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The Intelligent Designer
Yeah, looking back, I realize, that I did misread. Sorry, I'll be more careful next time... Anyway, I think that you should get to know her, let her get to know you before you let her know that you are into her. I think that you should become something more than "all the other guys" to her, and maybe you'll have a chance. I love music, except country.
12/15/2006 . Edited 12/17/2006 #91
working on the whole "getting to know each other thing" i love that in our conversations i can get a word in edgewise and were actually having a disscusion and i'm not just listening to her

i once dated a girl that i really had a thing for. i admired her academic skill and her infatuation with art. in my entire week of dating her she didn't speak a word to me. imagine my cofusion with the one sided conversations that she was obviously listening to but not taking part in. i eventually learned that she had lost her vocal chords in a hospital accident. after that we mostly exchanged notes and i finally learned some things about her. she eventually moved to a special school, much to my dismay. i didnt think she really needed it, because she was doing just fine where she was.

~Intelligent Designer Grabs Edit Pen~ It's all going, the entire paragraph. It is all based on a situation I caused, and an untruthful one at that.

12/16/2006 . Edited by The Intelligent Designer, 12/17/2006 #92
i'm sorry for my speeling. i have a problem with that + grammar. there not my friends. i don't even know who this girl that i went out with but she didn't know is. i was trying to blow off steam at you that i shouldn't have. i just think that if you are saying things about me you should know the whole story. must of the girls that i went out with i liked. after i ask them out they magicaly dissideed they don't like me. then when i talk too there friends they tell me this and what elts would i do. if they were to afraid to dump me, then i don't wont them to be going out with some one they don't like. and for your info they usually brack up with me. i just don't go out with them for the joy. i wouldn't be able to live like that. i usually like them. i hate it when people call me a player because if you talked to my two true freinds like kelly or keegan they would tell you what is true and what is not.
12/17/2006 #93
The Intelligent Designer
HEY! BE NICE OR LEAVE! This is not appropriate, or appreciated. Neither one of you knows each other, and neither one of you has any right to flame and degrade one another. Microwrite: Don't attack people because they say something. This is the internet, don't take anything personally. It's also generally considered bad form to attack a persons personal experiences. (Like the girl that had no vocal cords.) Capriciousguy: Perhaps this is my fault. You have no context when it comes to the dating girl then dumping situation. I misrepresented it, and I'm sorry, both of you. There is a long story that, if told, would make you see things differently. I call him microdick because he is my best friend on earth, not for any other reason.

The accusations are as false as could be, if you take it the right way. I should pretend like I don't know ignominy/Microwrite so that my gentle teasing will not be misunderstood and taken to completely destory either one of them.

I am not siding with either one of you here...I want both of you to apoligize to each other. This was a dumb exchange of unnecessary insults, and I will delete them.

(PS: Message to ALL who enter the forum: When correcting another persons spelling/grammar, you look like an idiot if you make your own mistakes.)

12/17/2006 #94
The Intelligent Designer
Microwrite...I'm so sorry...I was talking about Kate. She was never sure of the situation when you two were going out, or not. She was confused, and so were the rest of us. She never knew if you were her boyfriend, and you went out with her for 2 days, maybe 3. That was a strange time for all of us (Including Me, Molly, Keegan, and the rest of the grade. Nobody knew what was going on, except for you.) I made a mistake, and I wish you should forgive me for that. I should have correctly told the story, or rather, not have brouight it up at all. I will never do it again, and I'm proud of you for apoligizing before my prompt. I should have stepped in before this, and smoothed things out. Again, I'm sorry, and wish that this will not come between us.
12/17/2006 #95
it already has.

brouight... brought

12/17/2006 #96
The Intelligent Designer
Only because you let it. Please, try to understand my situation...did you even read the rest of my post? I'm upset with myself right now. I wasn't really pointing you out at all. When I said what I said, I was just saying something about what we were talking about. So, using you as an example was...wrong in a way. What I said about you was, more or less a lie. I didn't mean for you to see it either...I understand that you have every right to be completely pissed at me. What I did was not meant to be malicious or to hurt you in anyway. I enjoy your friendship too much to do that to you...

And to everyone else, sorry for cluttering the forum, but this is very imprtant to me and I can't wait for the weekend to be over to reconcile this.

12/17/2006 . Edited 12/17/2006 #97
oh my god you people are such dweebs. (man, i love that word) dont you dare delete these entries, they record history. people need to remember their past mistakes in order to learn from them. and please tell me you guys are not involved in a meaningless fight. (the ID and Microdude) you gus sound stupid. Keito123 agrees. you are both being annoyingly immature.


Keito123: i think capriciousguy is totally cool. i agreed on all his points and thought is arguement was well thought out. you should write an essay on how much you hate guys like that. sorry i'm writing on ignominys name but i dont have a computer. (You have a fan!!! Be proud!!) (i'm kate... the one that got dumped and was confused about whether or not we were dating.) (i'm the omptimistic Goth/Punk whatever the fuck i call myself now whos best friends with the pessimistic Prep/Pervert (ignominy) whatever the... oh whatever, i'm sick of this. i'm going to a party.)

