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Enigmatic Night
Ok So when writing a story that starts out as simple humor, what do you do when it starts to sound more like a totally different genre? Do you leave it there or change it? I've changed mine, because it's starting to sound like it belongs in the 'Young Adult' section, even in my head lol. (Meaning what I have not written yet) Just curious as to what people would Classify as Young Adult/Comedy/Romance, which is another genre that can intermingle with Young Adult. So please.. do help me clarify. Well have a nice day people!! :)
11/10/2006 #1
I think it's really hard to write anything that's exclusively humour, so I think you're right to put it in the y/a and have humour as a subcategory. My main story, Vinegar and Honey has been through about a million genre changes- it started out in Romance, then general, then y/a and now romance is only the 3rd subgenre so there you go -shrug-. I think Y/A intermingles frequently with angst (not a big fan of angst but whatever) and obviously its normally based around teenagers so it's my area of choice!
11/11/2006 #2
I know, but you have to decide whatever genre (may I say that? Hmmm.) tends to feel the strongest in the story. If it's mostly romance with comedy, do those two in that order. When I click on Young Adult, most of the stories tend to be either m/m or f/f stories, lol, so yeah. If they're not that, then they're mostly suicidal, I find. Well. Buh-bye.
11/15/2006 #3
LOL I have no absolute clue what to classify my story as. I put young adult because it's about a teen but I'm not sure if it's funny and it definately doesn't start out as a romantic story
1/15/2007 #4
Even if you're not sure it's funny you should leave it under humor. Some of us are easily amused. [q]Americans drive on the right side of the road. RIGHT...get it?[/q]
1/24/2007 #5
I usually put my story underneath the young adult or romance section, but I ALWAYS have humor as a subgenre. With me, I have to have belly-busting laughs and little giggles here and there in a story in order for me to be hooked. Some of my friend who read my work outside fictionpress always say they love the fact I'm always having something funny or stupid happening, but yet, I don't get too carried away and turn into utter crap. I think that's a common first mistake with beginning writers. I know I was that way when I joined fictionpress in '04 and I put my first story on here. I eventually took it down and wrote others, but now, I know better when I'm writing and I'm much more careful about what kind of humor I put, if it'll make sense to other people and not just to me and my friends- you know things like that. Anyways, I would leave it in the original catagory, but make sure I don't get carried away with humor. BFQ
2/6/2007 #6
Agent Awesome
Young Adult is a good category to place just about anything, because most teens experience a wide variety of emotions on an everyday basis. I always include humor in my stories, even if it isn't listed as a genre or a sub-genre, because almost everyone has a little bit of subtle humor in their lives, and I try to show that through my stories.
4/21/2007 #7
Niki Dee
I share a similar dillema. I just wrote a story and I don't know where it most appropriately belongs so it's just in general. Ultimately you are the author and you should know what type of readers you want to attract but how does one know? I don't know if my story belongs in young adult or not. It is a short story focusing on one day after school of a 14-year-old girl reflecting on the past few years.
5/9/2007 #8
LOL I would say mine is all three. Youngadult/humor/romance. The romance part isn't there yet and I'm not sure if the humor left but the young adult part is there. Sometimes I confuse myself into thinking it's almost a drama. Genres are tricky
6/15/2007 #9
When I write, I don't know what will happen in my story. The story guids me, tell sme what to do, and my only job is to write it. It remains in its original format, and once it is written, then you can decide what genre it best fits in. I think that if you change the story to fit into a particular genre, it will only give a wierd twist to the story and make it hard to continue. I'd stay leave the story going where it wants to go.
3/1/2008 #10

when I write something I never think about genres. I don't say...okay..I'm gonna write humour so I have to put as many jokes in and make as many people trip as possible. :) Just write the story, it'll work itself out.

12/7/2008 #11
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