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I could have sworn that the title was "Burning Paper Houses", but I can't find it anywhere on here. Its a slash story, and one of the main characters is a young man with a french accent, red hair, and one blind eye. I can't remember any names, sadly, but I do remember that the redhead gets his butt kicked by some jocks becuase of his sister, who is really popular and really doesn't like her brother. Her 'boyfriend' ends up with the brother. Its really been bothering the crap out of me that I can't find it on here. I might have gotten the title wrong, of course, but thats why I'm asking. Thanks for any info!!!
12/13/2011 #1
I remember the story. It was one of my favorites. Unfortunately the author took down all of her stories in 2010 and wrote a note that she wouldn't be posting anymore or sharing any of her stories anywhere.
12/14/2015 #2
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