Jesus Eats Babies
Contrary to popular stereotypes, Jesus finds one thing wrong with abortion: He wasn't there to eat them.
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Convert to the light and be saved: Believe in the light and I will make prophets out of all of you [Seamus 1:25] Believe in the light and you will become your own god [1 Toby 1:6] The Light Sees Everyone Equal: Did not Seamus say: ‘I am as high as you’ [Connor 4:7] For everyone, even me, is at the same level, we all have something to learn [Seamus 5:14] The light never lies: But the light is the truth, and only gives the truth [Seamus 5:5] LIGHT BLESS
11/21/2007 #1
He Has Risen
And how does one convert to the light?
3/10/2008 #2
What bible are you reading that Seamus, Toby, and Conner actually have their own gospels or whatever? And for all we know, light could totally lie. It could be a b*** little freak who wants to make us all think it is light when really it's dark. You never know, stranger things have happened O.o
3/16/2008 #3

If you are wishing to convert, read The Book Of Davis to understand.

Here is a link to it:

5/7/2008 . Edited 5/7/2008 #4

Im confused, explain this to me.

8/15/2008 #5
Leana C

Basically, this guy is talking about some religion he created based off of what he wrote on FP. It's basically Scientology all over again.

1/10/2009 #6

I don't think you're going about this right, Kaleb. I'm not trying to critizize, I'm just saying if you want to convert people, you don't just post that and say "click here if you want to convert" it is a choice of the heart and a journey of the spirit. :D But thank you for promoting the Light so nicely.

5/27/2009 #7
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