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ive noticed some trends here and there. such as the fo hawk. now, im not saying that just gay ppl, like myself, have a certain way of acting or dressing but im just starting to notice that certain trends are starting to become popular in the Rainbow World. hehe. any thoughts?
4/1/2008 #1
I have a thought, I don't think that those are really the way all gay people dress. (Granted, a great portion do.) But the people we notice and immidiatly label 'gay' do dress that way. Men in tight girl pants, girls in baggy boy clothes. Short hair equals lesbian, long hair equals gay. I suppose it's just the icon. There can be a lesbian who's extremly girly and wears only girl clothes, but I at least wouldn't peg them as a lesbian. Sorry, got off on a tangent. I'll do better next time. :)
4/1/2008 #2

men in tight pants. *smirk* sry, i just had to. anyway, ive not really noticed that guys have longer hair. i know im growing my hair out but thats just me. could that be that theyre trying to trick other ppl into thinking that theyre more girlish and therefore more exceptable?

4/3/2008 #3

Well, when I say long hair I really just mean shoulder leangth. All the gay men at my school have hair that's at least three inches long. What used to be the sociaital norm was a buzz cut, see the difference?

I also believe that the reason people wear those clothes is just because they think it fits them better. I know one who always wears really tight pink jeans that look painted on, and that's totally just his personality. I would never be able to picture him any anything else. I wear baggy 'boy' clothes because the fit me better, both personality wise and because I have freakisly wide shoulders. My hair is also shorter, only shoulder leangth (that's short for a girl, believe me) but sometimes I wish I could just shave it all off. It's a huge inconvienince.

Blah, glad I got that off my chest. But seriously. It isn't just the stylel it's also who they are.

4/3/2008 #4

oh, i see now where youre coming from with the long hair and stuff. idk, ive just prefered longer hair. and then with all of the...hot...emo boys that are popping up everywhere, ive seen that longer hair is really getting popular. i dont really live in a fashion current part of the world. (XPPPPPPPPPPP) anyway, i say, if you really want all of your hair cut off then why not just go ahead and do it? i dont see the harm in it. if its your style then HAVE AT THEE!!!! hehe.

4/4/2008 #5

Yes, well unfortunatly I am still at the age where my father controls a great protion of my life. The hair stays.

One thing I didn't say in the last post, I actually do think that people change their look to appear more available. If they do follow the sterotype then people can easily pick out weather or not they would be interested. Sometimes this backfires.

Long hair is awesome, nothing more and nothing less. Dig it.

4/4/2008 #6

awww, that bites. im lucky if i can get my mother to agree to dye my hair in certain ways.

and....ive got a slight confession to make, im one of those ppl. id try to dress...cuter? idk. i just really wanted a jacket in a Spencers store near my house and i guess it made me look cuter. so, i agree with the whole "dressing up" thing. as long as you keep your own style then its all the better right?

4/4/2008 #7

Funnily enough he did let me dye my hair purple, of all the colors I could have chosen. That was a while ago, though.

And I know that even if I wasn't a Lesbian I would still dress in 'boy' clothes, just because that's the way I've always dressed. It's just who I am, I guess.

But I do know one Lesbian who goes out of her way to dress in 'girl' clothes, and it's definetly a good look for her. That's who she is. To each their own.

4/5/2008 #8

when it all comes down to it, its all about what that certain person wants to be. or maybe they are just on a journey to find themselves. but then again...isnt that what we're doing? we try to find ourselves bit by bit...and day by day we hopefully get to know ourselves a bit better. or....we stay lost in the shadows of dispair for our whole lives not knowing what we can be or what we could be if we knew ourselves.

sry if im rambling...

4/5/2008 #9

That would make a great poem. :)

And it's all true! Everyone really is their own person. By the way, rambling is good, it helps the thought process.

4/5/2008 #10

yes, i agree that rambling is good sometimes but it gets you off topic. and...when i said all of that i was in a kind of poem'y type mood. sadly, thats past. XP!!!!!

4/5/2008 #11

Snap, I hate it when it leaves.

Here's something I just realized. You know when you're reading a boy/boy story that has any angst at all, nine times out of ten one of the characters has a ton of piercings or dyed hair. (Usually black with red highlights.) Why is that? Why not blond hair?

4/6/2008 #12

hmmm...id have to say its b/c red and black is just more memorable. plus, with blonde ppl and all of their stereotypes, red just sounds more...cool? not so sure but still....*spaz* i love the images that youre giving me. soooooooooooo hot!

4/7/2008 #13

Maybe that's the point, people think that's a 'hot' image. And blond is pretty stereotypical... I guess. But then, now black hair is getting to be a stereotype of emo-ish things too right?

I dunno, I just tend to babble.

4/7/2008 #14

*nod, nod* black hair is the emo style at present. just works that way i guess. but recently ive noticed that everyone is cutting their hair short and dyeing it brown. i sort of blame the seasons change but im just going to let my hair stay long. but thats just me.

