassinated by The Order. Maj. Winters, given his extensive connections and experience dealing with the settlers of Sanctum, reluctantly accepts an appointment as a temporary Prime Minister.
  • He then goes to Earth, to represent the little war torn territory at the roof of an alien planet, but finds the Alliance's becoming more and more dysfunctional and corrupt. The situation is deteriorating, and he may be the only one who can stop it.


Sorry about the length, but this is the first time I've really put these thoughts to type. It's a bit bigger and more ambitious than what would be safe for a first story, but it's not quite Galaxy spanning space opera either. I think it's a nice compromise and will be fun to write. What do you think?

7/10/2013 #7
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