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So, I'm currently writing a story that includes a police hostage negotiation situation, but I don't know much about one, for instance, when the hostage taker is in the room, would the police try to talk to him through a bullhorn, which I'd prefer not to do (it's too cliche) or do they try to call him from a cell phone or landline? And how do they know that he's in there, if no one managed to call 911? If people heard gunshots and called the police, the police still wouldn't know it's a hostage situation, I don't think. I don't really know how to write this. Please help!! ANY tips or pointers welcome! (If it makes you more willing, I'll do a review for you? I'm desperate!)

8/8/2012 #1
I'm not going to try claim any reward, but if you post this in the NaNoWriMo "Reference Desk" forums you're a lot more likely to get a good answer.
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Thank you!! I'm new, I don't really know what I'm doing. I'll try that.

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Just Entity

I think that if you want to make it original, then you should do something completely out there. The cell phone thing is really good, but you need to tie it into the criminal holding the hostage. maybe make the criminal be the detectives step brother-- the detective could call him and try to talk him out of doing anything and just coming out with his hands up. something along those lines. or the criminal could come out, but you could find a way for him to be on a suicide mission. PM me for any other questions

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