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Alex Demille

*# It all started in 2009; The Canadian gov't had been in contact with the Galactic Console - a group of species containing 85+ of the galaxy - Ever since the end of World war I. The Console felt that it was time to introduce Earth (and subsequently the UN) into the Console. Many things changed on earth after that. Soon a base was built around Mars with Humans from all around travelling to it and farther. The Console has itself positioned near the 'Galactic centre', and has hundreds of trade routes spreading out to different reaches of the Galaxy. It also supports it's own Army - the Console Military.

*# A bit more on Travel: The main travel is through a sort of gate - it flings the ship though space at amazing speeds. How ever there are many different types of travel.

*# Interplanetary travel: Different races have different modes of travel. The most common however is the plasma engine. It recycles matter and energy produced by itself and the rest of the ship to power the thrusters.

*# Interstellar travel: Several races (and that's a very very small number) have different forms of interstellar travel. The one used by all other races is a form of a giant sling shot. In each system there are gates, these gates will coat the ship in an energy field to boost the shields on ship. It then throws the ship towards another set of coordinates. The transit can take up to several months, or as little as a few days.

The Species: Anything you can think of there exists. Take every book on monsters/creatures/beings and it will most likely be here. It's a Galaxy. There are a few I shall mention however:

*# Dorogon's: These creatures, and they are truly creatures. They stand about 5' tall and have sea green to a deep blue scaled skin. Their faces are slightly pointed at the chin and are scaled like the rest of their body. They have several ridges running along their cheeks. Their nose recedes into their face, leaving only two holes where it should be. They are a very martial race and have a long standing beef with the galactic conclave. They have a large reproductive rate, and a huge claim to the upper systems. They and the conclave have been in a semi-passive war for several decades.

*# Hitim's: These people are a water race, their skin is slimy and cold. They average a height of 5'4" and have pale white skin. The most noticeable feature of the Hitim are they have no faces. Instead a membrane covers them. The only outline of the face that can be seen is black dots of the eyes and sometimes the nose. The race is renown for their fist weapons, the main one is a pair of gloves that can triple the strength of the user. The gloves also house blasters and shotguns on the back.

*# Kill'kirg: Large 6' scarabs, 4 arms, 2 legs, live in desert systems. They use a weapon created by them. It fires large organic spikes, propelled by muscle fiber bundles in the gun.

*# Statin: A Jackal looking species. 7' + tall. humanoid. One of the main conclave races. Very sexual. Females are the fighters, males the researchers. Some females choose breeders over fighter. males are not barred from fighting, it's just more on the female side.

*# Corci: 9-12' simply put, these are massive 10'+ lizards. They are hunch back and scaled. They have a strong clan bond and many take on a native look. Wielding shields and spears. Aggressive, massively strong, but not dumb.

Technology: Each race has it's own tech, but there are several weapons are armours that are widely used:

# Quinn Plasma charged solid shot rifle (PCSS): This weapon has two loads, it's first is a solid core bullet, that comes in magazines of 30 to 100. It's second is a 'power cell' of plasma energy. It can fire up to 1000 shots. Its purpose is when the bullet is fired, the cell coats it in a plasma aura. This aura not only adds to the damage, but it can also protect the bullet as it sheds it's energy onto the first obstacle it meets (e.g. a wall or an armour plate). - this weapon comes in pistol, shotgun, and rifle form.

# Finnly proton multi charge rile (PMCR): This weapon is the most widely used as it can be recharged by simply throwing things into it. It has a compartment in the front which opens up to allow the user to add matter of most types. This is then converted by the rifle into energy which is stored in its magazine. This weapon fires energy, converted into a mass of highly charged protons. This makes it an energy weapon with high stopping power. - This weapon comes in pistol, and rifle form.

# Force weapons: these weapon is build from a Psy sensitive material. A psychic user may channel his mind into the weapon, jumping the weapons cutting and power ten fold. There however is a backlash if engaged in combat with another psychic blade, but all trained wielders are capable of handling the small about of pressure on their psyche.

*# Armour is usually made of overlapping plating. The metals used are dense, but thin. Giving the plates heavy stopping power with little weight. They come in all types of designs, and also boost the users strength and stamina though micro fibre bundles.

*# Shields: Each armour also has a set of shields. These energy fields are designed to protect against high velocity projectiles, as that, they do not stop knives, or arrows. Recharging is based of suit momentum and cycling similar to car batteries (Can't remember what it's called)

* - Would like help revising/editing/expanding

# - Would like opinion

Please leave comments/ideas (Sorry if there are spelling mistakes - there shouldn't be)

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