Ignominy: yes, back to me. just don't delete everyones posts. i hate when you do that. it ruins the story.

12/17/2006 . Edited 12/17/2006 #98
no. that would be matuare. i'm inmature. remember. that is what you and molly and kate call me every day.
12/17/2006 #99
you spelled guys wrough.

how do you like it.

12/17/2006 #100
The Intelligent Designer
Too late, deal with it. I am not being immature, and neither is Microwrite. You think everything is immature. Kate, you sound pissed off.

Deleting the post is necessary, There is no history worth recording for the ENTIRE WORLD to can still learn by the mistake, it's in your email account. Obviously, you see the fact that 2 friends are not getting along as something to watch and laugh at. Go grab the popcorn. Sorry Kate, I guess I shouldn't speak for you. I really have no clue about how you felt during this situation because you never told anyone. And this is not a meaningless fight. I basically called him an unfeelinjg player. I meant it in a different way, but it shouldn't have been said at all. Clearly, as it upsets Microwrite very much.

12/17/2006 #101
i hate that you edit other peoples writing. that totally pisses me off. i am totally pissed off. you could have at least just deleted the parts about microwrite. because joshs thoughts on players are still worth reading. you disgust me. (Keito123 laughing in a corner) (ignominy getting more and more pissed off by the second) theres such thing as freedom of speech. Besides. Microwrite DID dump almost all of those girls i dont remember ever hearing of one dumping him. (besides the slut he dated on and off for a month) gaa.. i'm going to leave before i start swearing at everyone. i hate that josh isnt here to defend himself or rewrite his thoughts on players. it was well written and true. man i am sooooo irritated right now.
12/17/2006 #102
i said you and ID were being immature. i didnt spell anything wrong you just misread.
12/17/2006 #103
i hate you.
12/17/2006 #104
The Intelligent Designer
No, Molly calls you immature everyday. If you care to know, every once ina while, I have bothered to defend you. Not very often...and my opinion changes whenever you say something about how you care for no one else. I can't understand when you say things like that. I won't like you if you really are that way, which is totally impossible. You are not a fucked up sociopath, and it's weird when you call yourself one. Tell me what is really bothering you...I would like to help. (Okay, that sounds odd, but it's true.)

Molly and Kate, act a bit more mature yourselves about this. The situation is kind of between me and him right are NOT helping in the least. Saying mean things to both of us will make us no happier...hanks for bothering to listen to that, and if you say screw you and write anyway, fine, but beware the flames that will come your way.

12/17/2006 #105
besides the fact that you just want to sound older. i think its so stupid that in everything you say your just trying to improve what you look like to people. its so self centered. some people dont care if you have strong feelings on a subject. some people dont agree with someone in a debate so they delete everything they wrote.
12/17/2006 #106
i do begin to get immature when i get mad about something. i wrote my last post while you wrote yours, things get confusing that way. i'm not paying attention to my spelling i'm typing so fast and i'm going to leave before i get too mad. no wait. i'm too mad now. excuse me if i dont speak to you tomorrow, and dont think me too stupid for saying that because i dont feel like blowing up in public.
12/17/2006 #107
The Intelligent Designer
Yes, that's me, the person that just wants people to see him as something else. If that was the case, Molly, I would most definitely say some other things instead of what I say right now. You are far more immature right now than many I know. And Kate, stop laughing, that's stupid. What Josh had to say on players can be recorded here: "They are bad." Okay? He had a good point, but ALL of it was in response and disgust of Microwrite. Saving the conversation in which he writes something under the infulence of anger at a certain person would be useless. Nobody likes players. He didn't say it in any special way. Sorry for deleting/ editing everyones posts, but it was very much necessary. Why should I save an argument? Why? There is no good reason. I'm angry now too, but you don't see me posting the same thing over and over in 3 separate posts...And I am not self centered. I actually care about what you/Kate/Jake are thinking right now. Wanting people to like you is self centered at all. That would be a complete contradiction of terms. "I want you to like me." "I don't care what you think, only what I think." See, makes no sense...
12/17/2006 #108
The Intelligent Designer
Not speaking to me won't get you anywhere...talking about this will help solve things, trust me.
12/17/2006 #109
too bad, i left. i went to a party that turned out to increase my mood tenfold. its funny, even reading this after you apologized makes me mad. talking about things never works for me. as i said, i get immature when i'm mad and i get immature when i'm overly happy. talking just isnt good. i should write a poem. actually, i have to write a poem. about christmas. fun. it'll probably end up sounding sarcastic, as per usual. i'd like to hear josh's thoughts on our whole "immature spree" hopefully we can pull ourselves together now.
12/18/2006 #110
well. i think that i've finally guessed how old you guys all are. my respect for all of you has plummeted. i wont be too mean, because i know you guys were totally awesome before, and were probably all high when you wrote all that. i hope that behavior doesn't continue.

i would like to respectfully change the subject, to refrain from further insults.


