Yaoi Roleplay
A yaoi roleplay for me and my friends only, sorry.
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kage-youkai girl
Riku gave a small nod."N-no pro-problem.." he replied in a soft tone.
8/31/2007 #211
valerie catastrophe
Without much thought her walked over and kissed Riku's lips lightly.
8/31/2007 #212
kage-youkai girl
Riku was caught off guard by Jarred's action,soon his face was red from blushing too much,and lightly kissed back.
8/31/2007 #213
valerie catastrophe
Jarred pulled back and smiled a bit, blushing lightly with embarrassment, "Sorry. Couldn't stop myself..."
8/31/2007 #214
kage-youkai girl
"I-it's o-ok...I-I...I-I l-liked i-it." Riku said softly.
8/31/2007 #215
valerie catastrophe
Jarred nodded slowly, "Still..." he said quietly.
8/31/2007 #216
kage-youkai girl
"I-it's o-ok...re-really..." he said softly.
8/31/2007 #217
valerie catastrophe
Jarred nodded, still not entirely convinced, "Alright."
8/31/2007 #218
kage-youkai girl
Riku gave a small nod.
8/31/2007 #219
valerie catastrophe
Jarred looked around, unsure of what to do, when a sudden loud roar of thunder shattered the silence.
9/2/2007 #220
kage-youkai girl
Riku jumped,and gave a small yelp at the sound of thunder.
9/2/2007 #221
valerie catastrophe
"Are you alright?" Jarred asked sitting next to Riku,
9/3/2007 #222
kage-youkai girl
Riku looked at Jarred."I-I...I-I d-don't l-like th-thunder...th-thunderstorms.." he said softly.
9/3/2007 #223
valerie catastrophe
Jarred nodded and hugged Riku close, "Don't worry." he said softly.
9/9/2007 #224
kage-youkai girl
Riku was somewhat comforted by Jarred holding him,and cuddled closer to his(Jarred's) chest.
9/9/2007 #225
valerie catastrophe
Jarred stroked Riku's hair gently, whispering soothing words into his[Riku's] ear as he did so.
9/9/2007 #226
kage-youkai girl
(The scene is sooooooo kawaii!!!!!!^///////////^)

Riku enjoyed the gentle touch from Jarred.'I never want this feeling to end.' he thought to himself.

9/9/2007 #227
valerie catastrophe
[Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it really is!!!!!!!!! ^,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,^]

Jarred continued to whisper the soothing words and gently stroke Riku's hair, enjoying their time together as the storm slowly began to subside.

9/9/2007 #228
kage-youkai girl

Riku began to calm down,rested his head under Jarred's.

9/9/2007 #229
valerie catastrophe

Jarred kissed the top of Riku's head lightly, "It's okay." he whispered.

9/9/2007 #230
kage-youkai girl
Riku nodded."O-ok." he said softly.
9/9/2007 #231
valerie catastrophe
Jarred kissed Riku's cheek gently, smiling slightly at him, "See?" he said softly now that the storm was gone.
9/9/2007 #232
kage-youkai girl
Riku nodded,and lightly kissed Jarred's cheek back.
9/9/2007 #233
valerie catastrophe
Jarred smiled at him again, kissing Riku's lips this time.
9/9/2007 #234
kage-youkai girl
Riku blushed a bit,and kissed Jarred back.
9/9/2007 #235
valerie catastrophe
Jarred gently nipped at Riku's lower lip, still kissing him. [Riku]
9/11/2007 #236
kage-youkai girl
Riku softly moaned,but continued to kiss back.
9/11/2007 #237
valerie catastrophe
Jarred smiled to himself, repeating the action, as his arms wrapped around Riku's waist.
9/13/2007 #238
kage-youkai girl
Riku softly moaned again,and gentely wrapped his arms around Jarred's neck.
9/13/2007 #239
Chishio-youkai girl
Jason sat on a tree branch in the park. He had his I-pod on and was listening to dark church music.
9/20/2007 #240
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