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Clever name eh? Okay a forum basically to discuss your own work and others and have an aimless chat about stuff. So get Inspired, everyone's welcome!
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All Alone With Her Thoughts
I have to agree with that. Sometimes a random idea just pops into your head and it's like: POOF. A idea.
2/6/2007 #31
Absolutely everything inspires me. I once wrote a dedication to all the people who helped me write the story. It said "If I know you, thank you. If not, thank you in advance." Just yesterday, I spent about twenty minutes trying to think of non-cliched ways to describe rain. I didn't even have any parts in my stories where I needed to. I've had stories about things that've happened to me, random thoughts that crossed my mind, things people tell me... In my opinion, everything is a story, it's just waiting for someone who recognizes it as one. Or my internal writer is missing an off button.
3/27/2007 #32
Rozovian G
There's inspiration and then there's inspiration. Inspiration, as in will or strength to write, finds words, stick with teh story is something an input-output thing. I need to watch or read or hear things that fill up the inspiration meter, and then as I write, I use it up. Most of our thoughts, dreams, beliefs, everything, is input-output, with a little filter in our head saying what we like and what we don't, called choice. That type of inspiration usually comes, for me, from movies, TV, as I don't read as much as I write. Music is a great source of inspiration too, a way of shutting out the present world and focus on the fictious one. Then there's the type of inspiration that comes with ideas. For me, that's usually thematic things, or locations. I can see something, like, a tree, and just see stories happen in or around it. See many enough trees, and they end up combined into some kind of forest/cave. See a building with a large elevator? What happens in there, what can happen, what do I see happen with it? Places are usually the source of the story for me. My latest fics are very much loctaion-based, each chapter deriving its name from the place it's set in. But when it comes to what ties a story together, what keeps me writing it, it's the characters themselves. Once you've written enough about the characters, you want to find some closure for them, or for you. You want to finish their story. That rarely happens, for me at least, unless I've gotten to know the characters and their story.
4/6/2007 #33
Sexy Vampirechick
Finding the inspiration to write a story is not hard,but the inspiration to continue a story is really hard.I don't know why but I've always lost track,then it's like...blank.But when I do come up with ideas,I forgot where I left off. Anyone can help me out on this?I'm currently trying to read over my story,so I could continue,but any better solutions?
4/7/2007 #34
That's pretty much what I do. Other than that, you just really have to remember what you liked about the story in the first place. Or just hang on the whole time, and don't let yourself stop writing when you have a good idea.
4/7/2007 #35
Sexy Vampirechick
Good idea,I'll try to keep that in mind.
4/7/2007 #36
Rozovian G
Make a basic outline of the story, don't go too far. Just: Boy meets Girl: Boy gets Dog Dog runs off Girl finds Dog Boy looks for Dog Boy finds Girl with Dog End This is the very basic plot outline. As mentioned in a previous post, I derive much of the story from locations, so I'd add: Boy living in forest town gets Dog Dog runs off into generic forest Girl finds Dog by steady stream Boy looks for Dog in creepy forest Boy finds Girl with Dog by little waterfall Depending on what drives your writing, you could instead of locations use dialogue (Boy mumbling for himself, Boy yelling, Boy cursing, Boy praying... eventually Boy talks to Girl), minor events (trips on shoelaces, finds pawprints, hears Girl talking to Dog), moods (Boy pissed, Boy, scared, Boy exhausted), weather (sunny, rainy, windy, misty), time of day (morning, day, evening, night), environment (underbrush, snow, mudpools), wording pace, or anything else. Just, find that thing that you see the story in. Adapt these to your story and see what happens. Unless you write mechanically, don't plan too much.
