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Clever name eh? Okay a forum basically to discuss your own work and others and have an aimless chat about stuff. So get Inspired, everyone's welcome!
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Hunter Victoria
So I am writting this story about a girl, she's in highschool. Her life is a normal one, family, school, friends, gossip, and, BOYS! But she gets caught up in the wrong crowd and people start talking. Her self esteem is slowly draining, she can't handle all the pressure. She starts thinking negetive things about herself because she only sees what others see in her. She's lost who she really is, untill one day she meets an old woman who changes her veiw on life. Hows it sound? Bad? Good? Needs more work? You tell me. xoxoxox AngeliScars
11/23/2006 #1
Beautifully morbid
That sounds great how about mine; The girls name is Staci, and she has a dairy that she wonders about death, and so she's figuring ways to die, and answer her questions and to see if her points are correct, but before she dies some kids at school hear about her wanting to commit suiside so she gets the nick name; Suisidle Staci..How 'but that???
12/5/2006 #2
The Egg
Angelic Scars: It sounds average, except the old lady part. Make sure that the lead character doesn't just randomly fall into the bad crowd or something; a good idea would be to make her fall in love with a badass in said Crowd, making her previous 'popular' friends dislike her when they're actually really jealous, and when the main girl finally gets to go out with this badass who pulled her into the bad crowd, it turns out he's a total j***. Then she meets the old lady, who finds her like, crying in a park or something, and yeah. Sorry. I was just kind of taking over there. Hope Misery: I didn't get it, who answers Staci's questions? And if anything, make sure that the chapters are over 2000 words. I hate those one-paragraph chapters, unless they're done very well and integrate into the previous story. It's SUICIDAL with a 'C' too, but I'm not sure if the American way of spelling is the same everywhere else.
1/1/2007 #3
I got a story. I'm new to the story thing so help me out and read it It's called Morose Shade of Yellow. It's about a sour little girl. I think you guys out there in fictionpress land will like it
1/16/2007 #4
Hi everyone! My company, Notes and Cards features a stories section where YOUR stories could be featured. You need only provide the links to your stories if you wish to participate. This section is aimed at not only entertaining my customers but also at increasing your publicity. This is a chance to let your stories be seen by others besides those of the FP community. I know i sound like a commercial but i need your consent before i advertise your stories. Thank you for your cooperation. Yours, Anna E. Stories of any genre will be considered but i will only be accepting the first twenty candidates. Cheers! P.S. This section is for entertainment purposes only and I will not be charging visitors to read your work so please do not expect payment. Once more, Cheers! Please visit the page on which your links will be posted along with a brief summary at: Please don't let the site name decieve you as i make it extremely clear that your works are yours.
3/3/2007 #5
Agent Awesome
Angelic Scars: I think it sounds really interesting. The only part that I would maybe change is have her do something that makes her a loner instead of part of the "wrong crowd". She would be more likely to have low self-esteem if she had no friends than if she had friends from the wrong side of the tracks. I like the old lady idea though. New twist on a common plot. Hope Misery: Spell check and proofread! It would make it a lot easier for people to understand the point you are trying to get across.
4/21/2007 #6
LL Anonymous
I think all the stories sound really great, although some may need some work. Anyhow, I was wondering what your thoughts on my story is. If anyone steals my idea, I will seriously hunt you down and torture you!... Okay maybe a bit dramatic. But please, people, do not steal my idea. You know what? I'm going to put a copyright thing on it. So here is the summary: Checking into rehab was one of the last things I would consider. But now I realize that enlisting in it wasn't as bad after all. Actually, it's bitter sweet. The sweet part: I fell in love. The bitter part: I put her into a coma and now she's on life support. © Copyright 2007 LL Anonymous All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of LL Anonymous.
5/7/2007 #7
LMAO!!!! Ok i won't steal your idea. I'm sorry that was really funny, the copyright thing and whatnot. Sounds interesting though; the teaser was well done. I'm intrigued as i was when "The Riches" was being advertised. Nehoot, i should be reading for my AP Bio exam so i'll leave now....ahhhh...i can't wait for the 15th. :D
5/7/2007 #8
Universal Completion
okay. First I have to say the story summaries I've read so far are very good. Second here my story that I working on (and is also on fictionpress, so you can read it.) Its called Me,Lloyd, and the BIG word called Love. (I always change the title so it would be better just to look up my name.) Its about a 18 year old girl named Alex. the summer before she goes off to college, she find out her hot ex-boyfriend is coming to town, and guess what! he's going to be staying with her. her ex-boyfriend Lloyd, also tried to r*** her two years back (but he didn't, key word TRIED). while Lloyd is staying with Alex, she learns a lot of new thing about her friends past. she also meet a new guy named Ray, who is Lloyds ex-bestfriend. now Alex has a problem, Lloyd or Ray. trust me it not going to be an easy to decide who she wants! Right now, I have 18 chapter posted, and I'm working on the 19. if you liked the summary, please look up my story and read it. I hope you'll enjoy it!
9/17/2007 #9
Shelly McCoy
Well, following this trend of posting the summaries of our own... My story is called Future, and it is about a girl named Genevieve. It is told when she is seventeen, although the actual story takes place a year earlier. It talks about a night a year before when everything came undone.
9/24/2007 #10
Ooh well hello, I started this story, about a teenager who gets caught up in his families secret Keith Falker is a normal teenager, until he discovers his families secret, now on the run from an organization bent on killing him,reporters, wildilife conservatives, with only an ex marine, 15yr old Sarah Sheller and a 5yr old girl, can you say 'Ah F***' thats the summary.
2/18/2008 #11
oops double post
2/18/2008 . Edited 2/18/2008 #12
Caedes Calamus
AngeliScars: I think it sounds good, but you're going to need a bit more originality because it sounds a bit cliche-esque.
2/29/2008 . Edited 2/29/2008 #13
Caedes Calamus
Universal Completion: Even if he [i]only tried[/i] to r*** her, why would any girl go back to the bloody idiot who tried to r*** her? That's ridiculous. "It's the thought that counts!" Yea, that applies to bad things, too.
2/29/2008 #14
Shades Of A Tulip

Allrightey. I'll do a tad explaining on my story Claudette.

Claudette's your average fifteen girl. Average grades, average looks, average friends. That is, she's average if you don't count an abusive stepmom, a stoner dad, a dead mother, a half sister who doesn't talk, and another half sister adding to the chaos. Add some angst, teenage problems, and we've got ourselves a first draft in the making.

Part one was just finished and posted. I'm okay with it at the moment,


After editting the first draft a few times, I hope to try and get it published.

8/22/2008 #15
Sarky Charkey

Well my story is about two stupid teens that end up with a lot on their plate. Enough said. I am rubbish at writing overviews but the story has 9 chapters so far, so if you're fed up of reading 300 word things, go read Sam & Sarah! (:

9/13/2008 #16

At first glance your story sounds like a complete and total cliche, but when the old lady is mentioned it becomes completely original.

12/25/2008 #17

Your idea seems like a cliche, but it sounds like it will be a good story if original ideas are put in place like the old lady xD. I hope everything works well =)

Oh, and I have a story of my own that I have published, but it isn't complete yet =). Check it out. It's called I will Protect You.

Summary: It's about two sisters: Neela (oldest) and Leena (youngest) who go through terrible abuse for 4 years by "HIM" They struggle through life, but one day they are separated when trying to escape and Neela who fears men, is saved by one man. She will have to overcome her fear and somehow find her sister again.

This is a romance/tragedy story. I hope you'll give it a go and review, review, review! =)

5/19/2009 #18
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