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Clever name eh? Okay a forum basically to discuss your own work and others and have an aimless chat about stuff. So get Inspired, everyone's welcome!
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Lord Pacific
Well... Hi evryone... Im new to this comunity... But im a somewhat experienced writer... The problem is that... Im lazy... Very lazy... The case is... I have an idea for a story... Actualy its many ideas... But its one story... Like i said earlier im lazy as a mofo... Can't do it alone... Need help... Anyone willing to calaborate??? Its a reely long one... So the more writers the better... Its a very complex story... Politics... Action... And luv... All in one... Sounds interesting??? It is... So... Thats my idea... What do u think??? (P.S. I omited details on the plot un-porpose, i jus want to wait for some replies...)
11/4/2006 #1
Hello Pacific! It sounds like a pretty good plot, I love political based stories, I have many conspiracy theories lol. Can't we find out a "little" bit about the plot? Please? Because I can immediately think of ten stories that match your criteria. Maybe not ten. Okay, about three. Any way, tell me more (lazy as a mofo lol you take after me)
11/7/2006 #2
The Egg
Hey LP, I'll help too. I'm pretty good with grammar and everything, so I could beta or something if you wanted.
11/8/2006 #3
The Key of Destiny
Eh, I guess I'll help out too... just tell me more about the plot, though...
11/12/2006 #4
hi lp alexpanda here how about this for a plot (sounds a bit james bondish but who cares it's a nice plot) the goverment of vetnam is pissed off about the usa for the vetnam war and has sent a spy named wong tong to enter into the usa and try and take out the most powerful people, in the highest jobs, and wong tong starts to fall in love with a hot american agent and is tricked into having sex and she finds out more than he wants her to know. hope that you find this helpful, and useable
12/1/2006 #5
The Winking Peach Candle
i'd love to help. i'm crazy about grammar and spelling...so i could help somewhat in that. and i'm a rather good critique if that's what else you need. and i'd love to hear about your plot. - From the Earthen Ground -
6/15/2007 #6
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