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Hey! I'm having some troubles with what I'm writing about if it seems real or not. Here's my problem: I'm writing a book dealing with five suicidal teenagers. One of them is gay, and he had a boyfriend he loved very much. Tha boyfriend died in a gang fight involving the gang the other teen was in. Four or five days after this incident, he is in a suicide rehabilitation center and I am writing a part of the next chapter in his POV again. My question is, is it realistic for the chapter to be all about this teen's boyfriend/his feelings and reactions to his boyfriend's death? Would it be too mopey, too "woe is me"? If you need more information on either of the characters to answer, just say so and I will tell you more! One thing I forgot: the teen believes the death of his boyfriend is all his fault. Thanks in advance if you decide to help!
8/3/2011 #1
Krystal Rock

I think it would help the reader to understand his feelings and mind better. So, no, it wouldn't be to woe is me.

10/30/2011 #2
Icy Shadows
Whenever a character dies, whether important or not to the story, I feel it's good when the author can write in certain reactions from the main characters. In this case, the character that died, the boyfriend, was important to one of the teens and could have been the reason he is suicidal in the first place, or just another driving force. This could be useful to introduce a side to the character the reader has yet to see, through pain and loss. I'm sure It wouldn't be too "woe is me" since it's the loss of someone important. Boyfriends/girlfriends tend to be influential in our lives and so perhaps your character holds a lot of memories. plus you already mentioned the guilt he holds. I would be interested in reading it actually! Stay inspired. :)
3/7/2012 . Edited 3/7/2012 #3

The problem is that a lot of writers can take issues like suicide, r***, drugs, and the like, and make it seem melodramatic, like the writer had just watched a bad after-school special or something. I think subtlety could be your friend here, so think about how to keep things moving without exhausting the readers with an overly heavy internal monologue.

5/19/2012 #4
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