4/8/2007 #37
Agent Awesome
For me, just about anything can cause inspiration. Most of the time it will just be a random thought that pops into my head. Either that or I will be daydreaming and think, "Wouldn't it be interesting if...?" and then it turns into a plot somehow. I find myself people-watching a lot, too. You can really get a lot of different ideas just by watching how people act and react to certain things. Thunderstorms and rain always get me in a creative mood, too. I don't know why.
4/21/2007 #38
Agent Awesome
For me, just about anything can cause inspiration. Most of the time it will just be a random thought that pops into my head. Either that or I will be daydreaming and think, "Wouldn't it be interesting if...?" and then it turns into a plot somehow. I find myself people-watching a lot, too. You can really get a lot of different ideas just by watching how people act and react to certain things. Thunderstorms and rain always get me in a creative mood, too. I don't know why.
4/21/2007 #39
Agent Awesome
Crap double post. Sorry!
4/21/2007 #40
Recently, a friend told me a plot outline that I had thought up years ago. I'm not sure where it came from, it's barely my style at all, and I don't know what inspired me. I guess, while writing that, that's my biggest problem. I don't know what the inspiration was. Some people say that they get plots slowly over a period of time. For me, it's almost always a BANG experience. I'm sitting around and then suddenly the plot comes out of nowhere, smacks me in the head, and implants itself in my brain. Do you ever misread or mishear something and get an idea from it? I do.
4/21/2007 #41
Agent Awesome
Yeah, sometimes I will misinterpret what someone is telling me, and then when they correct me, I realize that my mistake could make an excellent plotline. For example, a little while ago my friend texted me and said, "I have a brother!" I immediately thought that she had found out that she had a sibling that had been raised by a different family, and they were just now reunited. It turns out that really her parents had just sponsored a child in Peru, but my mistake ended up forming part of a plot in one of my stories. Also, I will sometimes have a certain portion of a plot worked out and have no idea where I'm going with it, and then one day I will just all of a sudden get this idea that fits into the first part of the plot perfectly.
4/21/2007 #42
The Last Muse
I am inspired very often. Usually I'm just listening to music. I sit and listen to the music and lyrics and the mood of the overall thing. Usually writing just comes to me whenever I'm listening to music.
5/14/2007 #43
Susannah Simon
That's interesting... i can't write or read with my music on. I can do anything else with music playing, though! Hmmm... i got inspiration for my book from taking a social psychology class and learning about schizophrenia. then a week later in church, the priest didn't even say anything that triggered this, but i turned to my mom and was like "I just got the BEST idea for a book!!!!" and, of course, she said, "I don't want to hear about it." haha I just normally think of a really interesting plot. then i think of the people I want to create. I make a list of EVERYTHING about them: hair color, eye color, height, childhood experiences, weird habits, behavior, the way they sit in a chair, dimples or no dimples, what they like to wear, whether they prefer a city or the country, etc... it goes on and on. then i fit them into the plotline and change the plot a little to match their personalities. then, if there's going to be a huge twist in the story, i decide what chapter that's going to be in. then i just start writing at chapter 1!!!
6/14/2007 #44
The Winking Peach Candle
