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anyone may join this chat topic the title is merely to get my brother to talk to me a little bit more.... (also to p*** him off) hehe but still. guess whats up now kitty!!!!! i may not really be aids but i do have adhd!!!!!! i just found out yesterday from my psycheval test.... ya know the loooooooong 500 + a** of a long multiple choice test? oh and it was a really repetitive test too. so yeah............

also i do want you to know im starting on ADHD meds thursday this week...... yay Happy Pills!!!!!!!!!

oh and i hope to see you that day too cause you will be able to tell me the truth (bluntly) about how im acting on the meds.... they are suppose to kick in right away....


maybe my suffering will cease!!!!!!

adi. X3

5/13/2009 #1

i guess thats something to look forward to. also, dont swear so much on here. itll just get **'d out.

5/14/2009 #2

alright then! i'm on meds too, but not for adhd. i'm on "The Antidepressant Cocktail". Lexapro, and Cyalis.

they didn't kick in until after a few months. have fun on your happy pills?


5/17/2009 #3

well, she just started the medication so we're going to monitor her behavior. i just dont want her to get to dependant on them. then we'll have a problem.

5/18/2009 #4

yeah well.... i just hope it works for me. i mean yeah....

kitty lets go play tennis after school!!!!!

5/18/2009 #5

its not that i dont want to....its just that my mom has the car for most of the day. and i have something i want to check on first and foremost. sry hun.

btw, i went with my mother to green bay to drop off my sister. i saw that you called me 8 times. CREEPER!

5/18/2009 #6

hahahahaha!!!! you played tennis! yay.... i know im a clingy person .... so ill leave you alone once you tell me to!!!! so tell me if im being too clingy. okay? i cant read your mind.


5/19/2009 #7

hmmm, i would think that after how long we have known each other that you would get the hint if i was or not. also, when you stopped by....on sunday or w/e i was in my room. next time check my windows. X3 and dont just barge into my house either!!!

5/20/2009 #8

you need to be more upfront with me... dont just hide in your room..... we HAVE known each other for a long time and so we should be able to communicate by now.... i sorta....did check your window from a distance..... but im not a "stalker" persay. anyway....dont just assume ill stop when i figure you dont want to see me... i need it said to me and stuff.... plus youre a big part of my life.... i worry ill loose you..... stupid i know but im just a kid yet... right?! anyway.... hope you understand what we both need to work on.... love ya kitty my brother!!!!

5/20/2009 #9

yeah, i relise that i need to be more up front with ppl. sry about that.

anyways, nicole finally confronted me. i couldnt tell her off so....i guess thats that. this adds as a heads up for you. maybe you can talk her down a bit.

5/20/2009 #10

Im sorry.... i told her what i thought and i didnt tell her what you told me not to tell her but i did retell her what she knows that you dont think she knows.... which would be that she KNOWS she wont be able to keep all the same friends thru highschool. kitty i think you BOTH need to talk KINDLY face to face!!!!! ill be there if it helps.... okay? maybe today?sooner the better for everyone.

5/20/2009 #11

*head spins at first sentence* learn to break up your sentences. run ons will kill me if you dont.

and i dont see us sitting down to anything and just talking it out. ive only got 9 school days left and i really dont care if i let off some extra baggage. i probably wont remember her anyway.

5/22/2009 #12

what i think is that you should just clear things up then leave it at that so its not a "scar" in the future.

trust me... she just wants to talk and get things cleared up.... then being "friends" is left up to you....

by talking youre not commited to always being chummy.


5/22/2009 #13

urg...thats what i hate about all of this. everything comes down to my chose and what i have/chose to do. im sick of it. if ppl want anything to happen, they can start it themselves. im just going to sit it out. summer will come, she WILL forget about me, and move on with her life. eno0ugh said.

5/26/2009 #14

thats just what you think will happen/ hope will happen....

what if she just like idk kills herself over it.... and dont say you wouldnt care cause you should.... you are alive and human so is she.... deal/ work with it and figure things out....

im just giving it time and thought....

i may just turn in her mom.

yup thats what ive decided.

5/26/2009 #15

great. you can turn in her brother to while youre at it. mom and bro make a good couple if you ask me. the kid has already been in trouble with the law and he's only 12.

if milly does move out at 16, which is unlikely given the current state of her mother, then shell live with her dad and hopefully things get better for her.

however, ive had one of the roughest days in a long time. and i mean a long time so i really dont care to talk to her or her drama.

oh, speaking of drama, paige and the gang are going to gay prom. *rolls eyes and scowls* another drama boat with them. god, i wish they would just get over themselves and f***. im sick of freshman! youre not included in this hun.

5/26/2009 #16

yeah bro can go to hell w/ mom too. i mean they just are f*** s***!!!!

i want milly to get healthy and happy!

maybe soon

btw ive been given permission to talk to alyssa!!!!!!

wish me luck.... can you take me there today? you wouldnt have to stay..... mom just isnt going to be the mediator this time....

so we will see how it goes.

5/27/2009 #17

i love how old this is. i mean, neither of us really talk to milly anymore. haha. kind of funny. X3

7/18/2009 #18
umm.... O.o yeah this is old... wow. well im doing good.... will u come watch me sing or hang out w/ me today?
9/3/2009 #19

I can't believe that it's been 6 years since we first joined on Fictionpress. All the memories that we once had, all the dreams and passions and here we are.

12/4/2014 #20
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