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Scottish Princess

This is the main street and any alleys around the Saloon and the town.

2/20/2009 #1

Riding into town Aaron Jones peered around, standing in the styrups with a sneer. An average man, you wouldn't notice him if it weren't the other few men milling around him like the centre of a hub. Something was happening, it seemed, over in the Saloon. He couldn't spot the Sherif out and about so he figured the man must be holed up in there with whatever was goin on- a place to stay away from for the moment then.

Urging his men on, they moved ont hrought hte town, trampling up enough dust to momentarily blind a person. They split in two groups to circle the town and scout it out. Nothing Jones and his men couldn't handle, he realised. Easy pickings as a matter of fact.

2/21/2009 #2
Scottish Princess

Val left the Saloon and slowly ambled down the boardwalk which ran along in front of all the buildings. He pulled his watch out of his pocket. 1:55. Only five minutes until the stage was due. Taking a deep breath, he slid his watch back into its pocket and continued down the street towards the hotel. He could see Kyle in front of the building and he smiled; all three of them were going to be together again for the first time in ten years. He wondered absently if Penny would even remember him and what might happen if she didn't...

2/28/2009 #3
Scottish Princess

Five minutes later the stage rolled into town, creating quite the cloud of dust as it passed Val and went off down the street.

Val stepped up the pace and hurried over to the hotel.

((to the hotel))

2/28/2009 #4

Wandering up and down the street, seemingly innocent, Aaron Jones eyed the hotel and the saloon- the two places in town that would hold the most money. He whistled a haunting tune and tipped his hat mockingly to the ladies he passed. This quiet little town would never know what hit them.

3/29/2009 #5
disused account

(Lee Attack *tackle*

3/29/2009 #6


3/29/2009 #7
disused account

(I sure hope Anna shows up so this doesn't die qa fourth time ^:( Lee has the flu.

3/29/2009 #8

((Agreed. Aww. Poor Lee.))

3/29/2009 #9
disused account

(Wanna rp somewhere? I got like a half hour left in me.

3/29/2009 #10

((Hang on. Gotta go sit in a 10 min meeting *sigh*))

3/29/2009 #11
disused account

(But..meetings never last ten minutes *crys*

3/29/2009 #12

Getting fed up, Aaron surveyed the street. He had been wandering aimlessly for hours and no rich high to-do ladies had set foot outside. There were some real pretty-looking local girls but he and his men were after the big fish. At least, thats what he kept telling them. If they didn't do something soon he was going to start losing their respect and he did not need that.

4/18/2009 #13

Steve was crouched behind a bush infront of Pat and Maggies home. This has been routine for the past few weeks. His search for revenge was coming to an end, he was going to take Pat's wife. Patrick took Steve's brother so Steve was going to take Maggie from Patrick. He just needed the right oppurtunity to snatch her.

4/19/2009 #14

Steve watched Maggie walk out and smiled. He came up behind her then grabbed her around the waist, dragging her to his horse.

Maggie screamed, "Let go of me! Patrick! " She tried kicking the man but he was alot stronger than her. "Pat!"

4/19/2009 #15
disused account

(Frm Cabin.)

Patrick rushed out, shotgun in hand.

4/19/2009 #16

"Pa-" Maggie was cut off by a blow to the head. She slumped in Steve's arms as he threw her quickly on the horse than hopped on himself.

4/19/2009 #17
disused account

He raised the gun. but didn't fire cuz he could hit Meggie.

4/19/2009 #18

Steve kicked the sides of his horse and rode through the streets, knowing Patrick couldn't shoot him. He found a place about ten miles away, a cave like thing, where he can hide.

4/19/2009 #19
disused account

Patrick jumped on his horse,

4/19/2009 #20

Steve's horse was fast and he rode to the his hideout.

((to caves))

4/19/2009 #21
forever my sweet

Jonathan ran outside to see what was going on. He had heard screaming and it sounded like maggie. "Whats going on?! i heard maggie screaming."

4/19/2009 #22
disused account

"He took her, babled Pat.

4/19/2009 #23
forever my sweet

"Took her? what do you mean took her?! you were standing right there!" Jonathan's anger was growing. he had trusted him with her life and he let her get kidnapped.

4/19/2009 #24
disused account

(I was thinkin he did in the shadows or somthing.

"Doesn't matter, we gotta get her back!"

4/19/2009 #25
forever my sweet

Jonathan jumped on his horse and rode over to patrick. he was beyond mad at this point and not thinking clearly.

" No s***. wich way."

4/19/2009 #26
disused account


4/19/2009 #27
forever my sweet

Jonathan kicked his horses sides and started to run in the direction he had pointed to. " Come on!"

4/19/2009 #28
disused account

He charged ahead.

4/19/2009 #29
forever my sweet

Jonathan called over to Pat. " do you know who did this?"

4/19/2009 #30
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