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Clever name eh? Okay a forum basically to discuss your own work and others and have an aimless chat about stuff. So get Inspired, everyone's welcome!
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Okay, I want to ask the mundane people this...

Is there anybody here that absolutely despises FanFiction.net? I mean, I'm personally not a fan of fan fiction myself, and a lot of the stuff they have on there is "erotic" h*** garbage from their favorite Animé.

I don't bite; what do you prefer: This site or FanFiction.net?

10/6/2010 . Edited 10/6/2010 #1

I like FanFiction.Net. I have an account there. True, there is some absolute rubbish that would make the authors die in their sleep, but there's some really creative stuff in there. Well, there is in the Maximum Ride and Artemis Fowl sections. I don't know alot of anime so I haven't really been on there.

I prefer FF.Net solely because I have a lot of e-buddies on there to guide me on my way, where as I am rather alone here. But I think that this site is a very creative and overall good idea.

10/16/2010 #2
Nickel Mansette

It depends, I enjoy both, because I get to see my favorite characters (mainly Takumi and Ryosuke from Initial D) in a new light on fanfiction.net, but I also get to see new people who have their own style and mindsets on fictionpress.com.

12/8/2010 #3
Charlotte Phanrose

Hey! I don't despise Fanfiction.net by any means, I'm afraid. I like FictionPress and Fanfiction.net equally, though I have fonder memories of the latter than the former. The latter helped me discover, explore, and hone my writing ability, and I was able to learn that I'm not alone in my hobbies and interests; I was able to find friends in the fanfiction community, and that makes me happy whenever I log into FF.Net.

Have a good one!

Charlotte "Charlie" Phanrose

4/30/2015 . Edited 5/2/2015 #4
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