inspiration...hmmm...i have a whole lot of stuff! 1) music - when i'm writing and listening to it, it's like i can hear the song and the story at the same time. 2) a good book - one that really touches me! 3) nature - i simply love nature, everytime i go outside it's like these random thoughts just let themselves in. it's practically like meditating, because my mind just opens up to everything. 4) conversation - i'll be talking to someone about something, and the topic is just screaming at me to write on it. 5) media - if i watch something on the news, or an ad and it touches me, i'll go look it up on the internet. like the topic of animal experimentation--that just horrified me! i need to get working on that essay... 6) colors - ever closed your eyes and seen a few color spots mixed in with the black? that inspires me. :P 7) earth - as in dirt, sand, mud. i love to go and sit down in it and run it through my fingers. (ppl think i'm crazy for wanting to sit on the ground all the time, i'll refuse an perfectly empty seat if it means i get to sit on the dirty floor) and since i'm down in New Mexico it's normally warm sand. that just calms me down and thoughts start coming in. hmmm...that's all i got for now, i may add more later. - From the Earthen Ground -
6/15/2007 #45
The Winking Peach Candle
ahh! i just remembered! 8) school - yeah, that's right, school. can't beleive that place gives me anything, but it DOES give me inspiration. anywho's, we discuss a lot of interesting things in school. sometimes math work inspires me, i swear, looking at algabraic equations makes me inspired! weird... 9) my pets - my sweet doggie, Roxie. my lovely cats, Frisky, Ketra, and Silky. they are so human-like, i consider them my sisters and brother. they are always doing the weirdest things, and it gives me inspiration for things humans will do. 10) art - when i went to the art gallery a few weeks ago i got a whole load of inspiration. and i normally get a lot from DeviantArt. 11) people - often times i like to just watch ppl, they're so strange sometimes. - From the Earthen Ground -
6/15/2007 #46
hey thats funny because I love running my hands through warm sand too ;)
6/16/2007 #47
I can't remember a time when I have written any of my fic without ear-phones in my ears! The rock metals soothe the brain and that's when the inspiration hits!
6/28/2007 #48
Bobby McGee
I'm inspired at odd times. I thought of one of my fics when I was cooking dinner, and another was spawned by the thought: 'Damn, these student/teacher fics are all the same.' I have a horror story on hold that I came up with watching one of those stupid Pixar films with the cuddly animals. It just comes from all over the place. - Bobbie
6/30/2007 . Edited 7/20/2007 #49
It's hard to say when exactly I get "inspired". For me, a new story idea strikes whenever I'm most relaxed. Usually I'll be sitting down somewhere and suddenly a new idea just hits me, and I have to go and get my notebook to write it all down. But I do get inspired by life events as well. I would love to be able to publish a book one day. That would be amazing.
8/6/2007 #50
Snowy Days
Ah,inspiration.It can come from anything. Usually it includes myself staring at something then talking to myself out loud on how that would be 'awesome'.(I get quite a few weird looks at school;it's always in Tech. class where I talk to myself the most...)For some reason, I can get inspired by almost anything,a book,a movie,a game,a random in-animate object. If I see something that somehow intrigues me,chances are I'll write into my diary of plot-bunnies.I usually get inspired as I'm going to sleep,so then I have to steathly crawl out of bed and write the idea down. But then again, that's just me.If I were to publish something...chances are it would simply be a collection of short stories...I can't seem to focus on one thing.I have to say, my most prized inspiration is Beauty and the Beast.I don't know why...
12/7/2007 #51
I'm inspired by little events or things in my daily life. Like, my story "Silence in the Snow" was inspired by something similar that happened to me. "Claire's Story" is inspired by something I fear would have happened. But just little everyday things. A child riding their bike, the first snow of the season, encounters with boys(but of course, I'm a teenage girl- when am I NOT going to at least think about a romance story?). I'm an artist, as well, so I'm constantly thinking up comic ideas. But I never seem to draw them on paper.
3/23/2008 #52
Sour Plums
What inspires me is this site. When I read a story that's going really well, I think "hey, I can do that!" and I get in the mood to write. I realized this recently, which is why I've been frequenting so much. the thing that KEEPS me writing is writing food. Bacon, sauteed onions in barbecue sauce, sandwiched in bagel with cream cheese. mmmm mmmm mmmm!
3/25/2008 #53

