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A place to trade insights, quips, and critiques with the author of Midnight's Song.This novel is very much a work in progress, and I'm curious to hear your input.
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Reiku Hiteruo
I'm moving my updates from the General Opinions thread to this one. Just because no-one's been posting there doesn't give me a reason to spam it up with update and revision notices. XP
8/31/2007 #1
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: Jul 31st 2007] New chapter up. For the record: Yes, I know that a Manhattan is not a martini, and no, Dr. Donald Uhlin of Sac State was not the brain-fried hippie Dr. Wentworth makes him out to be. Keep in mind that in both cases, you're seeing things through the perspective of the characters. Nathan Cole isn't too knowledgeable about classy cocktails, being more of a hard liquor type, and Dr. Wentworth is a close-minded snob.
8/31/2007 . Edited 9/4/2007 #2
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 7th 2007] Alright, [s:2173226:10:Chapter 8] is up! For the record: The "MP-9" Michelle picks out of the trunk is a Brugger & Thomet MP-9, not the Ruger MP9. Hey, I actually sound like I know something about guns! I guess Wikipedia works. (Authors Note: Assume all gun-related factual errors in Midnight's Song are wiki's fault.) Things are gonna' get crazy in the next few chapters (well, *more* crazy, anyway) so stay tuned...
9/4/2007 . Edited 9/4/2007 #3
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 11th 2007] Re-edited [s:2173226:10:Chapter 8] a bit. Chapter 9 should be up on schedule Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who's been taking the time to review my story--your complements have kept me on this when I was about to take a break due to the insane cold I have. Seriously, it's difficult to type when your throat is seizing up. Anyway, you keep the reviews coming and all keep the chapters going out. Just don't be surprised if things get a little over the top--I think all the medicine they put me on is starting to affect my writing.
9/4/2007 . Edited 9/4/2007 #4
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 14th 2007] [s:2173226:11:Chapter 9] is up. It's a little different, since it's broken into three sections. I could give a lot of long winded explanations, but basically that's just how I felt it needed to be done. Sorry for the late update, I know I usually get this up closer to three. I've taken my reviewers' suggestion and am working on breaking up my paragraphs into a less insane size. It was a stylistic thing to leave them like that, but I agree it just doesn't work over the internet--maybe in print. Anyway I'm re-editing all the chapters to make them a little less monolithic. I should have them updated in a few days, definitely by next Tuesday. There aren't any major changes to the story, just a few tweaks to wording here and there and a lot more line breaks--so don't feel like you have to read it all over again. This is mainly just a polishing, rather than a re-working. As the title implies, the next chapter is going to be absolutely crazy--so get ready for the s*** to hit the fan and keep on going.
9/4/2007 #5
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 20th 2007] Major update in progress. I broke up those monolithic paragraphs and fixed some other things throughout the book, and am updating the edited chapters now. Also, as suggested by some reviewers, I'm removing the Author's notes/Setting section at the beginning of the story. It was really just meant to be a forward to the story, not part of the story itself, and I agree that having it first detracts from the piece. -EDIT- Okay, re-edit is finished. Will be back tomorrow to upload the next chapter and answer the reviewers. Ja ne!
9/4/2007 . Edited 9/4/2007 #6
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 21th 2007] [s:2173226:12:Chapter 10] is up! Sorry for the late update again. They just started me on prednisone, so hopefully I'll be over this respiratory thing soon. We'll see if being on a corticosteroid has any effect on my writing... I've redone the first chapter to include some of the setting info from the introduction I removed. Thanks again to everyone who's been reviewing my story, both for your suggestions and for taking the time to read it. I'll try to get back to you all today. Chapter 11: Fallout comes next week!
9/4/2007 . Edited 9/4/2007 #7
Reiku Hiteruo
[ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 28th 2007] [s:2173226:13:Chapter 11] is up! Unfortunately, this site has a policy against explicit sexual content--so I had to cut several paragraphs from this chapter. Sorry. Just something to look forward to in the print version, I guess. Also, I've put the introduction back in--but I've shortened it and added a note that readers can skip it if they want.
9/4/2007 #8
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:14:Chapter 12] is up! This one's a little depressing and introspective... ...okay, it's a *lot* depressing and introspective, but bear with it. Consider this chapter the lull before the storm...
9/4/2007 #9
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:15:Chapter 13] is up! If the last chapter was the lull before the storm, this one is the hot, troubling breeze that lets you know something big is on the way...
9/11/2007 . Edited 9/11/2007 #10
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:16:Chapter 14] is up! One of my reviewers commented that this story wasn't suspenseful enough... ...consider this chapter's cliffhanger ending to be my response. See you next week!
9/18/2007 #11
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:17:Chapter 15] is up! Sorry, I know this is pretty farging late. Technically it's not even Tuesday anymore--not in my time zone anyway... I'm thinking of mixing things up a bit in the next chapter. With Michelle's ability to find things and Orrin's healing knife things have gotten too easy for these guys--trying to find the next clue and pick up the pieces after you get your a** handed to you is half the point of these stories, after all... ...we'll see what happens.
9/26/2007 #12
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:18:Chapter 16] is up! I'm going to try to make this more of a mystery, whereas it's been more the novel equivalent of an action movie up until now. There'll still be plenty of out of control violence, though, so don't worry--I'm not toning it down, just taking a slightly different road.
10/2/2007 #13
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:19:Chapter 17] is up! If I've done it right, this one should be much more suspenseful. Thanks to concerto49 for getting me off my a** to take the story in this direction. I still disagree with 90% of your review, but you're right--adding more suspense did help. Just goes to show that all criticism can be helpful. As for where Nathan Cole ends up next--and what kind of ghosts he'll find in Kenner--you'll find out next week. How's that for suspense?
10/9/2007 #14
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:20:Chapter 18] is up! This one... ...I'm not sure what the hell happened here. This story writes itself, and I disavow all responsibility for it--other than accepting praise. Also, a quick legal notice: The persons and events depicted in this chapter are entirely fictional, any resemblance to the names, personal histories, ect, yadda, yadda, purely coincidental--hey Gerald, look me up sometime.
10/16/2007 #15
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:21:Chapter 19] is up! This chapter us best enjoyed while listening to Portishead's "Sour Times" on loop. That's how I wrote it, anyway--I'll post a soundtrack when I'm finished with the book... ...and speaking of finished, yes this is the second to last chapter of Midnight's Song. Barring any unforeseen plot twists--this thing really does write itself--next Tuesday's chapter will be the last. What will happen? Wait and see...
10/23/2007 #16
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:22:Chapter 20] is up! Change of plans: This is still the last chapter, but there'll be one more installment before this story is finished. Get ready for the dramatic conclusion: "Epilogue/Prologue" coming next week!
10/30/2007 #17
Reiku Hiteruo
[s:2173226:23:The final installment] is up! That's right, it's over--but rest assured we went out with a bang... ...or forty.
11/6/2007 #18

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