you all ready?

just let the name wash over your subconsiousness for a minute. let her laid back nature overwhelm you. no i'm just kidding.

cynthia told me i was her best friend today. i felt very warm and bubbly when she said this. i was up on cloud nine. she told me some weird girly personal stuff. it was weird. yet, interesting... (facinating) (dont get exited it wasnt anything dirty) it mostly revolved around how she was so insecure and wished she had more friends. then some stuff about how this one girl hated her. i comforted her, trying to live up to the standing of "best friend" and recived a hug. yeah. she listened to me telling her that no one could possibly hate her and that she shouldn't be insecure at all and then she hugged me. i'm still shocked. i wont talk about what i felt like right then, fearing that i might get too gushy. i'll write something about it... maybe. and then we had a lovely conversation about icecream. i told her about the oreo phycology (i spelled that wrong) from Liams profile.

12/18/2006 #111
The Intelligent Designer
Hi. Sorry. We are probably a little older than you give us credit for. Tensions between the few of us have been slightly high for a little while right now. We are happy again, for the moment. This has been caused by telling the secrets of our friendships in a place everyone can see. Oh, won't happen again, and thank you for being nice about it.

I'm happy for your sucess at becoming her best friend! Be careful, don't make her think that you're gay...

12/18/2006 #112
haha, no worries, i dont think she doubts my sexuality... hahaha...

i think part of the cause though was because of the overreaction on my part about microwrite/players. i just have amazingly strong feelings on the subject, and it caused me to be a bit overdramatic. it doesn't happen often. players fall under the same category as abusive fathers/boyfriends (i dont hear much about abusive mothers/girlfriends, so that isn't on the list... does that even happen?) and animal abuse. if i see some guy on the street kick a dog... they wont even see it coming. when it comes to stuff like that i get mad, and tend to start problems. secretly, i believe its the cause of my parents getting divorced soon. whatever, its just another cause for me to be as "drama queenish" as possible. (is there drama kingish? somehow it just seems like a girl kinda thing, although i think drama queen for a girl and drama queen for a guy is slightly different... thoughts on the subject?)

12/18/2006 #113

well. i think that drama queens have huge fits over things of no consequence and (from what i've heard of) guys get dangerous. (thats what i've (mostly) read) when parents get divorced, guys and girls tend to act differently. (i dont have experience with this, and i basically have no basis for this judgement... dont yell at me) i think girls tend to put on more of a show... depression, whining, ect. "if you stopped loving each other will you stop loving me?" (well they're not helping in that situation are they?) and guys (dont yell at me) i think kinda close up and build up walls around themselves, sometimes (SOMETIMES) resorting to drugs or alcohol or violence. (SOMETIMES!!!) i'm not sure if girls do this too, no doubt, but i dont know how often.

i doubt the divorce is your fault, besides the fact that i dont see how you having strong feelings on a subject could break up a marriage.

why doesn't she doubt your sexuality? it seems you were hinting at something there.

12/19/2006 #114
The Intelligent Designer
I would actually tend to use the phrase idioty for a drama queen that is a guy...just kidding...seriously, I believe that there is sucha thing as drama king. Just, not as often. There are plenty abusive mothers and girlfriends, it's justa different kind of abuse. Child neglect is a common form of abuse done by mothers. It's also just more common than you might think. And girlfriends can be really bitchy sometimes. This counts as verbal abuse, right? Ignominy, some of your points make sense, although I have to add that girls turn to drugs less by only a very tiny amount. That sentance makes no sense, but I think you understand, right? Animal abuse is evil. End of subject.
12/19/2006 #115
well i know, child neglect and bitchyness are common in women but i was thinking more as in, physical abuse. like hitting. which i think happens A LOT less. drugs i'm not sure about. i think cutting, or eating disabilitys happen more than drugs. you dont see many guys oppsed to girls with eating disorders. of course i think we're drifting into things more serious then drama queens and kings.

I feel so proud of myself! i did my frist chapter thingy! haha! beautazing! (do you know what i mean by that?)

12/20/2006 . Edited 12/20/2006 #116
beautazing? or you did a chapter thingy? do you mean you finally have something up with more than one chapter? thats kool, is it a story, or a poem, like mine?
12/20/2006 #117
a poem. its a love story though. not sure if you'd be interested... you might be, youve got your own romance issues dont you? beautazing is easy to figure out. its just a worix.
12/20/2006 #118
The Intelligent Designer
Drugs are sommon in teenagers of both genders. Let's just end it there...Congratulations! Awesomness! Enjoy the feeling!
12/20/2006 #119
i just had a daydream. in the bathroom. funny, that seems to be where i get all my inspiration. (dont take that wrong) (although i cant see how you wouldn't) "I'm writing a story." "Oh, yea? Whats it about?" "A ballpoint pen... and how it saves the world." hahaha. ok so its absolutly loony, deal with it. i'll never post it. hope you don't mind.

whats going on with miss cynthia... oh and hows the fly? havn't heard from HER in a while... HINT HINT.

12/21/2006 #120
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