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So, I was told that my chances of getting my story published if I post my story on fiction are slim to none, because publishers consider it already being published. Even though I haven't finished my book, I'd like to someday, and I'd really like to publish it, so I'm not going to take my chances. However, I would like to get reviews, so I decided to email the chapters as they come to anyone interested in reading them, and they can review. I do keep proof that the story is mine, and if it is stolen from me, I will sue, so I wouldn't try it if I were you, but if you are not intending to steal it, I would really appreciate your input.

Here's the summary: Five teenagers in Needles, California, each going through their own sort of struggle. Tess Holland, a shy girl trying to bear the loss of a beloved father alone; Lena Mingarelli, an offbeat, but seemingly happy girl with hidden insecurities; Cooper Reeves, a socially awkward writer struggling to find her voice, recently switched from an entire life of being home schooled to her senior year in a typical, cutthroat high school situation; Michael Damien, a high school dropout and runaway who sees homelessness as a better alternative to living in the same house as his crack addict mother; Alex Falk, a boy who has everything: beauty, respect, a gorgeous girlfriend, money--everything but a family he can be proud of. But they find themselves drawn to an abandoned house, or more importantly, an old notebook inside the attic of said house. Them find a vent for their problems by writing to each other anonymously, and form a strong bond through their secrets. Meanwhile they fight with each other at school, wave at each other from across the street, or pass each other running at the high school track, never knowing each other's faces...until their haven is threatened to be torn down by the city council.

It's a young adult fiction, pretty clean content-wise, although it does deal with serious issues like death, bulemia, drug addiction, physical abuse, and sex (maybe). That may sound like an oxymoron, so let me explain. I'm trying to keep the content clean (like not having cursing every other word or explicit sex scenes), but I don't want to shy away from the things the characters go through. Anyway, there it is. If you'd like the first chapter, pm me with you email address and I'll send it to you, if you promise to send back a review.

7/6/2008 #1

I have a semi-finished novel that I'd like to officially publish (hence why it's not on this site) and I'd like to know more about how I could get my work published. You can message me because it'd be very helpful.

7/24/2008 #2

You're asking the wrong person there. I've never even gotten semi-finished, much less tried to publish. I'm just trying to advertise my story. There are probably some internet articles on how to get published, but I'm working on getting finished first.

7/26/2008 #3
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