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I have an idea, but I'm not quite sure if it'll run up a wall with cliche. (Do note that it is still an idea, so it's still kinda incomplete.)

In the future, (3014 A.D, if you must know) A sport known as Mech Combat is the dominate sport on planet Earth. Using ravaged, desolate land that was destroyed in a war nearly 40 years ago as the Arena's. The Mechs are 2 stories tall, and look similar to that of a human design structurally (think Gundam designs.) Some Mechs, called Walkers, are just canopy's with legs.

That's the idea behind the story, I haven't really planned to far ahead of a few skirmishes, but in the rules, no one dies in battle unless the combatants purposely target the cockpit, or an ejected pilot. Soon, pilots start dieing often, (and that's as far as I got planned... if I want a rather dramatic story that is. If I want a more humor based story I'll probably keep it focused on them trying to become the best team in the world.)

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