Western RPG: The Wide Range Saloon
A place to test and play your characters by interacting with others, in a western setting.
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1) READ THE RULES!!! or else... seriously this is the most important rule, y'all! Besides, there's only 17 of them, so, yeah, no sweat there...

2) Before using any particular character, create one post in the “Characters & Background” thread. You may use as many characters as you please, as long as each one has their own post in “Characters & Background.”

3) All posts should be in third person form, as if continuing the story of the previous post.

4) All posts in the "Saloon" are "in character." If out of character discussion becomes necessary, feel free to create a separate thread within the forum for the conversation. Please label these threads appropriately. Also you can have "out of character" conversations within ((these)) before of after the rest of your post.

5) "Private" conversations between characters can (this is not a must) be held by creating a new topic titled "Table #X." Feel free to invite characters from the main conversation to sit at a table with your character. The first post in the table should contain a list of all the characters that have been invited, so that unwanted posts can be deleted.

6) Within the saloon, keep in mind that an author’s character is speaking and not the author themselves. All character interactions are permitted and encouraged, including bar fights, insults, and shouting matches.

7) If another author’s character behaves rudely/violently towards your character, DO NOT -- I repeat DO NOT -- take it personally. The point of the saloon is to test the realism and depth of your characters, by viewing how realistic their interactions feel with other, unpredictable personalities in the mix.

8) Moderators of the forum reserve the right to remove any inappropriate post for any reason, including out of character comments in the wrong topics and RP that would not be appropriate for younger readers.

9) I will add additional moderators as the forum requires them. Reliable authors with the best standing within the Saloon will be given first priority to become moderators.

10) Feel free to play any character that is appropriate to the western genre. Using characters from stories you have posted on fictionpress is encouraged, as well as characters you wish to use in future stories.

11) When at all possible, spell-check your posts before submitting them. The topics are meant to read as a finished (if unpolished) story in itself, and good spelling and grammar reflect that.

12) It would be best for everyone if all the authors read all the character bios for all the other characters which aren't their own. That way when person A's character does something or acts in a certain way person B knows how to better have their own character interact.

13) God-moding(controlling others' characters) will not be allowed or tolerated on any level. You are in charge of YOUR character(s) and YOUR character's actions ONLY --- NO ONE else's. NPC's(non player characters) are the only exception to this rule, since they are there for anyone/everyone to use(so long as they're kept IN CHARACTER!). In a fight/brawl/argument, you CANNOT say what your character does to another, rather what you would LIKE them to do... so, here's an example of what NOT to write... "Bob punched George" and this is what you SHOULD write "Bob swung towards George's face, fully intending to knock him senseless".

14) Anyone seen to be breaking any or all of these rules will have 3 warnings... no more, no less... and then ALL -- and I DO mean ALL -- of their posts will be deleted immediately and they will not be allowed back... at least not for a long time, if ever.

15) Get along with everyone else. Or at least try your damn hardest. Please. If a dispute breaks out between any of the authors and the guilty parties will not listen to the moderators or to reason, EVERYONE involved in the dispute will be BANNED until further notice. Got it? I sure hope so.

16) As far as language goes... You're supposed to keep your characters, well, in character and to do that in a western setting you usually have to have a little cursing. However... the f-word will not be tolerated. Period. I don't care what excuse you come up with, it is SO not historically accurate to the time. Most other curse words will/should be fine, so long as they're not used excessively.

17) Sexual content... okay, so this is a touchy subject for many, but I'll try to be fair to all. Seeing as this is on Fictionpress, we, as responsible Fictionpress patrons, need to follow the rules FP has set down. Which means no excessively descriptive sex scenes in this(or any) roleplay. If you have characters who are married or fall in love(or lust for that matter) kissing is just fine, but anything past that, PLEASE fade out... after all, we all know where babies come from.

If something doesn't make sense or if you feel that another author is not following any or all of the rules, please PM me(Scottish Princess) about it and I will try to explain further and/or to make it right. Also, if you feel that these rules are at all unfair, please don't hesitate to speak up about it and I and the other moderator(s) will discuss your concern and make our own decision on the matter.

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Other information: --The "NPCs": The bartender, Riggs, is a character I created to serve the other patrons in the saloon. As I can't be around all the time to control him and would eventually like to make use of the Wide Range with my own characters, I hereby relinquish my control of Riggs, so that anyone may use him for any plot advancement that is required. Later I may add more NPCs, as is needed. If you so choose to make use of an "NPC," Please ensure their actions are true to their original personalities. Name: Jason Riggs. Age: 43 Occupation: Bartender Riggs likes to think of himself as grumpy, but is actually a kindhearted soul and an excellent bartender, but likes to stay out of others business and just do his job. He keeps a shotgun under the bar, but only brings it out in absolute emergencies, that is, if his patrons are about to bring the saloon crashing down around everyone, or are about to break his mirror. Other than that, he doesn’t interfere, letting his customers do and say what they want, as long as they pay for their drinks. The same sort of extension of control may be used with other authors' characters for the purpose of advancing the story, but ONLY if the original author allows it. --The "Time Warp": The Saloon will technically be on the same night forever. The actual starting of an Adventure is when all authors involved with that adventure write for their characters going to bed for the night. The next morning the actual adventure will begin, and the characters involved will be in a time-warp compared to The Saloon. When/if a character returns to The Saloon after leaving it they will return to the original night the Saloon opened. The time warp is necessary for the main Saloon thread for the fact that its job is to coordinate the meeting of all other characters in all other threads. It's not realistic or economic to try and force everyone in the saloon to "go to bed" at the same time; there are far too many authors and characters involved for that to be done smoothly and quickly.
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