4/7/2008 #15

The seasons probably do have something to do with it. Although, where i live usually people bleach their hair to some unnaturalstraw color. The think it looks cool, but it is atrociously unattractive. Blah.

I say, stick with your normal hair color as much as possible. That way, you don't have to bother with redying it or waiting for it to grow out.

4/9/2008 #16

i agree with you somewhat on keeping your natural hair color. it keeps it heathy and strong and you dont have to do so much maitenence on it. but then there is also the fact that they either want to make themselves more 'out there' or they want to be noticed for who they are. hair in general is one of the ways to do that. cloths is the other as well as peircings, tattoos, the list goes on to what ppl can do to their bodies.

anyway, i say this again, i agree with you that ppl should keep their natural hair color but what about just doing highlights or something? just a little something to spruce up their hair? like, take me for instance. i dont want a full head of blonde...*shudder*... just a bit of blond in my hair b/c ppl say that it brings out my eyes or something. do you think that that is going overboard or is that more acceptable? to just...keep it to a minimum?

4/10/2008 #17

Highlights are great, in my opinion. As long as it isn't like blond with black hair, then you can just let them grow out if you decide to. I've had highlights before, and they really do make hair look nicer. I do think that you can be more 'out there' by using your personality, but how you look can take a lot of work out of it. People notice how you look right away, not how you think.

Piercings are a good way to get noticed, because you can change the earing (Belly button ring, nose ring, what ever) as often as you want. I've gotten my ears pierced, but I'm a little lazy when it comes to actually wearing earings. Mostly just for special occasions.

4/11/2008 #18

oooh, i see. well, if youre like me who is afraid of needles/peircings then i just have a fake earing on hand. its just a bit of bent solder. if i spelled that right. eh heh heh.

let me just say this about hair and what you said, "its nice to be noticed but its even better to be agknowledged for how you think." granted, not everyone out there has a possitive opinion about certain things but still.....if they are willing to be civil then ill try my best to befriend them.

4/11/2008 #19

Very true on that last part. I can be any ones friend, unless they hate me. Sadly that happens all to often. I'm apparently not very like-able. My personality being a little... over bearing, at times.

Dig it, fake earings are way easier to maintain than real piercings.

4/11/2008 #20

and theyre really easy to make to. anyway, we got off on a tangent. what should we talk about now?

4/11/2008 #21

Music. Totally. What kind of music do you read about/listen to/other. I listen to anything and everything.

Also, shoes. (Two topics, go me!) Why is it that in a slash story they either go into great detail about the shoes, or don't even bother to mention them. When I say great detail, I mean brand name, style, color, etc. It's weird.

4/12/2008 #22

mmm, i mostly listen to techno. its what id prefer to listen to when im day dreaming about something...or someone. hehe. not in a bad way of course. just us strolling down a beach....and then a beach ball hits his head and i hug him. ANYWAY! yeah, techno is one of the best types for me. but if im kind of sad i really like piano type music.

hmmm, about the shoes part...im not really all to keep on that topic. im not really into fashion. ive never really paid any attention to shoes. but i have noticed that if a person is picking out an outfit then the author will just kind of say what it is or go into great detail and that throws me so off b/c im terrible with brands. and if another person, say a date or w/e, comes in then they either will give a really breif discription or just not say anything at all.

=- = it makes me cranky sometimes...

4/13/2008 #23

Beach ball...? Why not a volley ball, those are harder. They equal more unconsciousness and more mouth to mouth resuscitation. I listen to Country, but only because that's what is always on around where I live. Everywhere. Shops, malls, buses. It's stalking me!

I hate shoes. I barely know the difference between a sneaker and... something that isn't a sneaker. Yeah, and stuff. Which makes you cranky? The details or the nothing?

4/13/2008 #24

ZOMG! I just started a forum. We should talk there too, totally. http://www.fictionpress.com/myforums/Adenil/574025/

enjoy. Also, PM hates us. I don't think we can say email addresses. Snap.

4/13/2008 #25

depending on what im reading, sometimes to long of a description makes me cranky but then a lack of description also leave me mind to think "wait....what am i supposed to think about here!!!???"

hehe. okay, yeah. sometimes my mind goes into the gutter but im only human. it happens to the bestestest of us. country is okies in my opinion. Taylor Swift's Teardrops on my guitar is sooooooooooooooo beautiful! country in general is okay for me. not my first choice but i dont mind it from time to time. X3

lets see.....what else to talk about...I KNOW! right now im in class and i got busted for going on this forum. shes just walking around right now but seriously, she needs to lighten up.

4/14/2008 #26

That is one of the best songs ever! It's the first country song I downloaded to my play list. Love it.

Also... err, don't get in trouble with your teacher. That would suck. Give her a hug, hugs make everything better.

4/14/2008 #27
4/14/2008 #28

sry, didnt get to finish that one. and no, im never going to hug her. if shes got a problem with me she can voice it to me. im not hugging her EVER!

4/14/2008 #29

But... hugs make the world go 'round.... Mmm, hugs. Here's the thing, is she an old bat? Or a youngish lady?

4/14/2008 #30
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