The world inspires me, as cliche as that sounds. From people to bugs, it doesn't matter.

5/20/2008 #54
a far better fate

There are a lot of things that inspire me, actually. If I have a reason to be writing something (an admissions peice for a camp or arts school, something for a class, whatever), I can't do it without inspiration. I got into this summer program for writing this year that's really hard to get into, and I thought my admissions peice wasn't that great, because I didn't have anything that inspired me. I just...wrote. But then afterwards, I decided to stop writing that one (I tend to do this a lot) and start another one. This time, I was inspired by music. One particular song actually. It was "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton. Every time I heard this song...I don't know. I just felt a very strong need to write. I got really...giddy, I guess you could say whenever I heard to first few notes. But that's only one way I'm inspired. (The story is Firsts. Please feel free to review it).

Another way is through the writing of an author or a friend. I started this one story about 2 or 3 months ago about a girl and all these things that go wrong in her life. (It's called One Second if you'd like to review it for me. Yes, I'm shameless, plugging both my stories on here). That one was kind of inspired by Jodi Picoult and by my best friend, who's also a writer (an amazing one at that) and had just put something up on her blog that she'd written.

I also get inspired by nature. And random sounds. And dreams. Those are mostly for my poetry. Instances in my life inspire me, too. Some little task, like pouring a glass of milk, or buying a slurpee, or going to starbucks. I put these things in my stories when I'm at a road block, and the mundane just makes it easier to type, because I've just experienced it and know what it's like.

6/6/2008 #55
Shades Of A Tulip

I guess what really inspires me is my own experiences. My stuff is mostly depressing, because I normally can’t stand something sugar coated. It just isn’t how life normally is. I guess you could say my work is very realistic, even though I’ve never finished one of my novels. The Halfway Home of Claudette (check it out) is my project right now, and it’s mostly inspired on the inside battle of the person you want to be and accepting who you really are. It’s those kind of personal battles that inspire me.

7/21/2008 #56

I get inspired to write a story when I go through the roughest experiences of my life. I always have to write everything down in my notebook too. Hopefully I can publish one of my stories one day.

8/4/2008 #57
sunlit insomnia

My inspiration comes from very odd places and at random times. While books, movies and the news are great ways to get almost instant inspiration, even the most random events can trigger an idea. Just last night I got inspiration for the beginning of a story of someone leaning over the toilet puking, just from leaning over to toilet to flush it! haha! One night while I was watching When Weather Changed History, a woman named Gay was talking about some time in history. And I thought, it would suck to be named Gay, and it would be even more ironic if you turned out to be gay. So I am now writing a story about that. (I'll be posting it soon). I got another idea one night when I was taking my glasses off before bed and thinking how I basically need my glasses to see. Then I got an idea for a girl who wakes up blind and strange things begin happening. I will be writing that one soon. haha.

Just yesterday I was watching the news about that Caylee girl who supposidly was killed by her mother and my brain wandered into the idea of a man keeping child hostage in a basement, while the rest of the family is unaware, for his own pleasure. So that one will come eventually. I also got another idea yesterday by a guy on the news named Trace. So then I thought of a title: Without a Trace or Not a Trace. I combined that with an idea from the night before of a girl visiting a relative who lives in an apartment and falling in love with a boy who lives there and is secretly a werewolf. So now his name is Trace and I have an entire plan for that one. I got an idea about a month ago from a street called Mill rd. So I came up with a story called Mill Hill about a girl who's normal life changes radically.

So, overall, I get a lot of unexpected ideas from names of people and places, and a lot of ideas come to me at night. Inspiration to just keep writing comes from my favorite author's websites. Stephenie Meyer and Ellen Schreiber are my favorites. Also I like going to R.L Stines site just to read his Q&A thingy. I've only read like two of his books for teens, but his site is definitly inspiring.

And of course, the idea of someday getting published always keeps me writing. Because writing is basically my life, becoming a published writer would be the ultimate! ;3

8/9/2008 #58

Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite authors too. I just bought Breaking Dawn yesterday and I am really loving the book right now. I have been reading it all day yesterday and today. One of my stories called Obscurity I was not even planning on posting the story at all. But I had a dream about a blonde guy with blue eyes chasing me in nothing but darkness. I finally manage to get away from him but in seconds he catches me, and then his blue eyes turn to red and then turns to black in quick flashes. But I told the demon that I was not afraid of him and then he disappeared, that nightmare haunted me for six days until I could finally sit down to write the story and the poem down in my notebook.

I live in Florida and Caylee has just turned 3 today it's all over the news right now too. My story inspiration was from my nightmare which was weird. Because I never can remember my dreams because I sleep so hard. Most of my inspiration can come from Evanescence songs or classical piano music that play on my keyboard. Some times my inspiration can come from books, but I have other ideas that I come up with.

8/9/2008 #59
Evil with a touch of kindness

Most of the time I'm just sitting and staring and being bored, and then I see something and my mind works with it. Other times I thend to steal bits form other peoples story's and stick them all together. -.-' got to stop doing that..

8/9/2008 #60
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